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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 76 - RBB 76

    Chapter 76: Cocktail Party

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    Jiang Senyuan is almost dizzy! What's the matter with him! Come and show off to yourself! Show off how awesome he is now? What brand of tuxedo do you wear? And how unreliable is the man he accidentally followed? Advise yourself to leave him? Hilarious!

    It's because her heart beat faster just now because of his approach! Fortunately, she was injured like that yesterday and I am expecting him to have unspeakable difficulties to explain to her! Fortunately, she has always remembered the sentence he liked before leaving so clearly! Because she has always believed him so so! !

    Jiang Senyuan's mood went into a low ebb in an instant, a touch of melancholy spread all over her face, and the men who drew attention to her felt distressed.

    And why is Leng Muxuan not depressed? Why didn't he go up to say hello to Jiang Senyuan because he wanted to know the ins and outs of the matter, of course, by the way, he gave Leng Muchen a small provocation to show that he was not afraid of him. But when I thought of talking to Jiang Senyuan, the two met unconsciously.

    He originally wanted to ask her how she knew Leng Muchen and how she was with him. In any case, he always believed that Leng Muchen had tricked his stupid girl, neither I hope her girl really betrayed herself.

    But where did he think that in the end, it turned out to be so unhappy! Leng Muxuan returned to the corner where he was standing with a black face, and he kept pouring the beautiful red wine into his mouth, as if he couldn't get rid of his breath.

    On the contrary, Ally rushed to Leng Muxuan's side with his unique eyesight, trying to grab the red wine in his hand, "Don't drink, you drink too much."

    However, Leng Muxuan clung to the wine glass and just looked at Ai Li with cold eyes, "You don't need to take care of my affairs!"

    Leng Muxuan's eyes were very sharp at that moment. Allie had to admit that she was really a little scared at that moment. She knew that Leng Muxuan was always a cold person, but she didn't know that he could show that. Frightening look in the eyes. Immediately, Ellie's hand slowly released.

    But when she released Leng Muxuan's hand, Leng Muxuan's eyes became a little hazy. He squinted at Ai Li in front of him, then squinted at an unknown place, and then touched it. Touched Allie's head, "Go, come with me to toast."

    The action seemed so gentle, Leng Muxuan seemed to be another person in an instant, which made Ellie very uncomfortable, but after reacting, she took Leng Muxuan's arm with enthusiasm and followed him. Walked in the crowd.

    This is probably the nature of girls, in fact, girls are never greedy animals. If you like someone, she doesnt really want much. Maybe you dont love her enough, love her enough, or treat her well enough, but as long as you give her even a little gentleness at a certain moment, she will feel Very satisfied. She will be very excited because of your little charity, and will keep waiting for you for your little stingy care.

    Maybe Ai Li itself is not that great, but at least for now, she is willing to sacrifice everything she can sacrifice for the Leng Muxuan in front of her.

    When Ai Li appeared in the crowd again holding Leng Muxuan's arm, she was shocked instantly. After all, one is the president of the Leng Group, and the other is the daughter of the mayor. Both of them are sensitive identities. There must be an inside story to be able to attend together. Moreover, the two seem to be getting closer and closer, which makes many people in the business community have to flatter.

    At this time, Leng Muchen had also returned to Jiang Senyuan from one side, deliberately ignoring Jiang Senyuan's low mood, and Leng Muchen pulled her up from her seat. It was not that he was not curious about what Leng Muxuan came over to tell her, but it seemed like the current situation, this question was no longer important.

    Because of the obvious emotional war between the two, Jiang Senyuan was the one who was defeated this time. Leng Muxuan took other girls to toast intimately. This is an indisputable fact. So Leng Muchen can only bring Jiang Senyuan to a toast now.

    Leng Jia is the organizer of this cocktail party. In fact, the purpose is obvious, which is to win over various figures in the business community. On the cusp of this storm, he couldn't allow himself to lose to Leng Muxuan like this.

    In fact, Jiang Senyuan was 10,000 reluctant, and she was really not in the mood to attend this cocktail party again. However, due to Leng Muchen's face, she can't shame him, otherwise she will not only misunderstand Leng Muchen, but she hasn't helped well, then it's really not worthwhile.

    When Jiang Senyuan stood up with Leng Muchen, she saw Leng Muxuan who was full of energy. Jiang Senyuan's heart suddenly seemed to be poured by cold water! It's really cold! But her character has always been weird, she was really sad at first, but it was because of Leng Muxuan's last strong stimulation!

    Seeing Leng Muxuan slapping Ai Li's slender hand with the free hand, as if to comfort her, the fire in Jiang Senyuan's stomach rushed up! Damn it! Really show off with yourself, isn't it! Damn it! I really don't put her Jiang Senyuan in my eyes!

    Just now, Jiang Senyuan, who was still like an ugly duckling nesting on one side, felt as if he was beaten up in blood, and felt full of vitality. She held her head high, and finally saw the men who had been staring at her, so she even cheered herself up. I, Jiang Senyuan, also has a fascinating charm!

    She took the initiative to take Leng Muchen's arm and walked into the crowd. Although she didn't know who she was going to follow, she followed Leng Muchen's footsteps, learning the tone of the women around her with sharp eyes and ears. , Began to speak with Leng Muchen.

    Although she doesn't sound so sophisticated, she does make a joke so that everyone finds her very interesting. Coupled with Jiang Senyuan's looks, beautiful women have never been turned away. In a moment, her charm value soared again.

    It turns out that beauty is not just a beauty, it is not an iceberg beauty, not a wood beauty, but a very loving beauty. This caused many directors and managers of companies and groups to shed countless saliva, but because of Leng Muchen's face, there was no direct expression.

    Soon, Leng Muxuan and Leng Muchen grasped the whole scene, indeed achieved the purpose of this cocktail party, and brought an unprecedented *. The struggle between power and beauty looks like a great contrast, but it also has unexpected effects.

    Leng Muxuan naturally did not expect that Jiang Senyuan would be so brave to fight against him suddenly. When he saw Jiang Senyuans like a fish in water, his stomach was full of anger, mad at her that she didnt take her words seriously, and angered her. She looked like she didn't care about herself, mad at her stupidly to help her enemy, but there was a little bit of joy in her heart, she was not stupid to please his girl.