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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 82 - RBB 82

    Chapter 82: Heroes Save The United States There Is Nothing

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    It turned out that after Jiang Senyuan calmed down, especially after she knew that Leng Muxuan might come to rescue her, she began to find a way to escape.

    She first moved from the wall to the iron pipe along the hemp rope that bound her, and laboriously untied the rope tied to one end of the iron pipe, and then she began to think of a way to throw the rope onto the small window.

    She took a lot of effort to get the hemp rope to hook the iron frame on the small window. Fortunately, the two guards outside were really paralyzed. If they stood by the iron gate, she must have found Johnson. Yuan's little trick.

    After Jiang Senyuan hooked up the iron frame, she began to climb up the wall with her back holding the rope, hoping to use this to climb to the small window and find a way to escape.

    That is, while she was climbing, Leng Muxuan broke in. At the beginning, Jiang Senyuan was really taken aback, because Leng Muxuan was wearing the same black uniform, but when he took a closer look, tears burst instantly.

    Leng Muxuan did not expect that when he saw Jiang Senyuan, it would be such a funny scene, but he was really moved to see Jiang Senyuans bravery in such a dark cabin.

    Seeing this, the man in gray hurried up to rescue Jiang Senyuan, and then quickly untied the rope on her.

    The second after the rope was untied, Jiang Senyuan and Leng Muxuan stepped forward and hugged each other tightly! Maybe they have misunderstood, maybe they have had the most painful waiting experience, but in the face of danger, when two people have the feeling of coming back to life at the same time, they deeply understand their own hearts.

    You are the one who changed my life.

    You are the prince charming in my life

    Because they are already living with each other in their hearts, they no longer have to hide their strong love at this moment, and they dont have to deliberately ignore the eyes and feelings of the other party. They can finally hug each other tightly without any scruples, just like hugging. Live forever

    Just as the two were filled with emotion, there was a loud fighting sound outside.

    "Second Young Master, it has been discovered." The man in gray always kept calm and reported.

    Leng Muxuan didn't panic either. It was only a matter of time before he was discovered. As long as Jiang Senyuan was saved, the big stone in his heart would be let go. He believed his detectives very much.

    Sure enough, the manpower that Chairman Yao brought was nothing more than the guarantor he usually trusted and a few people hired from the underworld. The underworld people still depend on the money to do things. Compared to Leng Muxuan's detective subordinates who had sold his life for ten years, it was indeed a big difference. What's more, Leng Muxuan already has an advantage in the number of people. Therefore, Leng Muxuan has an obvious advantage here, and the people on Chairman Yao's side. Almost on his knees begging for mercy.

    Leng Muxuan was very satisfied with the result, looking at the opposite Chairman Yao and Leng Muchen, his eyes became sharper. In the past, no matter how rampant they were, or even to their own disadvantages, he didn't bother with them. But now, they are attacking his girl, which he can't bear anymore!

    Chairman Yao now has a look of anger and despair. He watched his hands fall down, but he still refused to beg for mercy. "I didn't expect your kid to be very powerful! You can even come here."

    Leng Muxuan sneered, "It's not just to find the door, but you can also take the opportunity to kill you!" The vicious voice came out of Leng Muxuan's mouth, and it smelled of purgatory. Even Jiang Senyuan shuddered, she had never seen Leng Muxuan like this.

    Jiang was still hot, but Chairman Yao was not frightened by Leng Muxuan, but a chill rose in his heart. He had always been fighting with Leng Muxuan's mother and son, and Leng Muxuan had never shown the same domineering appearance. However, in the past two months, he has grown rapidly, changed rapidly, and looked like a leader, which made him have to look at him with admiration.

    "What do you have to drag a hairy boy? Am I saying that you can die if you die?" Chairman Yao said calmly. He was actually delaying time to find a way. Now Jiang Senyuan has been rescued. , Most of his people have fallen, he now has no bargaining chips, what should he do next?

    Leng Muxuan still sneered. Now that the initiative is in his hands, he still doesnt know Chairman Yaos careful thinking, "Yao Dong, this is between me and my elder brother. What does it mean you always intervene like this. If you have to intervene. I cant fight against my elder brother, but I can make tomorrows headlines feature your old news, what do you think?"

    To be honest, Chairman Yao was really scared by this sentence. If Leng Muxuan wanted to find the media, it could indeed be said that he kidnapped Jiang Senyuan and put Leng Muchen aside. In this case, things would be completely complete. To his disadvantage, Yao will definitely be affected. Chairman Yao couldn't help showing a cowardly expression on his face.

    Leng Muxuan saw that his words had worked, and continued, "Yao Dong, I don't want to embarrass you. If you agree not to interfere with the Leng Group, I can let you go. But if you want to Playing tricks, since I can stand in front of you in such a passive situation, I can imagine that I am not afraid that you will have other means. Of course, you will be miserable next time."

    Leng Muxuan has become a provocation now, maybe he shouldn't speak so impulsively, after all, such a shame to an old chairman. But he couldn't help but speak because of his anger. Chairman Yao was also silent because of his fear.

    It is not that he is afraid of Leng Muxuan, but in the current situation, it is impossible for him to stop tomorrow's contract. He has always helped Leng Muchen, first because of his arrogant sister, and of course, he is still selfish.

    If Leng Muchen inherited the Leng Group, his own three-legged cat's ability would naturally not be able to accomplish any major events, and he would be able to help manage it grandly as his uncle. Then, Leng Muchen is just a puppet, and the Leng Group is the world of their Yao family!

    But now it seems that things have fallen, but he can't put the reputation of the Yao Group in it, so he chose to be silent, and let Leng Muxuan this boy succeed for a while, and he won't care about him for the time being.

    "It seems that Yao Dong is a reasonable person, so let's leave first."

    The gray-clothed man called several people in the distance with a look, and a top-level Land Rover quickly appeared in front of them.

    If we talk about the three shifts today, there are trees and flowers? Is there a guest? Are there any pk tickets? Are there any rewards, dear friends?