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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 125 - RBB 125

    Chapter 125: Led Away By Someone

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    Ji Xiaotiao was torn by Jiang Senyuan's ears, and couldn't reply with pain. Suddenly, Jiang Senyuan let go of her. She just wanted to say that she was too cruel to make her move. She saw Jiang Senyuan looking behind her with a surprised expression, and her hand was being held by one person.

    Ji Xiaotiao looked back with her expression, his eyes widened immediately and his face was full of surprise. The person here is not someone else, it turned out to be the "heartbreaker" Yuanyuan just said

    At this time, Jiang Senyuan finally recovered. Shaking off Leng Muxuan's hand, he stood up and said, "What are you doing here!? Who told you I was here!"

    Leng Muxuan stared at her, with a bitter smile on his lips. "Yuanyuan, will you listen to my explanation?"

    "What is there to explain! The facts are there, I am not blind!"

    Jiang Senyuan said emotionally, and when she saw the instigator, the pain that had been calmed just now all came up again. Did she offend God? Still offended God! Why did she finally want to find someone to vent, and she has to be so obstructed! Why tear her scars again and again!

    Ji Xiaotiao looked at Jiang Senyuan on the left and Leng Muxuan on the right. Unconsciously curled his mouth and smiled gently. It seems that there is nothing to do with her here.

    This time Leng Muxuan didn't seem to plan to give Jiang Senyuan another chance, but just clung to her wrist tightly. Jiang Senyuan yelled irritably, "Little Jump! Little Jump help me drive him away!"

    But when she came back to her senses, Ji Xiaotiao's figure was long gone. Jiang Senyuan immediately calmed down. Yes, even Xiaotiao understands the truth, and the person who needs to tie the bell to untie the bell. Some things, if you dont explain it, then her pain will be remembered forever.

    Leng Muxuan dragged Jiang Senyuan into the car with brute force this time, and he kept playing back in his mind the scene of negotiating with Chen Ye.

    Chen Ye didn't take him far, but found a coffee shop nearby. The two simply ordered two blue mountains and went straight to the subject.

    I have always seen that Chen can be a good person, but there is no in-depth contact, but through this conversation, Leng Muxuan really feels that he is a worthy friend. Of course, the conversation is not very pleasant. .

    Chen could also speak first. He pointed out Leng Muxuan's weakness neatly, "How long do you want to struggle between them? How long do you want them to suffer?"

    Leng Muxuan frowned, "Why do you say that?"

    "You are always hesitant. You think you are doing it for their good, in order not to hurt this, in order not to hurt that, but it is precisely your ambiguous approach that hurts both of them at the same time!"

    Leng Muxuan's heart set off a thousand layers of waves, why didn't he understand this truth, he always understood! It's just that he doesn't want to face it. After all, he is also an individual, he also has thoughts and feelings. One is the person who has been with him for many years, and the other is the person who really touches his heart. It is difficult for him to make this decision if he is to abandon it.

    "Then, what is the purpose of you coming to talk to me?" Leng Muxuan had to showdown. Chen can also pause, "I dont want my sister to be hurt, I think you are too. I dont want Yuanyuan to be hurt, of course, so are you. But my sister wants it. , I cant give it, what Yuanyuan wants, but I can give it. If you cant make this difficult decision, then I will decide this matter!"

    After speaking, Chen Ye stood up very smartly, the blue mountain in the Austrian cup did not move.

    But at that moment, Leng Muxuan's heart suddenly burst into flames, to be precise, perhaps it was called passion. When he realized that maybe he was going to lose Yuanyuan this time, his heart was turbulent, "What she wants, you can't give it!"

    Chen can also stop the pace of leaving, "How do you know I can't give it? If I can't give it, then you can't give it even more!"

    It was this sentence that stimulated all the sensory nerves of Leng Muxuan! At that moment, he finally understood what he wanted! What he wants is Jiang Senyuan! It's that kind and innocent girl!

    Chen could have walked in front, but Leng Muxuan rushed out of the cafe before him! He thought, he wanted to understand. Responsibility, guilt, maybe these things are really important, but in the face of love, in front of the horizon between them and love, he had to choose the heavy end!

    Xiao Xiao, for him, is a companion that no one can replace, because they were so lonely when they were young, and she accompanied him through the darkest days.

    However, it was Jiang Senyuan who brought sunshine to his world. It was her that made him full of hope in this world. It was her that made him feel that he was going to change the world, not to accept it.

    For Xiaoxiao, it is a kind of responsibility and habit. The true love lies with Yuanyuan.

    In fact, Leng Muxuan is very grateful to Chen Ye for allowing him to understand this principle early, so he found Jiang Senyuan as quickly as possible. He wants to explain clearly to her now and promises that he will never be wronged again. Waiting!

    With beautiful soft music playing in the car, Jiang Senyuan kept a movement since she got on the car, turning her head sideways out of the window, staring in the direction of the rearview mirror. In fact, she was really not watching anything, she just didn't know how to face Leng Muxuan, or how to face him next.

    Leng Muxuan looked a little annoyed at Jiang Senyuan's evasive appearance, but after another thought, it was indeed that he had caused her to be wronged during this period of time. "Turn your head and look at me."

    "No!" Jiang Senyuan answered without even thinking about it, but her heart throbbed. Dead man, what can I say! It's hard to destroy her and Xiaotiao's reminiscences and complaints, so what is his hurry! Test her heart endurance!

    Leng Muxuan's mouth curled inadvertently, and directly moved Jiang Senyuan's body to face him, "Say, miss me?"

    His grandpa's second uncle and grandma! What kind of thing is this! Jiang Senyuan was immediately depressed, she didn't say anything, she asked if she missed him, who did he think he was Leng Muxuan! Why does she miss him!

    But the rebuttal was stuck in her throat, and Jiang Senyuan had to pouting her mouth and not speaking.

    This was in line with Leng Muxuan's heart. After laying the groundwork, he finally let out a long sigh of relief, "Girl, I miss you." While speaking, he took Jiang Senyuan into his arms.

    Jiang Senyuan is now very sure that since she met Leng Muxuan, she has been slow to respond, including until she met Chen later, but her reaction speed was stunned. It seems that the charm of handsome guys is indeed endless!