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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 107 - RBB 107

    Chapter 107: Arch Bridge Meet

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    Jiang Senyuan got up and patted her **** and wanted to leave. He might as well go home and watch TV. There is no one I know here anyway. But just as she was about to turn around, one arm was firmly grasped.

    "This classmate, I will look for you to cooperate."

    "What?!" Jiang Senyuan turned around and protested loudly regardless of the occasion, "I won't"

    "Shhh" before Jiang Senyuan could yell at her, Chen Ye hurriedly moved her mouth to her ear and reminded, "You have also seen everyone's admiration for me. If you openly let me not come to Taiwan now, wouldn't it? Are you worried that your life at the Academy of Fine Arts will be difficult in the future? You have to think clearly." After finishing speaking, Chen Ye gave Jiang Senyuan a successful smile.

    Jiang Senyuan angrily threw Chen Ye's arm away, but couldn't say a word. There is no doubt that this guy is hateful, but what he said is true. If she offends him today, she must be the public enemy of all the girls in the Academy of Fine Arts in the future.

    So Jiang Senyuan had to follow Chen to the middle of the stage, but scolded him ten thousand times in her heart! Damn, why didn't she see how bad he was when he hit him that day? He obviously looks very considerate, so why is he not alone in just a few days? No wonder people say that people are not good-looking, and you can't recognize a real person at a glance!

    Chen also proudly took another microphone and handed it to Jiang Senyuan, feeling happy. He didn't expect that he would run into this little girl again here, so who wouldn't he tease her with such a good opportunity?

    But Jiang Senyuan did not buy it very much. After the microphone, she bowed to everyone, "I'm sorry, thank you for giving me this opportunity to sing on the same stage with the handsome guy in our college, but I really cant sing. So I'm sorry, let's ask other girls to come up." When Jiang Senyuan said these words, she suddenly became uncomfortable at all, and she surprised Chen with composure.

    But he is not a fuel-efficient lamp. "Everyone has heard the embarrassment of this female classmate. In order to take care of her singing flaws, we had to sing a simple childhood song. Is it okay?"

    "Good!" At the same time as the shouts and applause sounded, Jiang Senyuan stomped Chen and gave him a super big white eye with a strong warning sign in his eyes.

    But the arrow is on the string, and I have to send it. It's all about it. If she refuses again, it would be too hypocritical. So Jiang Senyuan had to bite the bullet and raise the microphone.

    Chen Ye obviously received Jiang Senyuan's heavy kick, but at the moment it seemed like no one was okay. He just sat on the chair again and seriously played the prelude.

    Jiang Senyuan didn't know if he took the wrong medicine that day or what happened? She actually doesn't sing very well, probably because Chen Ye can play the guitar well? In short, Jiang Senyuan actually followed the rhythm very accurately, and her voice was unnaturally beautiful and gentler, a bit less sharp than her usual, and her whole person seemed to become gentle.

    It was also from that time that the students of the Academy of Fine Arts spread the rumor that she was a lady for a long time. Of course, when she was revealed later, the rumor was self-defeating. When the school officially started the next day, Jiang Senyuan was depressed. She had never thought about entering a college other than Yinghua College before. Yinghua was originally a top aristocratic school. Is it? But when she really stayed in Yinghua to continue class, she realized how much discomfort she felt.

    Because since entering the school gate, all the rumors about Leng Muxuan along the way, almost everyone is talking about Leng Muxuan inherited the Leng Group and his childhood sweetheart back.

    Childhood sweetheart? Jiang Senyuan smiled mockingly, Leng Muxuan, Leng Muxuan, even her identity was I learned from others, you have made up your mind not to give me an explanation.

    But the fabled **** luck was probably what Jiang Senyuan looked like, because just as she was about to cross the bridge, she happened to collide with two people on another path.

    At that moment, Jiang Senyuan wished that she would be admitted to another college, completely free from Leng Muxuan's shadow!

    Next to Leng Muxuan stood Xiaoxiao, whom Jiang Senyuan saw at the meeting that day, and they both wore white sportswear in a tacit understanding. Jiang Senyuan had never felt that white was so dazzling. She shook her head and was about to move forward.

    When Leng Muxuan saw Jiang Senyuan, his mood was even more complicated. Over the past few days, he has been struggling whether to find Jiang Senyuan or explain all this to her, but at the end of the contradiction, Xiao Xiao always appeared in front of him at the right time and made him give up one after another.

    Now that he suddenly saw Jiang Senyuan, he had to say that he was happy, because he hadn't seen her for many days. If he could survive without seeing her for more than a month for his career, it was because he knew that one day they would be together.

    But now, it was because of Xiaoxiao, and Jiang Senyuan had seen it all. He was unable to meet Jiang Senyuan in a torment that could be lost. This kind of longing cannot be realized by people without experience. Because of Jiang Senyuan and Xiaoxiao's problem, he ate very little in the past two days.

    So seeing Jiang Senyuan not only ignoring herself, but also pulling his legs to leave, he hurried up to hold her, "What? Didn't you see me?"

    Jiang Senyuan didn't want to be entangled with Leng Muxuan, if it was his choice, then she could endure it! Who called her poor at home, who called her bully! However, Leng Muxuan just refused to let her go, and looked at herself with that natural look, which made her very angry, "What? Is it because you are now the chairman of the Leng Group, so everyone Shall I bow when I see you?"

    Leng Muxuan admitted that at that moment, he was really stung by Jiang Senyuan's cold eyes. That look was full of disappointment and a touch of determination.

    He suddenly became scared. He had never been scared before. Leng Muxuan, who never explained to others, grabbed Jiang Senyuans hand and said, "Girl, Im sorry, it was me that was not good that day. I didnt take your feelings into consideration and let you Run away. But you have to believe me!"

    "What do you believe in?" Before Leng Muxuan's words fell, Jiang Senyuan took the stubbornly, her eyes gradually covered with mist, "Leng Muxuan, there is nothing between us."

    Yes, there are no pigs, you never gave me any promise, never admitted that I am your girlfriend, what are we doing like this?