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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 103 - RBB 103

    Chapter 103: Graded Examination

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    When the sun was up high the next day, Jiang Senyuan got out of bed in a daze to wash. That morning, Jiang Senyuan was suddenly very grateful for her little habits.

    Jiang Senyuan used to write a month's date in post-it notes, and then hung them in the bedroom, living room or even the bathroom. Although sometimes it doesn't play a big role, Jiang Senyuan still feels that she can remember the time at any time so that she can think about something.

    In fact, it was so, because when she was brushing her teeth, she saw a big mark on the pink post-it note.

    The first class test today! Gosh! When Jiang Senyuan saw the mark, she swallowed the remaining toothpaste excitedly in the next second.

    A feeling so fresh that it made people want to vomit came up, Jiang Senyuan coughed for a long time without coughing. But she didn't care about this anymore, and quickly wiped her face, Jiang Senyuan rushed to the school at a speed of 100 meters.

    That was definitely the most memorable day of Jiang Senyuan's study life at Yinghua College, because she felt that when she was in school, the admission ticket had been distributed, and she had rushed to the office to get her admission ticket.

    But when she rushed into the examination room, she realized that she had forgotten to bring the paint box.

    After returning to the examination room with the paint box again, she unexpectedly found that her usual color had no paint

    I had to tell the invigilator to go to the toilet, and then rushed to the campus supermarket to buy paint. When she returned to the examination room again, all the test questions had been sent out.

    Sitting on her seat, Jiang Senyuan felt like crying without tears. At that time, she really hated Leng Muxuan! Had it not been for him to do so many inexplicable things before her exam, would she be so unlucky? As for taking her most important exam like a fool?

    But it is useless to say anything. Fortunately, Jiang Senyuan's previous efforts are obvious to all. She has been preparing for this graded examination for too long. So when she saw the question, Jiang Senyuan's inspiration still came up like a bubble, which made her feel better throughout the exam, and nothing else happened.

    It was precisely because of so many emergencies in the first game that Jiang Senyuan finally realized the toxicity of Leng Muxuan to her.

    In any case, even if Leng Muxuan is unforgivable, it should be his problem. Why should Jiang Senyuan affect her future because of his infidelity? Its really not cost-effective to make a good exam just because of the sadness of such a guy and messing around!

    People are cuddling there, but she is going to be poisoned by someone here. Can the world be fairer?

    So later Jiang Senyuan figured it out. People put down the butcher knife and became a Buddha right away. She wanted to put aside all distractions and strive to get the graded exam first!

    Jiang Senyuan has always thought optimistically that although she is usually unlucky, her luck is always good at critical moments. Perhaps it is precisely because of her optimism that things will be more satisfactory.

    She did not rely on the support of any so-called mysterious person, nor did she get any guarantee. She just relied on her own hard work all the time, and then got the result she was most looking forward to! The day when the results were announced was a refreshing day. Jiang Senyuan wore the simplest white sportswear and went hand in hand with Xiao Pang to watch the list.

    Holding Chubby in one hand and putting the other in his pants pocket, Jiang Senyuan felt more relaxed than ever. She no longer had to pretend to be a lady for Leng Muxuan's face, and she no longer had to suppress herself for Leng Muxuan's status. Although she can only wear the cheapest sportswear now, it is her own real life, a simple life that others can never take away and replace.

    Seeing that Jiang Senyuan was distracted again, Xiaopang turned his head and shouted angrily, "Hey, hey, Jiang Senyuan, have you put me in your eyes? Since the grading test is over, you have been number one. There is nothing if you lose your mind once!"

    "Eh? Is there? No?" Jiang Senyuan had to scratch her hair embarrassedly.

    "No? Then tell me what I just said?" Xiao Chuan gave Jiang Senyuan an incorrigible shot, and then began to tease her depressed.

    Jiang Senyuan thought about it carefully, and bit the bullet and made up, "Eh, didn't you just say! Didn't you ask me how I did the test?" Jiang Senyuan said with a certain look that I was very smart, anyway now I just want to look at the results. It must be right to say this.

    However, Xiaopang gave her a thud, "Fuck you! That was the question I asked you two days ago! I didn't say anything at all!"

    "Ah, you stinky little fat, dare you lie to me! Believe it or not, I smashed your ass!" Jiang Senyuan said, she tried to slap over.

    Although Xiaopang is fat, her body is sometimes very sensitive. She dodges and provokes with a laugh, "Come on! I have a thick skin. If you are not afraid of the reaction from hurting yourself, then Come here!"

    In fact, Xiaopang is not a very stupid person. She has not discovered Jiang Senyuan's abnormality these days. Leng Muxuan temporarily left the campus because he inherited his family business, and his gossip also decreased. After all, there are still many people in the college worthy of attention.

    But because of Jiang Senyuan, Xiaopang has been paying attention to Leng Muxuan's movements. She knew her size and had always dreamed of being handsome, but she also knew that she would never realize this dream in this life. So if a friend can find her Prince Charming, it can be regarded as making up for her regret.

    Xiaopang knew that Leng Muxuan inherited the Leng Group and saw the scenery at his inheritance ceremony, but she could not know what happened between Leng Muxuan and Jiang Senyuan.

    If it was before, Jiang Senyuan would have told herself frankly, because she was originally a girl who couldn't hide things, but this time, she didn't say a word, and even pretended to be strong every day.

    My instinct told Xiaopang that the matter must be serious this time, but she couldn't help. If Jiang Senyuan felt better by chasing and playing like before, then she would not mind having fun with her.

    Jiang Senyuan looked at Xiaochu troublesomely running ahead, so she felt relieved in her heart. She said to Xiaopang in her heart, Xiaopang, I'm sorry, I dont want to tell you something, but this time, I really dont want to say

    Because every time I say it will hurt once, every time I say it, it will make my heart more sad and unable to hold on to it. Every time I say it, my strength will be taken away.

    I dont want to make myself more painful, I really dont want to be fat, forgive my silence

    Ahem, I wish the college entrance examination all the best!