Royal Bad Boy
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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 121 - RBB 121

    Chapter 121: I Went Back For Her

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    "Eat slowly, if you can eat so, aren't you afraid of getting fat?" Chen Ye finally couldn't help but ask, oh my god, he hasn't eaten yet, okay, she has already solved half by herself

    Jiang Senyuan swallowed the meat in her mouth and puffed her mouth and said, "Didn't you just buy it for me? Besides, I won't eat fat! If you really get fat one day, it will be because of too small body. Can't accommodate my full character!"

    Chen can also be stunned, "Well, well, it's all you have reason. You can eat all of these. You must not be fat, because you will eat swelling!" After finishing speaking, Chen also flashed back cleverly. Sure enough, he just avoided Jiang Senyuan's attack.

    Seeing Jiang Senyuan laughing and talking to herself like a okay person, Chen should also think that this is a good thing, but in her heart, she felt uneasy, so she licked her face and approached Jiang Senyuan again, "Hey, I asked. Your question, if someone makes you angry, how long will you forgive him?"

    Jiang Senyuan stopped chewing and looked at Chen earnestly and gave Chen a glance, "It is God's business to forgive him, and my task is to send him to see God."

    "Ah?!" Chen Yi's face gradually got dissatisfied, "Jiang Senyuan, you a femme fatale, must have been the most annoying scorpion spirit in your life, so you will speak so viciously in this life."

    "Scorpion essence? Please brother, have you never seen gourd baby? Scorpion essence is a man, OK? You say your own! Besides, is it me vicious or you vicious? You deceived me! Even now There is no apology!" Rolling her eyes, Jiang Senyuan started her testimony again. Every time like this, she felt so happy when she vented her.

    Chen could also feel a bit of Jiang Senyuans temper, knowing that she should not be angry with herself if she can be so happy now, so she confronted it boldly, "Then I have been trying to apologize to you, because you have never been Will listen to me to explain!"

    Jiang Senyuan put down all the snacks in her hand, took a drink on the side and took a big swig, indicating that she was full. Then she could face Chen with a serious expression, "Is the explanation useful? The explanation can change you. Is it the fact of Xiaoxiao's brother?"

    Chen Yi suddenly became a little speechless, and a sigh came from his mouth, but he still insisted, "But this is just a coincidence. I didn't know the relationship between you and my sister before you told me those things."

    "I'm okay with her." Jiang Senyuan had nothing to do with that Xiaoxiao if she cut off Chen in annoyance! If you say yes, that's because of Leng Muxuan, but she has nothing to do with Leng Muxuan anymore, how can she still have a relationship with her! "Anyway, if I treat you as a friend, you shouldn't hide it from me."

    Jiang Senyuan still chose to believe in Chen, but she figured it out during the run. It is impossible for Chen Ye to approach herself deliberately. She met Xiao Xiao at Leng Muxuans inheritance ceremony, and then she was hit by Chen Yes bicycle. At that time, he probably didnt know anything. .

    Besides these days, she is not without feeling. Chen Ye was indeed very stubborn when he was in school. He was so stubborn that he wanted to beat him up, but he really kept changing tricks to make himself happy. She could feel this.

    Seeing that Jiang Senyuan really forgave herself, Chen could also take advantage of the momentum to coax her, "Yes, yes, I dont think I should hide it from you, but I dont know how to explain it to you! I will remember next time. , Next time I encounter this kind of thing, I will tell you all the time, regardless of whether you beat or scold me!" Jiang Senyuan found out that she was very ostrich and ugly! There is nothing wrong with Leng Muxuan's pretending to be pitiful, and nothing wrong with Chen Ye's playing a rogue! No wonder she remembered asking Ji Xiaotiao once, "Xiaotiao, you said I am soft? Or hard?"

    Then Ji Xiaotiao didn't even think about it, and replied straightforwardly, "Of course you can eat hard and soft!"

    Suddenly the soy milk in Jiang Senyuan's mouth sprayed all over the floor, my God! Does she want to be so embarrassed and lacking in personality! Just for Ji Xiaotiao's "nonsensical" answer, Jiang Senyuan chased her for a long time.

    But now it seems that although Xiaotiao always seems to have a low IQ, she still made her hit! She really can eat hard and soft

    In the face of other peoples arguments and strength, she bowed her head and took a detour. Faced with Leng Muxuan and Chens little soft persimmon strategy, she obediently surrendered to Jiang Senyuan, Jiang Senyuan. You must have no chance of getting ahead. !

    When the two of them had tossed down, the sun had risen from east to west, and they moved out of the drawing board and began to color.

    Jiang Senyuan did not move as fast as Chen could, and he entered the state quite quickly, and paint was quickly added to the drawing board.

    This made Jiang Senyuan, who had just set up her easel, a little bit of curiosity, and she could take a look at Chen from her side. His serious expression just catered to the less intense sunlight, and she couldn't take it back for a while.

    Chen Ye's long eyelashes were covered in slightly narrowed and wise eyes, and there was a different kind of charm. The soft lines on his cheekbones connect the high-up nose bridge, and his perfect profile is pleasing to the eye.

    Jiang Senyuan felt that she was an afterthought. She only realized a well-known problem at this moment, that is, Chen Ye is really handsome and unreasonable! Did he have a prejudice against him before? Why didn't he find that he was so handsome and so handsome!

    However, Chen Ye seemed to be completely caught in his own thoughts, just changing various colors attentively, and did not notice Jiang Senyuan's attention on him.

    As the paint on Chenye's drawing board became more and more abundant, Jiang Senyuan quickly turned her head around and started her landscape painting. It's beautiful here. From a distance, the mountains are lingering and smoky, and there is a kind of illusion mixed with clouds and mist. When Jiang Senyuan was inspired, she quickly dropped her paintbrush.

    In the living room of the huge villa, Cai Meihua sat on the sofa in a gorgeous suit, quietly listening to the son in front of him. On the other side of the sofa sat Leng Muxuan's uncle, Leng Aogu.

    At this moment, Leng Muxuan is trying to use his imperfect tongue to arrange all the next affairs of the Leng Group. "Uncle, this is probably the situation in the group now. I have almost understood the next big projects. , And let the various departments make corresponding plans. Of course, when the specific implementation, you have to do it again, but based on the information prepared in advance, you can refer to and make a decision based on your discretion."

    "Xiaoxuan, did you really decide to go back to Yinghua for further study?" Leng Aogu still asked Leng Muxuan uncertainly. After all, he had just taken over the Leng Group not long ago, and everything hasn't completely stabilized, so he will return. School, is this appropriate or inappropriate