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    Royal Bad Boy Chapter 100 - RBB 100

    Chapter 100: Who Gave The Intimacy?

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    Looking at Chen Yes expectant gaze, Jiang Senyuan finally compromised. She slowly moved her body to the back seat of Chen Yes car, adjusted a posture that would not touch the wound, and sat down, "Lets go, Ill give it to you. Show the way."

    Although Chen Ye was startled, she still reacted quickly and stepped into the car and left. This girl is really interesting.

    In fact, Jiang Senyuan didn't want anyone to disturb her at this moment. She just wanted to hide in the corner and lick her wounds by herself. If you cant touch the wounds in your heart, its probably good for someone to add some new wounds to yourself and make yourself feel a real pain.

    The moment she fell, she was thinking whether the injury in her leg or the injury in her heart would be more painful. But it turned out to be very sad, she felt the feeling of breaking apart in body and mind

    There is actually only one reason why Jiang Senyuan got in this strange boy's car. That was the sincere look in his eyes just now. At that moment, Jiang Senyuan saw herself in his eyes. She was so stupid before, and she brought Leng Muxuan home without any scruples and led the wolf into the room. If she is not so kind to stupid, maybe everything today will not happen, she will not have anything to do with a rich kid like Leng Muxuan, let alone like him, let alone bear such unbearable pain!

    Sitting on the back seat of the bicycle, Jiang Senyuan looked at the strange figure in front of her, with sorrow after another in her heart. She was supposed to be talking to Leng Muxuan on the stage, but now

    Fortunately, the two soon arrived at Jiang Senyuan's residence. When Jiang Senyuan took out the key to open the door, she regretted it, because she seemed to realize that she had brought a strange boy home again.

    But she had already reached the door, so she didn't even hesitate, so she opened the door to let the boy who stopped behind and followed him in.

    Chen could also think about where the little girls home is, but she didnt expect it to be so close, but this is clearly not her home or a dormitory, but a house she rented.

    "Do you live by yourself?" Although he felt presumptuous, he couldn't help but ask.

    Jiang Senyuan didn't bother to distinguish anything, she just replied faintly "Yes." Then she sat down on the sofa and never wanted to get up.

    Chen can also watch Jiang Senyuan's broken jar, and find it more interesting. Few girls in China have such a true temperament like her.

    "Where is the medicine box? I'll get it."

    "In the second drawer of the cabinet under the TV." Jiang Senyuan said the location casually.

    Chen Yi quickly found the medicine box and turned out the medicinal liquor inside, and he began to give Jiang Senyuan the medicine.

    Suddenly a strange boy approached him. Jiang Senyuan was very uncomfortable, but Chen Ye just sat in a position where she could reach her, and even squatted down to serve Jiang Senyuan as much as possible. She kept a good distance. This small gesture can not help but make Jiang Senyuan feel good. And the cold potion was rubbed on the wound, although it was a bit tingling, it was cool and comfortable.

    Jiang Senyuan actually realized the feeling of happiness at that moment. No one has ever taken care of himself like that, even his parents. Ever since she came to the new district to study, her parents have never seen her food and clothing, let alone any minor illnesses. During the days with Leng Muxuan, she took care of his bit by bit like a toil, enduring every prank he made.

    Jiang Senyuan looked at the unfamiliar boy in front of her and took a serious look. She was surprised. There was something unknown that was pulling her inwardly, giving her an unspeakable intimacy. Chen could also feel Jiang Senyuan's gaze, and raised her head, giving her the brightest smile, "The wound is almost treated. If there is any problem, please feel free to harass me at any time. I will be responsible for all your sequelae."

    Jiang Senyuan looked at the sunny smile stupidly, and said blankly, "Ears hurt too." This is a good thing for her, and now she finally feels pain.

    Somehow, Chen Ye pounced and laughed, and by the way, wiped Jiang Senyuan's face with a wet towel, and started to think she was so cute.

    Gently pulling Jiang Senyuan's hair behind her ears, Chen Ye realized that a large piece of skin had been wiped off from Jiang Senyuan's ears, and a little bit of blood began to leak out, and her entire ears were red.

    Maybe he didn't even notice it, his face was full of distress. But Jiang Senyuan had a full view of his expression. Suddenly she was annoyed and knocked Chen Ye's hand off, panicking and knocking down the hair he had just pulled to the back. "It's okay, it's okay. Yes, here I can apply the medicine myself in a while."

    Chen could also be beaten with a blink of the eye, and then had to hide the embarrassment on his face and restore his sunny smile, "Well, you will remember to take the medicine for a while. And the clothes on your body, I can't help you change it. Oh!" After speaking, Jiang Senyuan blinked at Jiang Senyuan naughty.

    Jiang Senyuan's face turned red into tomatoes in an instant, "You"

    "I dont need you, anyway, Im sure youre fine for the time being, Im leaving now. My name is Chen, you can remember it!" Chen also got up and picked up his backpack. When introducing himself, he deliberately Stretch out a finger to emphasize.

    Jiang Senyuan murmured ignorantly Chen Ye and then asked herself, she didn't ask for his name? Why did you suddenly tell her that there would be no intersection anyway? Of course, this idea was completely denied to her when she went to class the next day.

    Many things are not what we can expect, not what we can get if we want. Perhaps when we face many things that we cannot face, we should not choose to escape, but face it bravely.

    But who can deny that sometimes evasion may reduce the pain? If you don't see and your heart is upset, maybe this is the truth.

    Jiang Senyuan ran away cowardly, perhaps in pain, but it was always less hurt than she continued to stay.

    Because even if Jiang Senyuan left sadly, Leng Muxuan never noticed that at that moment, in his eyes, there was really only the girl named Xiaoxiao in front of him.

    "Xiao Xiao, why are you back?"

    "Why? Can't it? Xiao Xiao knew that you were going to be the heir of Leng's family, so she came back to bless you, and Xiao Xiao really missed you." The girl called Xiao Xiao had a few in her looks He was mature, and seemed to be much quieter than Jiang Senyuan, but when he talked to Leng Muxuan, he was clearly a bit coquettish.