Royal Bad Boy
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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 102 - RBB 102

    Chapter 102: Who Hurts The Most

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    When you have a dream for a certain person wholeheartedly, and when you complete this dream through all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, the person you worked for is suddenly no longer by your side, what would it be like? Especially, you accidentally forced this person away

    At this time, Leng Muxuan could no longer distinguish his feelings. It was not that he deliberately ignored it, but that he really couldn't find the answer. Now Jiang Senyuan or Xiaoxiao, in his mind which is more important, he doesnt even know.

    So he had to arrange a place for Xiao Xiao step by step and let her stay in a hotel under the Leng Group. Of course, she didn't expect Xiao Xiao to refuse.

    "Xuan, maybe I don't need you to protect me in the past, and I am not alone when I come back this time."

    Leng Muxuan still looked surprised. Before that, he did think Xiao Xiao had returned to China alone, "What do you mean?"

    "Yes, our family is back, maybe back to the United States, maybe, never go back again. But I, I may stay here until the end of my life."

    "Xiao Xiao" looked at Xiao Xiao's eyes, and I dont know why, Leng Muxuan would feel uneasy. If Xiao Xiao were to stay here for a lifetime, what should he do?

    Sending Xiaoxiao back to their own villa, Leng Muxuan drove the car instead of heading home, but turned around and left.

    He wanted to go for a drive, maybe his head would be clearer, but while riding on an unmanned highway, what frequently appeared in his mind turned out to be the pure appearance of Jiang Senyuan's dress today.

    Leng Muxuan had to admit that Jiang Senyuan is so beautiful today, so beautiful that everything around her is eclipsed. But by the way, I haven't read it carefully. He said he wanted her to show her original beauty because of him, but when this day really came, he didn't even cherish it.

    Leng Muxuan wanted to take a look at Jiang Senyuan suddenly, not much, even just a glance, no need to get close, or even to speak, he just wanted to look at her, nothing more.

    With this belief, Leng Muxuan got off the highway again, then turned around and drove downstairs to Jiang Senyuan.

    It was late at this time, only one cat was still wandering in the community, and half of the residents' lights upstairs had gone out.

    However, what Leng Muxuan cares most about is that the light in Jiang Senyuan's house is still on. Leng Muxuan slowly got out of the car, he wanted to go up and knock on the door, the door he was so familiar with, the door he wanted to open the escape door so much.

    But when he really walked to the entrance of the corridor, he slowly walked back. Even if Jiang Senyuan opened the door, what would he say? How would he face her and tell her all this? He doesnt even know what to do, so how can he explain to Jiang Senyuan?

    So what do you mean? See you there, isn't it just to add sadness? He didn't know if Jiang Senyuan was crying now, but he knew that she must be sad in her heart.

    But Leng Muxuan can only think, his girl has always been strong! His girl will not complain about his poor life experience. His girl can face all kinds of difficulties alone. When his girl is kidnapped, he can calmly think of a way to escape, and he can quickly after the incident. Enter the state of life.

    His girl loves to cry, but she must not be cowardly. Therefore, Leng Muxuan finally left, even worse than the first time.

    If he left for the first time, he just left a word. So this time, he didn't say a word

    Leng Muxuan didn't know that Jiang Senyuan opened the window after he left. She stood alone in front of the window, looking at the empty community, the gap in her heart was enlarged little by little, as if painful blood was flowing out.

    A man is always so self-righteous, always thinking that he knows women well, and always thinking that he is the only sensible person at a critical moment, and the decision he makes must be the best for everyone.

    Just like Leng Muxuan at this moment, he thought he knew Xiao Xiao and Jiang Senyuan. In front of such a multiple-choice question, he chose to protect Xiaoxiao, trusting Jiang Senyuan, and he believed that Jiang Senyuan could heal her injuries alone.

    But why do men have to have such unreasonable thoughts? Should a strong girl die? Do strong girls have to get unequal treatment? Besides, every girl is made of water and is vulnerable. How many strong girls are not pretending? She just doesn't want to show her fragility outside, she just isn't used to trading pity for others' sympathy.

    But every time, she licked her wound in the corner with pain, over and over again, so painful and painful, and then numb, to the point where she was heartbroken and couldn't stand up.

    Jiang Senyuan looked at the sky stupidly like this, desperately looking for the star in her heart. But the thin cloud that I saw pressed over, and the dark sky was still pitch black without a trace of light.

    Finally she couldn't bear it, she ran upstairs in her pajamas like crazy, step by step, Jiang Senyuan didn't feel tired at all, and seemed to enjoy the feeling of gasping.

    It wasn't until she reached the top of the building that she climbed onto the roof with difficulty, which allowed her thoughts to slowly calm down. What is she doing here? She didn't know maybe, she came to find the stars.

    Looking up at the sky again, Jiang Senyuan's melancholy was heavier, and there were still no stars. Like many things, if you dont have it, you dont have it. If you lose it, you cant force it.

    I can't see the stars on the second floor, can I just run up to the rooftop? Still no facts are facts, she is just a mortal and cannot change anything.

    Jiang Senyuan finally cried bitterly. She didn't know what she was crying. Maybe it was the feeling she was about to lose, or the grievance she was full of. A fruitless love without even a formal beginning Leng Muxuan has not yet formally confessed to herself, and has not given her a girlfriend status, so it ends without a word

    Leave this endgame and let her bear it alone, how can she bear it! She is just the most ordinary girl, how can she bear it!

    Jiang Senyuan no longer remembers when she went to bed. Others said that time can change a lot of things, but Jiang Senyuan understood a truth. Some things can also make people forget time, such as love.