Royal Bad Boy
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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 104 - RBB 104

    Chapter 104: Red List

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    When the two people rushed to the front of the red list, there was already a crowd. Everyone was happy or sighed, and they all said or complained.

    Jiang Senyuan looked at the black and crushed head in front of him, and had to sigh, "Forget Fatty, this is the peak time. Let's wait until there are fewer people."

    The little fat man is not tall, he has been on tiptoe all the time, but it is a pity that when he stands on tiptoe, his height is no difference. After hearing Jiang Senyuan's discouraged words, she immediately stood upright and said, "You follow me and watch me squeeze in!"

    "Hey! Let's not worry about Xiaopang," Jiang Senyuan said intermittently before being pulled in by Xiaopang's guard.

    To say that although Xiaopang is getting fat, it does have a lot of benefits. Just like the last ice cream incident, Xiaopang also used her powerful skills to squeeze in. Of course, this time is no exception. She still squeezed people to the side, and Jiang Senyuan, who was behind her, was not crowded at all because of her size, so she went to the top of the red list smoothly. .

    But when she really stood in the front of the red list, Jiang Senyuan's eyes were blurred, and she seemed to be unable to open her eyes with the red thorns. She struggled to find the dark names, but she really couldn't see a few.

    What is wrong with her? Are you worried? Still stressed? tension? In short, after bursts of dizziness came, Jiang Senyuan still couldn't see the names on the list clearly.

    In the end, she heard Xiaopang's voice and reacted. Xiaopang had already found a way along the list, and finally shouted one meter away from Jiang Senyuan, "Yuanyuan! Here you are! Here! Yinghua Academy of Fine Arts! Wow! Cool!"

    Jiang Senyuan looked over with Chubbys fingers and saw that the words Jiang Senyuan were written on it, and she finally smiled comfortably in the dazzling sunlight.

    Xiaopang pulled her out of the crowd and circled again, "I knew it, I knew you would pass it!"

    Jiang Senyuan also happily jumped up with Xiaopang. After all, this is her dream all the time, and her most recent goal has finally been achieved! But soon, her expression became serious, "Then chubby, how about you?"

    As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Pang stopped all her actions, "Yuanyuan, you know I haven't read a book! So it's okay, you'll be fine afterwards!"

    Seeing Xiaopang pretending to be strong, Jiang Senyuan hugged her tightly. "Little Fatty" may be sorry for Xiaopang, or it may be true feelings, "Little Fatty, you said I will not have you in the future, what should I do? do?"

    What should I do without you? Xiaopang burst into tears because of this sentence. For a long time, she knew that because of her looks, almost everyone would not look at her high, and even showed obvious disgust.

    Only Jiang Senyuan, only Jiang Senyuan has always treated her as her best friend. She really loves her and treats her well. That's why she has always regarded Jiang Senyuan as her best best friend.

    Now that Jiang Senyuan can listen to such a sentence, what can she ask for?

    The two held and cried for a long time, and slowly stabilized their emotions when they saw others looking at them with strange eyes. Jiang Senyuan touched Xiaopang's head, "It doesn't matter, we're still in a school anyway, but not in a college anymore, you have to go! I am waiting for you at the Academy of Fine Arts."

    Xiaopang originally wanted to say that she had never been admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts, but in order not to hurt Jiang Senyuan, she put it up and nodded with tears, "Don't worry, I will harass you at any time. , As long as you dont bother you to be a handsome guy"

    Jiang Senyuan shook her head, "How can there be so many handsome guys! You are welcome to harass me anytime, anywhere!"

    Saying that the two of them embraced again passionately, there were sorrows and joys, and the moon was cloudy and clear, but why the time of separation is always more than the time of reunion

    The next days are really a torture for Jiang Senyuan, because she seems to have lost her love, even friendship, in an instant, and she needs to face all the next things alone.

    At that time, Jiang Senyuan suddenly flinched. She suddenly began to be afraid, afraid to face all the new problems that would happen next time alone. At that moment, her usual courageous personality suddenly seemed to change, replaced by a kind of cowardice.

    Jiang Senyuan didn't know how she had this emotion, but she just didn't want to face it. She held the only living expenses in her hand, and she didn't go out to find a job.

    What happened to her? Are you afraid of meeting people? Afraid of touching new things? Afraid of receiving new harm? Even Jiang Senyuan could not study these questions.

    Shao Bing had come to see Jiang Senyuan anyway, so determined to pursue his own happiness, but on the second day after meeting Leng Muxuan, his best brother had a car accident.

    Shao Bing, who has always been the most prestigious and loyal, couldn't leave his brother alone, so he had to go to the hospital to take care of him, and never spare time to see Jiang Senyuan.

    When he finally had time to care about Jiang Senyuan, a series of things happened again. He had thought that Leng Muxuan would soon inherit the family business, but what Shao Bing did not expect was that when Leng Muxuan inherited the family business, he gave up Jiang Senyuan.

    Shao Bing stood at the door of Jiang Senyuan's house, slapped the door hard, with an anxious face, "Yuanyuan, open the door! Yuanyuan, open the door! I know you are inside, come open the door soon."

    Jiang Senyuan sat quietly at the desk, looking at the unfinished picture on the drawing board, full of sadness. Did she never tell Leng Muxuan that she wanted to draw a portrait of him, just when he said that he liked himself.

    But there was no chance to say these words, Leng Muxuan disappeared, and when he appeared again, before she had time to say it, he abandoned her again.

    So Jiang Senyuan examined the sketch in front of him again and again, but couldn't paint the expression in the outline. She searched her heart over and over again, but still couldn't find inspiration to fill.

    Jiang Senyuan began to feel the wonder of everything in the world. Perhaps this unfinished portrait is like a regretful relationship between them, which can't be repaired with all the effort.

    The misty thoughts climbed over the mountains and over the sea, before Jiang Senyuan heard a knock on the door. She wiped the wet tears on her face in a panic, and then came to the door of the room.

    Shao Bing was still knocking on the door desperately. He clearly saw that the light in the window was on, and it was impossible for Yuanyuan to run out alone at this late hour.