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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 80 - RBB 80

    Chapter 80: I'm Coming

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    "Take her to the little black room over there, let Ms. Jiang feel what is the smell of a real kidnapping!" Chairman Yao gave an order, and went out unhurriedly, leaving the two of them to take Jiang Senyuan. Frame away.

    Kidnapped? ? Jiang Senyuan took a deep breath, and it felt like a sudden realization! No wonder he always felt strange that when she was locked in that dark little room, she finally accepted the fact of kidnapping.

    The small black house does not look like five square meters in total, and I don't know what kind of structure the house was originally. Only a small window on one corner of the wall allows ventilation. Since the room is in the center of the house, even sunlight cannot penetrate it.

    Jiang Senyuan was trapped in this darkness, with an indescribable fear, "You let me out! I don't want to be in such a ghost place!"

    "What's the noise! Just stay inside, no one can save you!" The man in black who was about to leave shouted impatiently at Jiang Senyuan.

    But Jiang Senyuan was not yelled at all, because if the man in black also left, she would really say that she should not respond every day, and the ground would not work. She must seize the last chance! "Then you let Leng Muchen come to see me! I'm looking for him!" He brought himself here, and only by finding Leng Muchen can he fully understand what is going on.

    "Want to see our young master? I think it's impossible! What's more, now you are in charge of Yao Dong, and the young master can't control you anymore." After speaking, the man closed the small iron gate directly, and then came up outside. The sound of the lock.

    "What? Hey! You let me out! Let me out! You are breaking the law!" Jiang Senyuan knocked on the small iron door desperately, and then there was a buzzing sound, and the beating listener panicked. .

    Jiang Senyuan was probably too scared, because once the door was closed, it was really pitch black here, so she could say the two words illegal, nonsense! Who doesn't know that kidnapping is illegal! She kept knocking on the door, as if there was movement, which could somewhat ease her fear.

    Until ten minutes passed, and twenty minutes passed, there was still nothing outside. It was almost ten minutes later before finally there were footsteps coming here, "Fucking to death! This little girl is endless! I have to make Lao Tzu run!"

    "It's OK, didn't Yao Dong say it, just tie her up and save her from making trouble!"

    Then two people opened the door and came in, Jiang Senyuan could hardly open his eyes under the dazzling light. It was this time when the two men in black quickly grabbed her and tied the hemp rope they had brought to her.

    "Little girl, you asked for this!" one of them said after the tie.

    Jiang Senyuan has adapted to the current light. Of course, she has realized that she is tied up, "I just want to see you young master, please let me see him."

    "That's not okay, we listen to Yao Dong now, little girl, you are still waiting here, if you are not honest, be careful about this." The other seemed to be gentle, but pulled out the knife from his waist and put it on Jiang Senyuan's. The face is even more vicious.

    It seems that just to be on the safe side, the two tied the other end of the rope that bound Jiang Senyuan to an iron rod on the wall, so that Jiang Senyuan's range of activities just couldn't reach the iron gate, and was far from the small window, and finally couldn't do it. what.

    Now the two people left in peace, leaving Jiang Senyuan alone and watching their disappearance. She walked a few steps forward until she was caught by the twine and couldn't move. Jiang Senyuan's aggrieved tears almost rolled down.

    She had never thought that she would experience such a thing. She lived a life of diligence and frugality. After all, who caused someone to provoke her? Why did she have troubles after getting to know Leng Muxuan!

    A strong sense of grievance rose in Jiang Senyuan's heart. In the darkness, she dared not pant loudly, let alone speak any more. I just feel like I have nowhere to escape like a dog on a leash. Chairman Yao is Leng Muchen's uncle, why did he kidnap himself? Unless Leng Muchen wants to kidnap herself

    Jiang Senyuan's head could finally start to work, but when she guessed these, it was too late. So why did Leng Muchen kidnap himself?

    In fact, Jiang Senyuan has always been the poorest person in the end, because she didnt know anything about Lengs family from beginning to end. She didnt even know that Leng Muchen and Leng Muxuan were fighting for property, otherwise what would she do? May make this mistake and follow Leng Muchen.

    So Jiang Senyuan couldnt figure it out. She couldnt figure out why Leng Muchen suddenly kidnapped herself, and who could come to save herself

    After locking up Jiang Senyuan again, Chairman Yao used a voice changer to call Leng Muxuan, "If you want to see Jiang Senyuan again, you'd better let your good brother Leng Muchen sign that contract tomorrow! If things go wrong, I can't guarantee that Jiang Senyuan will have fewer arms or broken legs!"

    Leng Muxuan has been waiting for news over there for too long, and his heart is almost broken because he is really worried about Jiang Senyuans condition. He doesnt know how Leng Muchen and the others will treat her. Can she stand it?

    So when he received this call from Chairman Yao, although he was nervous, he was also happy, "Okay! I promise you, but you must ensure Jiang Senyuan's safety!" Leng Muxuan tried his best to keep himself calm. .

    "You can hear Jiang Senyuan's voice immediately." After a crackling sound on the phone, Jiang Senyuan's voice appeared, "Who is it? Is it Leng Muxuan? Come and save me! Come"

    As soon as Leng Muxuan heard Jiang Senyuans cry, he changed the voice from the voice changer on the other end, "Okay, you have now confirmed her safety and you can fulfill your promise. Until then , I can assure Miss Jiang that everything is well, but it's up to you afterwards." After speaking, I hung up the phone.

    Leng Muxuan put down the phone and seriously asked a man in a gray trench coat next to him, "How about it? The call time is not short, can you determine their location?"

    The gray-clothed man lowered his head and seemed to be doing something very seriously, and then smiled at Leng Muxuan joyfully, "Second Young Master, it's done!"

    "Okay!" Leng Muxuan, who has not been very happy in appearance, was full of excitement this time, and his whole body was refreshed. "Notify the detective department immediately, and all are dispatched!"


    Immediately Leng Muxuan conveyed the company's affairs, and drove a group of people to the outskirts to the dead girl, and finally found you! You can really make me worry! Watch me save you back without breaking your ass!