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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 111 - RBB 111

    Chapter 111: Xuan And Xiao's Past

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    Now Leng Muxuan was even more embarrassed, but he couldn't say anything, so he had to cough to cover up. Xiao Xiao also noticed that Leng Muxuan was uncomfortable, so she helped him out, "Okay, Xiaoke, don't make trouble with your Mu Xuan brother, he just sent me back, and he hasn't even bothered to drink."

    Chen can also suddenly realized that, "Ah, I'm really sorry Brother Mu Xuan, please sit down, I'll pour you water."

    Taking advantage of the time to pour the water, Chen also glanced at Leng Muxuan again, seeing that he was completely restless now, it was somewhat clear in his heart.

    In fact, Xiao Xiao and Leng Muxuan really grew up together. Xiao Xiao is an orphan adopted by Leng Muxuan's neighbors. She has been very timid and cowardly. And Leng Muxuan has always been withdrawn himself because of family reasons.

    The two children who lack love in character just played together like that. Anyway, the two villas are next to each other, and they can find each other after they leave the courtyard. They are very happy after playing with each other, because such a big villa can hardly find a playmate.

    But at that time, the family who adopted Xiaoxiao and Leng's family were deadly rivals. Leng Muxuan's father was ten thousand people who didn't want to see Leng Muxuan and always ran out and looked around at the villa next to him. Leng Muxuan's mother, Cai Meihua, knew Leng Muxuan. After going to Xiaoxiao, she also strongly opposed it.

    The old man was already very cold towards their mother and son, if he stepped on his tiger's tail again, then they would really not be able to mix in the Leng family.

    But sometimes barriers can become a catalyst, especially for children who are not so sensible.

    Therefore, Leng Muxuan and Xiaoxiao were small, so they drilled out from the beautifying fence in the backyard, so that not only would they not be discovered, the road was also very close.

    Xiao Xiao's weakness undoubtedly aroused Leng Muxuan's desire for protection. Like a big brother, he took her to catch fish and crabs by the river.

    And Xiaoxiao suddenly felt that she was a child who was truly loved by someone. Unlike her adoptive father and mother, she was kind to her, but didn't really care about her feelings.

    As they grew up a little bit, they went to the same kindergarten, followed by the same elementary school, and then the same middle school. The intersection of the two has always been maintained, and as they get older, their minds become more and more mature.

    Leng Muxuan will start to think that Xiaoxiao is pretty, and Xiaoxiao will start to feel that Leng Muxuan is handsome, they will start to write letters, they will start to complain.

    The relationship between the brothers and sisters before the two people instantly transformed into an ignorant emotion. They held hands for the first time under the big banyan tree in the school, hugged for the first time by the lotus pond where they played when they were young, and kissed for the first time behind the rockery of the school

    In fact, both Leng Muxuan and Xiaoxiao at that time were just over ten years old, and they weren't so clear about many emotions, but the hearts of comforting and yearning for each other were so clear.

    They are lonely from the inside, so they long for warmth from each other's arms. So they made a promise under the banyan tree where they often date.

    Xiao Xiao said, "Xuan, I will be your bride when I grow up."

    Leng Muxuan said, "Okay, I only want you to be a bride when I grow up."

    But not long after, someone suddenly broke into Xiaoxiao's adoptive father's house to find her. That person is Chen Ye's father.

    In fact, Xiao Xiao is Chen Ye's half-sister. The two are only a few months old. Because of Chen Ye's mother, Xiao Xiao has been living out.

    In fact, Xiaoxiao's adoptive father and adoptive mother were arranged by Chen Ye's father personally, just to let Xiaoxiao have a temporary warm home, and then take her home when the time is right.

    I don't know if it was God's arrangement, Chen Ye's mother suddenly had a car accident that year and passed away forever. Chen Ye's father found Xiao Xiao at that time, told her about her life, and then took her back home.

    Chen should have hated Xiao Xiao, because at that time his mother had just passed away, and his father brought back his betrayal, but Xiao Xiao was very weak, and she seemed unwilling to stay from the beginning. At their home, and tried every means to escape, there was a person's name "Xuan" in his mouth.

    Under such circumstances, Chen could also consider her attitude improved. After all, her mothers death has nothing to do with this girl, and she is indeed his sister. He has no reason to hate her or embarrass her. For her, it is also involuntary.

    Chen Ye's father actually loved his mother very much. After his mother's death, his emotions broke down for a while, so he took Xiaoxiao back, just to leave his hometown.

    He couldn't bear to stay in the place where his wife lived, because every inch of land reminded him of his dead wife, so he had to decide to take Chen and Xiaoxiao to go abroad.

    When Leng Muxuan heard the news, Xiaoxiao and the others had already arrived at the airport. Leng Muxuan made the final detention, but still failed to keep Xiaoxiao.

    Because Xiao Xiao grew up at that time, she began to know that Leng Muxuan's parents did not like herself, she began to know that she could not rely on Leng Muxuan forever, she began to know that family affection is the most important to her Yes, her father is the most reliable.

    So after she struggled repeatedly, she decided to go with her father. As for Leng Muxuan, after crying countless times, she had to give up

    But the fact is that Xiaoxiao didn't like other boys even when she went abroad. Leng Muxuan seemed to have left an indelible shadow in her heart.

    Chen Ye always watched her tear off a love letter and threw a handful of roses into the trash can, but he was helpless.

    So Chen can also know that coming back this time is of great significance to Xiaoxiao. Because although the two have been separated for so long, they left without resentment.

    Maybe its because they are too young to have such deep hatred, maybe because both of them are too kind, maybe because the reason for their separation is not themselves, but the environment forced them to stay in each other's hearts. The impressions are all beautiful.

    In fact, as a boy, Chen can also experience Leng Muxuans feelings. He shares the most innocent past with Xiaoxiao. It is impossible to be indifferent when seeing her come back, because after all, she played such an important role in her life. .

    But what Chen could be most confused about is how far Leng Muxuan and Jiang Senyuan are.

    So Chen could also hold the water glass and put it in front of Leng Muxuan, still couldn't help but chuckle out, "Sister, do you know a girl named Jiang Senyuan?"

    Xiao Xiao was taken aback after hearing this, but then she climbed onto her face with a clear expression, she still looked at Leng Muxuan as if to verify, "Is Xuan the girl I saw last time?"

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