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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 81 - RBB 81

    Chapter 81: Detective Action

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    Leng Muxuan brought about twenty people and chased him to the house near Leng Muchen and the others. The detective department of Leng Muxuan was originally suggested by his mother, and it has been ten years now, and the strength is definitely not covered! As long as the talk time is long enough, they can be located at their exact location, and the efficiency of work is naturally not a problem.

    Its just that Leng Muxuan is still a little worried, because he looked at the house in the distance and didnt know the specific location of Jiang Senyuans detention. He was really worried, if he rushed in like this, would Jiang Senyuan be held hostage? Then they will be passive again.

    "You guys, stay here to meet, and the rest will come with me." Leng Muxuan's thoughts turned quickly, calmly arranging his men.

    When a dozen of them were only 100 meters away from the house, he waved his hand and the team stopped. If they got closer, they would be spotted.

    Leng Muxuan thought before and after that he couldn't rush in and take the risk, and finally had to take the most risky method, "You are all waiting here, I will go in first to see the situation."

    "No way, Second Young Master!" The gray-clothed man who had just detected the exact location of the house immediately reacted, "Second Young Master, we can't let you go in and take the risk alone."

    "But we can't get rid of the grass and startle the snake, understand? Otherwise, that girl will be even more dangerous!" Leng Muxuan also fought back anxiously. He thought that Jiang Senyuan was in that house, and he wanted to rush in immediately! But he must adopt a strategy and not let things backfire.

    The man in gray was like the head of the detective department, so he knew better how to save people more reasonably, so he had to agree to Leng Muxuan, "Well, second master, I will go with you, and the others are on standby!" front.

    Leng Muxuan's mouth rose slightly at such a tense moment. Although the gray-clothed man's words were very popular, he really feels honored to have such a subordinate. After all, he has been guarding for ten years. This kind of feeling is not easy to tell.

    The two of them quickly leaned against the trees and grass, and got close to the back wall of the house. Thanks to Leng Muchen's choice of place, the more remote and desolate it was, the more weeds grew. Then the two of them gesticulated one by one and moved forward to the door.

    Soon, the two brought down the two men in black guarding the goal from behind. Dragging the two aside, Leng Muxuan and the man in gray put on their clothes and walked sideways into the door.

    Chairman Yao thought that no one would find anyone in such a place, so the sense of prevention was really weak. Apart from the two people standing guard at the gate, no one would guard it.

    Leng Muxuan walked around a corner and saw that a man in black was solving a physiological problem, so he swung the hammer down in his hand without hesitation, and the man fell straight to the ground. As soon as the gray-clothed man saw this form, he immediately went over to take off the black-clothed man's clothes, and waved his hand from a hundred meters away at the door. Two people followed immediately, and one of them also put on the black clothes. They mixed in with Leng Muxuan and the others continued to wait at the door.

    Observing the terrain and following the sound, it is not difficult to judge that Chairman Yao and others must be in the largest house. Leng Muxuan cautiously outcropped and saw that seven or eight people, including Chairman Yao and Leng Muchen, gathered inside. The windows of that room are one meter long and wide, and they just face the direction they want to move forward. If you want to get inside, you must walk at this angle.

    If the past is discovered, it will definitely be exposed. Leng Muxuan didn't worry about other things, just worry about how many people guarded the place where Jiang Senyuan was being held. After weighing the pros and cons, he could only let the man in gray summon all his subordinates from a hundred meters away. Since there is only one way to go, in addition to hard breaking, there is only hard breaking.

    After everyone arrived, Leng Muxuan and the people in gray first walked past the room of Chairman Yao and others from the window in front of the windows in black clothes. They did not look back, but quickly walked inside because they had to be in Find the location of Jiang Senyuan in the fastest time.

    Sure enough, when Chairman Yao and the others were discussing whether Leng Muxuan would act according to their threats, they saw two "men" walking by the window.

    Chairman Yao frowned strangely, "Aren't those Ada and Aqiang the guard? Why did the two of them get in?"

    One of them flattered, "I went out to see what's going on, these two boys dare to be lazy in front of you."

    But it was his flattery that made him quickly lose his life. As soon as he came out and walked around a corner, he was hit hard and then fell to the ground.

    Looking for Zhong Leng Muxuan felt that something was wrong, so the man in gray clothes turned his head back to deal with the aftermath, and just saw this man come out to investigate the situation. After the man in gray put him down, he quickly followed Leng Muxuan's footsteps. He knew that they had already bought another point.

    Finally, Leng Muxuan's footsteps stopped, and nervously pressed against the wall to watch the situation ahead. There are two people talking and laughing in front of them. A little bit ahead, it is a small iron door.

    Leng Muxuan's instinct told him that Jiang Senyuan must be locked in that iron door. But the iron gate is locked

    The key must be on the joking two, he must find a way to get it.

    At this time, the man in gray had already followed, and he also saw the current situation, and his guess was almost exactly the same as that of Leng Muxuan. After giving Leng Muxuan a gesture of Im on, the man in gray exposed himself to the two men in black who were talking and laughing.

    But he didn't take a few steps forward, just turned sideways to them, facing the wall, and then took off his pants, as if going to the toilet.

    This move completely caught the attention of the two men. Since the gray-clothed man is now wearing the same clothes as them, the two obviously regarded him as their own, "I wipe, what are you doing? There is no hut? Come here to solve it!" One of them approached the man in gray dissatisfied, looking angry and about to beat him.

    The grey-clothed man continued to maintain his previous posture without speaking. The man seemed to be anxious, and he was about to rush to beat him. The other man seemed to be unable to stand it anymore, and hurried over, "A Meng, don't do it!"

    When both of them came to the gray clothed man, he did it! He smashed the hammer that was blocking his side, and the person who was about to come and beat him fell. The other person was about to shout, but Leng Muxuan had already come behind him and gave him a hammer one after another.

    Leng Muxuan and the gray-clothed man looked at each other and smiled, then found the key to open the iron door.

    When Jiang Senyuan heard the movement, she almost fell from the wall in shock, and her body trembled severely.

    When Leng Muxuan rushed in, he saw Jiang Senyuan's appearance. She stepped on the wall and hung on the wall, facing the ground, two meters above the ground, with a hemp rope on the small open window in her hand behind her.