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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 117 - RBB 117

    Chapter 117: From Mars

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    Chen can also stroke her hair somewhat proudly, but looks at Jiang Senyuan with an incorrigible look, "I don't know that you like this porridge. Does your family have other rice for making porridge?"

    "Ah! It turned out to be like this." Jiang Senyuan suddenly realized that she had forgotten this because she only likes to drink this porridge. There are only millet and mung beans in the kitchen.

    "But I'm still very surprised, aren't you from a noble background? How could you make these things? And you made them delicious." After eating another piece of bread, Jiang Senyuan had to admit Chen Ye's craftsmanship. She has been cooking by herself for a long time, and can't bake the bread so hot.

    Chen could also hear this, but was a little surprised, "Could it be that in your concept, the noble-born sons can't cook?"

    "Isn't it?" Jiang Senyuan also opened her eyes wide, flickering at Chen Ye opposite.

    Chen could not even think about it, so she gave Jiang Senyuan a thud, "Girl, can you be a little stupid? You forget where I came from?"

    "Where did it come from? Mars?"

    "Ahem" Chen could almost be choked by his own saliva, "You are a real treasure, I came back from abroad! You know, American children are very independent, these things are basic survival Skills, I knew it when I was ten, for a small case."

    Jiang Senyuan received the surprised eyes and nodded clearly, but at the same time showed his admiration for American education, and then whispered, "Hey, why didn't Leng Muxuan's parents have the foresight to send him abroad? He will not become an out-and-out image of a young master."

    Although Jiang Senyuan's voice was very small, Chen Ye could still hear everything. Immediately, there was a small flame rushing up in his stomach, can this dead girl be a little more outrageous? Eating his breakfast and thinking about other boys! Is she tired? !

    Jiang Senyuan suddenly raised her head, and she saw Chen could stare at herself with cannibalistic eyes. The bread in her mouth was stuck in her throat, and she quickly drank the milk and poured it down. She woke up consciously, "Uh. Am I too slow? Make you wait anxious? So what, I take the drawing board and let's go now."

    Then she hurriedly went to the bedroom to take out the prepared bag and drawing board, and signaled that Chen could also leave.

    Chen could also say that she completely convinced Jiang Senyuan in an instant, why can she always think that she understands something, and then make some behaviors that you simply can't catch.

    She sighed and took Jiang Senyuan out, and she heard a sharp cheer! "Wow! It's a tandem bike! Oh my goodness! Really advanced!"

    Chen Ye looked at Jiang Senyuan like a primitive man, "Said you will ride a bike to the outskirts together, do you think I will take you?"

    "Although I really don't mind, but I still like this kind of sport, hehe~" Jiang Senyuan said bluntly, and quickly ran to the bicycle and touched it lovingly, "It's still new!"

    Of course it is true, but I bought it specially for this trip to the suburbs! Chen can also mutter in her heart, when can this little girl be smarter? He took the drawing board in Jiang Senyuan's hand and put it on his back together, "Go, you sit back." "Yeah! Why should I do the back! I want to sit in the front!" Jiang Senyuan pushed Chen to the back without thinking about it, and sat in the front to hold the handlebar. .

    Chen could also helplessly look at Jiang Senyuan as if she was silly for grabbing candy. Although he didn't want to hit her, he couldn't do without hitting her. "Do you know the way ahead?"

    "I" Jiang Senyuan was at a loss for words, so she got out of the front seat and flicked her bangs, and said coolly, "Forget it, I want to do the back again. The back is more windproof."

    Chen Ye finally couldn't help laughing out loud, "Ghost, let's go!"

    Originally Jiang Senyuan was still wondering why Chen had to carry a bag that didn't look small, but it was only halfway through that she realized his foresight.

    "Hey! Stop, stop, stop!" Jiang Senyuan yelled the front seat Chen for countless times.

    Chen could also helplessly stop the car and support the ground with one foot, "Hey, I said, miss, can you be a bit more delicate? If you stop at the speed you stop, when we get to the outskirts, it will be dark, and what scenery should we paint? ?"

    Jiang Senyuan pouted her mouth and got down from the back seat, and then stood pitifully in front of Chen Ye, "But I'm thirsty! We've been riding for so long."

    "Is it ten minutes since you last drank water?" Chen Yi roared unceremoniously.

    "Yes! Absolutely!" Jiang Senyuan raised her hand like a good student to agree, my God! She is about to fall in love with Chen now, and she herself did not expect to be so afraid of thirsty! The drink in his bag really saved her life.

    Chen could also see sweat dripping down from Jiang Senyuans forehead, and couldnt help feeling soft, so she reluctantly unloaded her bag, took out a bottle of drink and handed it to her, "Here, Im losing to you, I warn you. ! This is the last time! After getting in the car for a while, we will go straight to the destination, no stop!"

    "Ah, I'm not miserable, I'm sure I can't hold it anymore, just wait to take me to the hospital." Jiang Senyuan suddenly sneered, and she could see it somewhat by getting along with Chen. In fact, he too A kind-hearted and soft-hearted guy, just like himself, as long as he acted like a baby, he was sure to surrender.

    Leng Muxuan used this chapter to deal with Jiang Senyuan before, but Jiang Senyuan now uses this trick to deal with Fu Chen. It's really Feng Shui turns, one thing drops one thing.

    Unexpectedly, Chen also didn't have any good-looking expressions this time, but stinky back to her, "I'll be there two miles ahead!"

    Jiang Senyuan suddenly realized, "Ah, that's not going to stop, let's reach our destination at once!"

    Chen could not laugh or cry at Jiang Senyuan's weird look. After taking the drink and putting it in the bag, she turned around and pinched Jiang Senyuan's nose, "Boy! Let's go!"

    "Hey! Why are you pinching me again!" Now Jiang Senyuan protested. She was really annoying. Didn't she promise to let him pinch her nose, and only let him pinch her nose? But he also has to have a proper degree, he can't pinch it every day! It took her a lot of effort to make her nose long and straight. If she squeezed him down, she wouldn't be depressed to death!

    However, this time Jiang Senyuan was indeed very powerful. She had a hard time kicking on her hind legs, and the two of them got closer and closer to their destination.