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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 118 - RBB 118

    Chapter 118: Outskirts Adventure

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    Both sides of the road have changed from houses to empty land. In the end, although it is indeed as Chen could say, there are only two miles left, but it is a slightly inclined upward slope.

    But this time Jiang Senyuan was very excited, because with her left light, she could already glance at the corner of the scenery, "God! How did you find this place? It's so beautiful!"

    Following Jiang Senyuan's exclaim, Chen could also slow down the car to a stop, then pushed the car to lead the way, and turned to a small road. Jiang Senyuan's vision became wider and wider along the path.

    In fact, this place is equivalent to halfway up the hill, although the mountain is not high. The uneven pine trees and various plants that grow naturally make the air here smell particularly fresh. But what puzzled Jiang Senyuan was that Chen Ye took her farther and farther, almost completely deviating from the road on this hill.

    "Hey, where are you taking me? Haven't we already arrived?" Jiang Senyuan can quickly trot two steps to follow Chen.

    "When did I talk about it? Don't be anxious, just ahead." With that, Chen could also kick away the branches at his feet and carefully clear the way for Jiang Senyuan. By the way, I secretly sighed in my heart, this coaxing girl is happy and tired, and the sports car at home will not drive, and the artificial asphalt road will not go. He has to ride a confident car to take her down the mountain road.

    Fortunately, this time Jiang Senyuan did not retort. She liked it a little bit and chose to believe that Chen could also look forward to it.

    "There is a small **** in front, and we will be where we are going immediately after going down. I will push down the cart first, and you will follow carefully at the back." Chen Yi ordered again, and people rushed down the cart .

    "Hey!" Before Jiang Senyuan stopped her words, she saw Chen Ye rush to the end of Po, and then turned around and waved to her. Gosh! Non-human! Pushing the car downhill? ? Today, Jiang Senyuan can be regarded as knowledgeable, and it seems that in the future, she can't just look at Chen with the eyes of the rich young master.

    She took a deep breath, not wanting to say that she was embarrassed in front of Chen Ye. She ran down the **** as soon as she gritted her teeth. She didn't know if she chose the right direction or did not grasp the scale enough, but she went down, but the down was a bit too much. She can jump straight to Chen.

    "Ah, get out of the way," Jiang Senyuan screamed, and most of the birds in the forest scared her away. Chen Yi was pushing the car and couldn't avoid it, but also worried that Jiang Senyuan would fall, so she had to accept this warm hug calmly.

    Its just that the impact of the downhill was too great, and Jiang Senyuans momentum was too strong, so the two of them went up and down smoothly on a patch of grass.

    Chen could also feel sad and touched her accidentally knocked head. The first action was to squeeze Jiang Senyuan's nose severely, "Bad girl, when can you be a lady? Change your careless character? No less fast meat!"

    Jiang Senyuan also felt a little embarrassed, and quickly got up from Chen Ye with her hands on the ground, but her mouth was unforgiving, "I won't be a lady, I am me, it is impossible to make myself look like someone else. If you like ladies, go find it! Why stay with me."

    Chen could also laugh after seeing Jiang Senyuan's declaration of her personality, but he still agreed with her in his heart. He really liked to be with her because of her innocence. If she becomes as hypocritical as other girls, he will definitely lose any interest in her. patted the dust on his arms as soon as she was about to rise, but Chen Ye fell down again, "Ouch!"

    "Ah, what's the matter with you?" Hearing Chen Ye's exclaim, Jiang Senyuan hurriedly went up to check it nervously. Could it be that she crushed him? Gosh! Hasn't she eaten more because she is in a bad mood recently? Isn't she fatter?

    Chen Yi pointed to his **** without embarrassment, "It hurts here!"

    Jiang Senyuan couldn't help laughing out loud, then rolled her eyes, "Then I can't help you, come, I'll pull you down, and you can do the follow-up work yourself." She said that she could force Chen. Pull up from the ground.

    Chen could also use Jiang Senyuan's strength to get up, and then squashed her mouth and touched her butt, "Should you not rub the wounds for me, the culprit?" There was a smile in her eyebrows.

    "Fuck you!" Jiang Senyuan unceremoniously punched Chen Ye's chest with a fan, but showed the brightest smile in the past few days. I don't know why, originally and Chen could have known each other soon, but he could bring a kind of intimacy to himself. And the feeling of being with him is really relaxing, without any pressure.

    Jiang Senyuan just wanted to sigh. Why is there such a big gap between being a child of a rich family? But before he opened his mouth, he heard a familiar voice.

    Not far away, Leng Muxuan was already a little intolerable, and he saw the scene just now clearly. Originally, Xiaoxiao had to take him out for an outing today. He was not very happy. He had no interest in running to such a remote place. But it seemed that he had come on the right trip today, otherwise he didn't know that Jiang Senyuan would have **** with other boys behind his back! !

    Especially when seeing Jiang Senyuans smile, Leng Muxuans heart hurts like a needle stick. Its been a long time since she hadnt laughed like this with herself, but at other boys, her incomparable beauty bloomed.

    "Jiang Senyuan!" He finally yelled in Jiang Senyuan's direction. He couldn't imagine what kind of things the dead girl would do if he didn't show up again!

    Jiang Senyuan was stunned and stunned by this voice. Is it Leng Muxuan's voice? Gosh! No way? will not! Leng Muxuan should go shopping with his gentle girlfriend, how could he come to such a remote suburb? She must have heard hallucinations, it must be!

    After doing self-hypnosis for a while, Jiang Senyuan turned around and looked towards the voice, but when she saw someone coming, she was completely stupid! Is it really him? It really is him!

    Leng Muxuan was wearing sportswear and strode to Jiang Senyuan's side, "What are you doing here?"

    "I didn't do anything!" Jiang Senyuan replied blankly, and there was still a trace of guilty conscience in her heart. After all, she and Chen Ye had indeed fallen together just now, did Leng Muxuan see them all?

    Hearing Jiang Senyuan's eager answer, Leng Muxuan just sneered, "You two went all the way to the outskirts to play passionately. It's really leisurely."

    "What?!" Jiang Senyuan immediately opened his eyes as big as copper bells, and looked at Leng Muxuan incredulously. Is this something that came out of his mouth? Play passion? Is this what Leng Muxuan would say? She scratched her head that couldn't respond, "Are you really Leng Muxuan?"