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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 120 - RBB 120

    Chapter 120: The Guy Who Can Eat

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    This is even more so that Jiang Senyuan on the side is stunned. Such a gentle and lovely girl, if she were Leng Muxuan, she would definitely choose Xiaoxiao, right?

    Leng Muxuan didn't know how to answer the conversation, Xiao Xiao suddenly turned her head to Chen Ye, "Hey, Xiao Ke, why are you here?" His eyes widened and looked very surprised.

    Chen also just frowned and didn't speak, he felt as uncomfortable as ants were biting all over his body now. He had a feeling of betrayal, and he had never wanted to see his sister so much.

    However, Leng Muxuan's face changed immediately, and he said to Xiaoxiao with a cold face, "I am also very surprised, why he appeared here." But his eyes can look at Chen.

    Chen could also see Leng Muxuan going out, so he had to stand up and speak, but before speaking, he couldn't help but don't take a deep look at Xiaoxiao, "This question is very simple, because Yuanyuan and I are at the same table. , I took her to sketch in the suburbs on the weekend, but I didnt expect to meet you. I wanted to relax Yuanyuan, but it seems that I didnt choose a good place, so you got rid of her interest." , He leaned to Jiang Senyuan's side and really cast an apologetic look away.

    Jiang Senyuan shook her head and said that it was not his fault. Chen could also want to bring herself out to sketch and relax. It was a good intention in itself, "It's not to blame you, but you know them?"

    "Yeah! Little but my brother! He always mentions a girl in front of me these days. I didn't expect that that person is you. We are also destined!" Xiao Xiao probably knew that she had brought Leng Mu Xuan to her without authorization. Here, it's already trivial, so I quickly answer for him.

    But this answer almost caused Jiang Senyuan to collapse instantly. She immediately took a few steps back with her legs soft, and looked at Chen Ye in disbelief, "Are you her brother?"

    Chen Ye is now in a difficult situation to ride a tiger. He can't blame her for her sister's mischief, but how can he explain to Jiang Senyuan? He doesn't want her to misunderstand

    Seeing Chen could also be silent and bowed her head in annoyance, Jiang Senyuan finally believed this fact. She wanted to question, but she seemed to be unable to raise the strength, so she had to say coolly, "It turns out that you have been lying to me."

    Thinking of what she told Chen Ye before at school, Jiang Senyuan's heart hurts. She is a person who values friendship so much. She treats him as her best friend to tell, but the result? Who is he? He is the younger brother of her rival! The most unacceptable thing is that he has been hiding his identity!

    Chen could not accept Jiang Senyuans disappointed eyes, "Yuanyuan, listen to me, I didnt mean to lie to you. I always wanted to tell you. Its just this kind of relationship. I dont know how to tell you. Explanation"

    "Then never explain it again!" Jiang Senyuan shouted, her eyes instantly turning bright red, and tears fell from her eyes. Before everyone could react, she ran wildly in the direction where she came.

    Leng Muxuan was the first to react, and he hurried to catch up, but Chen Ye stopped him, "I'm going to chase, you should take care of my sister."

    Leng Muxuan clenched his fist at that time, and greeted Chao Chen Ye on his face, but when it was only a few centimeters away, he put down his hand in frustration. Now is not the time to fight, the girl's safety is the most important, she is so emotionally unstable now. But looking back at Xiao Xiao who seemed to be at a loss, he had to give Chen Ye a glance, and then returned to Xiao Xiao. Chen didn't think much about it. He caught up with the tandem bicycle when he mentioned it. Transportation is always fast, so he caught up with Jiang Senyuan in no time.

    Parked the car in front of Jiang Senyuan, Chen could also throw the car aside without hesitation. Now Jiang Senyuan is the most important.

    But when Jiang Senyuan saw Chen could also chase her, her first reaction was to keep running, but Chen could also stand in front, she couldn't get around.

    Finally Jiang Senyuan looked at the car lying on the side and lifted the car as quickly as possible to get on. However, Chen Ye's movements were not slow, he grasped the handlebars sharply, just not letting Jiang Senyuan move half a minute.

    The two of them couldn't help quarreling like this, until both their arms were bruised and sweat appeared on their heads, and then they both gave up weakly.

    Chen could also watch Jiang Senyuan finally relax before she said decadently, "Listen to my explanation."

    "Is there anything to explain! I don't want to listen!" Jiang Senyuan covered her ears with her hands childishly, with a cute appearance cut off from the world.

    Chen Ye was finally amused by her, she always brought him a pleasant feeling. Slowly parked the car aside, then Chen could walk to Jiang Senyuan again and take her hand from her ear, "Okay, don't be angry, please eat Haagen-Dazs!" , He took out a bag of stuff from behind like a trick.

    When Jiang Senyuan heard that Haagen-Dazs was energetic, she looked down excitedly and found out, "Chen, you don't want to be mixed up! What kind of Haagen-Dazs! This is clearly the Alps!"

    Chen can also pull out his ears funny, saying that his eardrums are very tortured at the moment, "It seems that the moves they said are very effective. Girls really like ice cream."

    "Come on! I'm in a bad mood, haven't you heard of it? When you are in a bad mood, you have to eat ice cream." Jiang Senyuan was also a little tired, and simply stopped talking to Chen. You can also get angry. Taking the lollipop in his hand, she went straight to sit down on a big rock by the side of the road.

    Chen can also see this place and smile, and quickly took the bag he brought back to Jiang Senyuan's side and opened it, "Come on, there are a lot of delicious dishes here, Shenma Sauce Banya, Shenma Meat. Shenma Green Beans, Shenma Beef Jerky has everything you need!" He said as if offering a treasure, he took out the snacks from the bag. How terrible, why didn't he find this big rock when he came to explore the route?

    This was originally a hill on the edge of the forest. There were still plenty of rocks. This big rock was as large as two square meters. By calling it the height of the hillside by the slight height, they could also look far away.

    Chen can also be annoyed the more I see this situation! If he discovered this place earlier, wouldn't he take her to that Potou, and he wouldn't meet Leng Muxuan and the others!

    In the face of Chen Ye's hospitality, Jiang Senyuan didn't speak, but the eyes staring at the food began to shine. She didn't say hello, she picked it up and ate, and she licked the corners of her mouth with her tongue from time to time. With a relish, Chen also wanted to drool when she watched. This little girl is so good at eating!

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