Royal Bad Boy
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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 83 - RBB 83

    Chapter 83: We.. Even?

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    At this time, Chairman Yao was even more certain that he was doing the right thing. It seemed that Leng Muxuan had two things, although he didn't know where these gray-clothed people came from. If you are not convinced, it seems that you are only at a loss.

    Leng Muxuan didn't even look at Chairman Yao and the others, but felt that the humidity here was too heavy, so he took off his coat and put it on Jiang Senyuan, and walked to the car with his arms around her.

    At this time, when everyone relaxed their vigilance, the person who had been silent in the corner suddenly jumped out!

    Leng Muchen rushed towards Leng Muxuan with a knife in his hand! He had only one thought in his mind at the time! He can't let Leng Muxuan leave like this! ! As long as Leng Muxuan left and the heir's position was his, he would have no hope at all! This is not the result he wants, he doesn't want such a painful fact!

    Having spent so many years in Lengs family, Leng Muchen simply cannot accept losing all his future in an instant! He will never accept it!

    "Second Young Master! Be careful!" Seeing Leng Muchen's sight, the man in gray ran to Leng Muxuan immediately, but because he went to the car door and the distance was too far, there was no time to rush to Leng Muxuan.

    Leng Muxuan was also aware of his own danger, and when he didn't see the situation behind him clearly, he started to make a move, which just happened to pass the most thrilling scene! But the blood still shed

    Leng Muxuan's arm was cut with a long cut

    Although Leng Muchen didn't hit Leng Muxuan's chest, when he saw the same blood flowing as him, his strength was instantly drained.

    Since he was a child, he has known to eat the best, wear the best, and want the best. He has never thought that he is an older brother and he wants to let his younger brother. It was because he had never even had the concept of a younger brother, because his mother had always only told him that he only had to treat Leng Muxuan like a servant. Therefore, he listened to his mother and used and bullied Leng Muxuan like a servant, and most of the time, he just ignored him.

    He had never felt that Leng Muxuan was not at the same level as him, and he had no right to compete with him. Even if he is older, he still maintains this idea. For such a person, how to let him accept it, he always thought that what belonged to him would belong to Leng Muxuan. The most important position of Leng's heir is that of his least status brother.

    But when the knife went down, he was a little confused again, Leng Muchen didn't know why, he just watched the blood flow down little by little, like his own blood. It turns out that they also have family affection?

    Leng Muxuan took a sigh of pain, but there was no big reaction. He just faintly said to Leng Muchen who was stunned by the side, "If you feel unhappy in your heart, this knife will be your compensation. "After speaking, she continued to pull Jiang Senyuan into the car.

    Jiang Senyuan herself was in shock, and she was even more panicked when she saw Leng Muxuan's injury. "Yeah! Your arm is bleeding a lot!"

    "It's okay."

    "Why is it okay? Hurry up and bandage it! Otherwise, the wound will get worse!" Jiang Senyuan was even more anxious to see Leng Muxuan's painless or itchy appearance. Is he an iron man? When she first met him, she always felt that he was very weak.

    Leng Muxuan couldn't help Jiang Senyuan, so she stopped to let her bandage her. Jiang Senyuan hurriedly learned the appearance on TV and began to tear the hem of her skirt. But probably because the fabrics of modern clothes are better than those made in ancient times, she took a lot of effort to tear a hem, and she was sweating.

    However, she was still very happy after tearing it off. She carefully pulled Leng Muxuan's arm and tied the strip of cloth tightly to the bottom of Leng Muxuan's wound, "This has to stop the bleeding first!"

    "Ah!" After Jiang Senyuan was tied up, Leng Muxuan yelled!

    "Ah!!!" Then Jiang Senyuan's cries also sounded one after another! Because Leng Muxuan's wound seemed to burst suddenly, a large amount of blood began to flow out.

    "God! What's going on?" Jiang Senyuan hurriedly pressed Leng Muxuan's wound, her hands were bloody, but she was still at a loss.

    But fortunately, at this time, the man in gray had already rushed over, and quickly untied the piece of cloth from Jiang Senyuan and fastened it on top of the wound. Leng Muxuan's wound gradually began to bleed.

    Leng Muxuan was already in pain over there, but the man in gray looked at Jiang Senyuan helplessly, "Miss Jiang, the arteries on the arm are flowing downwards. The bleeding should be tied to the top of the wound. You just wanted Did you kill the young master?"

    "Huh?" Jiang Senyuan suddenly realized that she was the one who dare to love her! She really didn't mean it

    So Jiang Senyuan finally followed Leng Muxuan to the hospital with guilt. It's just that she didn't dare to move Leng Muxuan again on the way, for fear that she would make another mistake.

    Leng Muxuan said weakly when he was in the car, "Leng Muchen didn't do anything to me. You forced me to the hospital."

    Hearing these words, Jiang Senyuan was also a waterfall sweat along the way

    After the doctor treated the wound, Leng Muxuan was about to return to the company. With such a tossing, Jiang Senyuan delayed a lot of things. He must hurry back and confirm the contract, so he can directly sign the contract with the other party tomorrow, saving more nights and dreams.

    Jiang Senyuan has been following Leng Muxuan's **** with concern, "Are you really going back to the company?"

    "Yes, I really want to go back."

    "Then there is no problem with your arm?"

    "no problem."

    "But I don't worry about you"

    ""Leng Muxuan finally couldn't bear it, this dead girl mustn't know how much mess she has added to her! It was because she ran into the enemy camp ignorantly, and now hurt herself. Thinking of this, Leng Muxuan looked at Jiang Senyuan's eyes, and couldn't help feeling impatient.

    Does she think she doesn't want to have **** with her for a while? He hasn't scolded her yet! Haven't beaten her **** yet! But his company is really busy, and there is really no time to talk with Jiang Senyuan, just now the company has come to urge again

    After receiving Leng Muxuan's impatient eyes, Jiang Senyuan immediately stopped her mouth, and then pouted aggrievedly. She knew that she was not good, and that she was hurting him, but how is it that he is so indifferent to herself now? Do you really no longer like yourself? Two people have gone through the kidnapping, and it can be regarded as seeing the truth in adversity. Except for the hug in the small black room, Leng Muxuan has not said at all until now.