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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 85 - RBB 85

    Chapter 85: Shao Bing's Awakening

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    But Jiang Senyuan was disapproving, "Although I still dont know why Leng Muchen kidnapped me, and why Leng Muchen went to rescue me, but Leng Muchen kidnapped me to threaten Leng Muchen? How does it feel like a joke!"

    Xiaopang glared at Jiang Senyuan, "Dont really believe it, I think its possible, this is the most reasonable explanation. Are their brothers turning against each other? For their rights and status? Property! Ah, yes, property! In the TV series Its all written like this."

    "Hey, hey, chubby, you dont have blood! How could their brothers uh yeah? There must be an enmity between Leng Muchen and Leng Muchen, otherwise Leng Muchen would not be able to take the knife for his uncle. Deal with Leng Muxuan!"

    This time Xiao Pang threw an incorrigible look at Jiang Senyuan, "I said Miss Jiang, can you still be slower to react? The facts are clearly in front of you! Watch the news these two days, Leng Jia There must be some master, and it is best that Leng Muxuan inherited the Leng family's property! Wow! There is wood that is so awesome!"

    It seems that gossip always has the benefits of gossip. If you watch dog blood dramas too much, you can get the truth. Although Jiang Senyuan didn't believe Xiaopang's words very much, she still felt there were many doubts after all, but there was always a voice clamoring in her heart, maybe Xiaopang was right.

    It's just that even if you know these truths, it doesn't help Jiang Senyuan at all, because after all those things have passed, and even if their brothers are fighting, it has nothing to do with him now. The misunderstanding between Leng Muxuan and the mayor's daughter still cannot be resolved.

    Just when the two of them were discussing, Shao Bing suddenly came over, "Yuanyuan! I saw it as you from there, but I didn't expect it to be you!"

    "Senior? Why are you here!"

    "I just went there to paint a landscape painting." Shao Bing pointed to a better scenery in Yinghua College in the distance.

    Jiang Senyuan nodded knowingly, then took the drawing board in Shao Bing's hand and motioned him to sit down.

    Xiaopang looked at his eyes very much at the critical moment, and immediately said goodbye to Jiang Senyuan and Shao Bing, "Yuanyuan, senior, I suddenly remembered that there was something to do, so let's go.

    On the contrary, Jiang Senyuan looked helplessly at Xiaopang's leaving back, alas, it seemed like she had some secret secret with the senior.

    Shao Bing didn't feel embarrassed. He sat down beside Jiang Senyuan in a generous manner, "How are you doing? I haven't seen you much."

    "I'm fine, thank you, senior, for your concern." Jiang Senyuan scratched her head to cover up her guilty conscience. Just now, she was talking about the incident with Xiaopang so hot.

    Shao Bing was also slightly embarrassed, "Why are you so polite to me all of a sudden? How are you and that rich young master?"

    what! Gosh! I know the senior will ask if there is wood! I knew she couldn't hide it, there was nothing! Jiang Senyuan scratched her hair in annoyance, "That doesn't matter anymore." "It doesn't matter anymore? What's the matter?" Although Shao Bing was really surprised, but he was also very happy in his heart. Yuanyuan finally stopped entangled with other men. Now, this has always been his favorite.

    But Jiang Senyuan was entangled in her heart, she didn't know whether to tell Shao Bing. The seniors have been taking care of her all the time, taking care of everything for her, and helping herself a lot. But does she really want to hide from the senior?

    Just when Jiang Senyuan was struggling, Shao Bing discovered that something was wrong with her, "What's wrong? Yuanyuan, is there something wrong with you?"

    Forget it! Die or die! "Senior, actually that rich young master is Leng Muxuan's eldest brother-Leng Muchen."

    "What?!" Shao Bing still showed a shocked expression. How could he even think that the truth would be like this? "Then why should he approach you"

    "I don't know but it seems to be a matter of the Leng family, I don't know why it involves me"

    "What about the Leng family? Did Leng Muxuan know that you were together afterwards? Did he not make a statement?"

    Jiang Senyuan was a little stupefied by Shao Bing's roar, and she swallowed all the words in her heart. Now the senior is so excited, if you let him know that he was kidnapped, he can't jump into the lake in a hurry! So Jiang Senyuan said, "He found out later, there is nothing to say, anyway, I already know the identity of Leng Muchen and I will not be with him. Not to mention."

    "What's more?" Shao Bing asked in a hurry. He couldn't help grasping Jiang Senyuan's arm with both hands. Seeing Jiang Senyuan's somewhat horrified eyes, he quickly took it off. He was indeed very anxious when he heard that the rich young master was Leng Muxuan's eldest brother. He thought that Leng Muxuan had enough ability to give Jiang Senyuan happiness, enough ability to protect her and love her, but now it seems

    "What's more," Jiang Senyuan still couldn't say it. Thinking of the scene where Leng Muxuan left her and Ellie, she couldn't help but feel a throbbing pain in her heart, "not to mention he seems to have a girlfriend now."

    "He? Does he mean Leng Muxuan? Does he have a girlfriend?"

    "Well, that girl is so beautiful, named Ai Li, and she is still the mayor's daughter." When he said this, Jiang Senyuan's tears almost slipped through his eyes again. In fact, she didnt want to cry, she really didnt want to be so cowardly, but she didnt know why, and now she just mentioned Leng Muxuan, like an awl stuck in her heart, spinning back and forth, it hurts, hurts. Eyes are sore

    Shao Bing was silent. At this moment he didn't know what words to use to express his feelings. He began to feel that he was useless, a useless one he had never had before!

    Because I like Yuanyuan, and because I am brothers with Leng Muxuan, I have the heart to fulfill. He chose the most evasive way, but allowed others to take advantage of it. And this person who took advantage of the danger was Leng Muxuan's eldest brother.

    He just watched Yuanyuan sink into a family dispute without noticing it, he was suddenly very upset! Annoyed by my dullness! In these few days, he has been thinking about going to Leng Muxuan and telling Leng Muchen about the existence of Leng Muchen, but because of his indecision, he has been delayed repeatedly with the painting agency, and the result is Yuanyuan was hurt.

    Shao Bing knew that even though Jiang Senyuan was just an understatement, he could completely imagine what the disputes in a family would be like. Leng Muchen was able to find Yuanyuan behind Leng Muxuan's back, and even tricked Yuanyuan to his side. One can imagine how terrifying this is.

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