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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 86 - RBB 86

    Chapter 86: Two Tigers Fighting

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    At that moment, Shao Bing really felt that he was wrong. He didn't know why he had to be so great before. Why should he think that Leng Muxuan's family power and background can give Jiang Senyuan a warm home? Why does he think he can love Jiang Senyuan very well?

    In fact, it does not look like this at all now. Jiang Senyuan and Leng Muxuan live in a different family environment, so they experience different things and contact people. They are not people of the same world at all, and Jiang Senyuan simply cannot bear all the pressure brought by Leng Muxuan's family.

    Shao Bings silence also made Jiang Senyuan feel flustered. She regretted telling her senior, because she knew that her senior must be worried for her again, "senior."

    Shao Bing still didn't speak, but took the drawing board in his hand, got up and patted his pants, and walked forward.

    After five steps, he turned around and looked at Jiang Senyuan seriously, "Yuanyuan, I will definitely make you happy."

    I will make you happy I will make you happy

    Jiang Senyuan has been thinking about the meaning of this sentence. What does this sentence mean? Its just that sometimes she is really stupid, and in the end she couldnt figure out what this sentence meant.

    In fact, Shao Bing's idea is very simple. He just made a decision silently in his heart, that is, he no longer chooses to make it perfect, he wants to fight for it. Putting the girl you like can only be seen, not owned, it is unbearable for anyone. Since Leng Muxuan can't protect Jiang Senyuan, let him do it.

    Now that it has been decided, he will not delay any longer. Shao Bing explained the affairs of the painting agency and hurried to the building of the Leng Group. In fact, he can't be sure whether Leng Muxuan is there, but all the signs indicate that Leng Muxuan should be taking over the affairs of the group at this moment, and he must try his luck.

    But when he arrived at the front desk, the waitress at the front desk refused to let him in.

    "Sir, I'm sorry, if you want to see our second young master, you must make an appointment."

    "I am his classmate, his buddy, you just need to tell him Shao Bing is coming to him, and he will definitely see me."

    "Sorry sir, our second young master is really busy. If you don't make an appointment in advance, you can't interrupt. I'm sorry, please cooperate with us."


    "Sir, if you make unreasonable trouble in the lobby again, we can call the security guard."


    Finally, Shao Bing stood helplessly behind the revolving door and waited. At this time, he felt the gap with Leng Muxuan more and more. The original intimacy seemed to be pulled out a short distance by these gaps.

    But it also strengthened his heart to fight for! The gap between Jiang Senyuan and Leng Muxuan was too great. One of them was high above the other, and the other was the ants under the high-rise buildings. They were simply not suitable for being together. Finally, after one hour and fifty minutes, Shao Bing still waited for Leng Muxuan. When he looked at Leng Muxuan coming in from outside the building, he smiled. Because I started fighting so hard, it turns out that people are not there at all.

    Leng Muxuan was also surprised when he saw Shao Bing. He had just returned from signing the contract. Although tired, he was full of excitement. Now when I saw my old friend, I seemed to have forgotten about Shao Bing as his love rival, and went straight up to put him on his shoulders, "Why did you come here?"

    Shao Bing saw that although Leng Muxuan's suit seemed incompatible with him, he still felt the same as before, and he felt much better. "I came here to tell you something."

    "Come with me, let's go up and say." Then he opened the special elevator on the side, and the two entered the door together, leaving the two front desk ladies looking at each other.

    After seeing Leng Muxuan's office, Shao Bing knew what real style is! That is simply indescribable

    The entire office is as large as two hundred square meters. Due to the design of the building, there is an arc design in the middle of the hall. Standing on a raised place and looking down, it is simply a beautiful scenery. And it seems that there are everything in it, as well as a special study and bedroom, which is more beautiful than a home.

    Leng Muxuan didn't care about Shao Bing's surprised eyes. He just hit the inside line and asked the secretary to bring in two cups of coffee, "Hey, add sugar and milk."

    "Oh, good, thank you." Shao Bing didn't want to be seen as an old hat, so he quickly took the coffee and retracted his eyes.

    Fearing that Shao Bing might feel embarrassed, Leng Muxuan deliberately said, "How about? Is my office okay?"

    "It's too good"

    "Hehe, because you are about to change your status, it is not too much to use such an office." The contract has been signed, and you should soon be able to inherit the Leng Group and become the chairman of the Leng Group, right? Leng Muxuan hadn't laughed so naturally and happy for a long time, because he finally did it, and because he was in front of a good friend like Shao Bing.

    Shao Bing seemed to understand Leng Muxuan's words, but he also knew not to ask questions. When he calmed down, he was about to speak, "I'm here to tell you about Yuanyuan."

    "Oh?" Leng Muxuan's brows frowned slightly, and he raised his body, leaning lazily on the back of the sofa. In fact, he still didn't know whether Shao Bing's intention was an enemy or a friend, but he really didn't want the former.

    "Xuan, we can be considered buddies. I know how you are. I don't deny that I have always liked Yuanyuan, even earlier than you. From the beginning to now, it has never changed. But I also see It turns out that Yuanyuan fell in love with you later."

    "and so?"

    "So I chose to fulfill, you are my buddy, Yuanyuan is the only girl I like, I can only fulfill, fulfill your happiness. But Xuan, the fact is not like this!"

    Leng Muxuan just breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Shao Bing's earlier words. After all, he didn't want their brothers to fight, but the latter part immediately chilled him.

    "I thought you could protect her well by her side, but you disappeared. I thought you could give her happiness, but you let all the family disputes involve her and put her in trouble. I'm finally here. Understand how wrong my thoughts were at the beginning. You are not from the same world at all, and you are not suitable for her at all!" Shao Bing was very excited when he said this, and he seemed to bounce off the sofa.

    Leng Muxuan did give him a lot of pressure, but for Yuanyuan, for the love in his heart, he had to stand up and face it bravely.