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    Volume 5 Chapter 121 Training?

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    As the warm rays of the sun pour inside a Japanese style 4 tatami size room, warming its inhabitants, a young man with the fox ears and ten-tails -- using them as bed -- with two little girls -- one redhead, small cute face, while the other had long black hair -- sleeping at his both sides.

    Feeling the sudden invasion of the sun rays over his face, the young fox's eyes quivered. Wanting to use his hand to block the unwelcomed light, the young fox felt something weighing on it.

    Now having felt some weight over his hand, the young fox's eyes opened and fell upon the redhead, using his right hand as a body pillow. Her droll leaking her mouth on to the arm of the young man, wetting it.

    Sighing, he used -- tried -- his other hand, but again felt some weight on the other side. Now looking to his left, the young man found another little girl with black hair sleeping.

    "Hmm, I forgot that I am in DxD now." The young man, Wang Lei, whispered as to not disturb the sleeping girls beside him.

    "Brother Wang Lei...don't..." Listening to the mumbling of Akeno to his left as she had a smirk on her face, tightening her grip over his arm.

    "Just what is this girl dreaming about?" Wang Lei wondered.

    Using his tails, which seem to become part of his body, Wang Lei gently laid both girls on the futon, escaping from being their body pillow. Not that he minded being one, but every good thing has to come to an end.


    A long yawn escaped from his mouth as he stretches his body that was stiff for being in the same position the whole night.


    His fox ears twitched as he heard the sound of water coming from his right.

    After activating his bloodline, Wang Lei felt comfortable with his ears and tails out. Not only it made him look more majestic, but, also enhanced his senses to a new level. Normally, he would block these senses as no one would want to know what is going on all over in the radius of kilometers.

    But it still allowed him to hear sounds from his near proximity. And that's how he could hear the sound of water coming somewhere close to his right.

    Wearing his yukata with his haori over, Wang Lei steps out of the room where Rias and Akeno were sleeping. A gentle gust of wind touches past his skin as Wang Lei looked at the clear sky.

    "It's not bad." Though he preferred cast sky, sometimes clear was not so bad.

    Smelling the fragrance of nature that seems to envelop the whole compound of the Himjima clan, a relaxed smile formed on his face.

    Wang Lei had to say that the place where they build their clan ground was perfect for relaxation with nature all around it. He really wanted to call every girl here and spend his time relaxing with them. But they said that they will come when they are free; they seem to have something they wanted to do. He did not inquire what it was if it was not something related to their wellbeing.

    With every measured step, Wang Lei started to walk in the direction from where he heard the sound of the water. The closer he got, Wang Lei could smell a sweet smell permeating in the air.


    A sound of a droplet falling in the water was heard as Wang Lei looked at the beauty that seems to dim the world with its brilliance.

    Her long black l.u.s.trous hair dipped into the water; her perfectly carved face as water tails down to her chin; her jade-like smooth creamy hand softly wringing her hair as to let the acc.u.mulated water leave it; a white yukata, tightly clinging to her soft, touchable, springy skin. Her every outline, every curve, every contour visible to the eye, mesmerizing the one seeing it. Her red ruby-like eyes, with wet eyelashes, slowly opening as her sight fell upon the smiling Wang Lei as he gazed upon the most beautiful girl he has seen after opening his eyes in this world.


    A silent pervades both Wang Lei's and Suzaku's surroundings with nothing but the sound of water droplets dripping from her hair into the crystal clear pond. They kept looking at each other until Wang Lei opened his mouth, "You're beautiful." It was his honest word without any ulterior motives and l.u.s.t.

    Although the young fox would never say it on her face, she was beautiful but definitely not the most beautiful woman he has seen. His sister was more beautiful than her.

    Suzaku's eyes blinked at his words. She could not find any ulterior motives in it. Just like her aunt, she also was sensitive to evil and ill intent, which included l.u.s.t. She could only see the pure bright light from him as if to encompass the whole world with its brilliance -- the last salvation for it.

    A blush took over her white cheeks. One has said that girls get more embarrassed and happy if you were to compliment them honestly, instead of just getting into their pants.

    "What are you doing here? This is my private courtyard." Although embarrassed, Suzaku did not lose her composure completely.

    "I smelled a beautiful fragrance coming from here and was attracted to it. Now I know what it was and why it was so sweet and pleasing to me." Wang Lei said, smiling as he walked closer to the pond.

    Hearing his flirtatious reply, Suzaku's blush deepens as she looked the other side, her back facing him now.

    Looking at her bountiful h.i.p.s that were now visible to him, and with how her yukata was clinging to her, Wang Lei nodded thinking that it was s.e.xy and arousing as hell.


    Hearing the sound of clothes behind her, Suzaku's heartbeat raises at a fast pace. She could feel her breath fasting with each passing second.

    Feeling and seeing the gentle wave propagating from her behind, Suzaku could tell that someone has entered the pond. Who? Obviously, Wang Lei.

    Entering the pond with nothing on, Wang Lei dipped himself in it. Using his tails to make a comfortable sitting, Wang Lei gazed landed on the back of nervous Suzaku.

    "...Are you alright?" A slightly worried sound left Wang Lei's mouth, inquiring Suzaku, who caught off-guard by it.

    Looking back at the n.a.k.e.d Wang Lei, Suzaku asked with a gentle and soft voice, "What do you mean?"

    Now that he looked at her body from the close-up view, he had to say that she was s.e.xy as hell, definitely had a killer body. And she was 15 right now. He could imagine her killing people with her looks only once she fully matured.

    "I killed your clan members yesternight. Even if you hated them, they were your family in the end. So, I would not be surprised if you spent a night crying in your room." The young fox spoke as his eyes met with her red ruby eyes.

    Seeing his worries, Suzaku could not help but feel warm inside. Smiling gently, something that even made Wang Lei mesmerized by her for a second, "Do you think I am a weak girl, who would need someone's shoulder to relieve her worries and sorrows? Although I am sad, even feeling sorrow inside my heart, but that does not mean I can forgive for what they had tried to do with my aunt and cousin. They are my close relatives while the elders were my long distanced relatives. And, I am grateful to you for what you have done. So don't make yourself regret it because of me." Her gentle voice travels in the air, making Wang Lei look at her silently.

    Though she had come to some kind of misunderstanding that he was regretting his decision as he would not even give a jack shit if he killed a newborn kid he had no relation to. He was from a cultivation world where such acts were the norm. But since the mood had become quite harmonious, he did not want to break it. So, he just rolled with it.

    The only reason he asked her whether she was right or not was because he knew that she was quite a gentle girl who cared about her family a lot. He did not want her to hate him for what he did; this was the whole reason for his worry.

    Nodding, both become quiet as they silently enjoyed the atmosphere that silence brought them.

    "I found him!" After some time, both of them heard a loud voice from there behind, from the entrance of the courtyard. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/king-of-seven-realms_17747148405674105/training_51094562067768756 for visiting.

    Both, at the same time, had their eyes fell upon the cheerful girl that shouted. Her purple eyes looking at Wang Lei and Suzaku followed by a pair of blue eyes.

    "Why is big brother enjoying the bath without me?! You should have invited me!" Akeno pouted, but her actions of taking her clothes did not slow down in the least.

    Rias had her face covered in blush as her eyes fell upon the n.a.k.e.d figure of Wang Lei. Unlike Akeno, she had knowledge about the relationship between a man and a woman. She was royalty for a reason. She was taught of such things as her course.


    Water fell all over as Akeno jumped into the pond n.a.k.e.d.

    Suzaku smiled gently, seeing her cousin enjoying and smiling happily. Once again her feelings of gratefulness increased for Wang Lei. She would have not been able to see such a view if not for Wang Lei. Her gentle eyes landed on Wang Lei, who was playing with Akeno with his tails, and thought that he looked more handsome than before.

    "Hm? Is there is something on my face?" He asked feeling her staring at him.

    Suzaku hurriedly looked sideways as she felt her face burning. She was completely embarrassed.

    'Thank God he cannot read my mind!' She thought.

    "What are you doing standing there like a statue, little Rias? Come, and join master in the bath." Wang Lei said looking at the embarrassed Rias.

    Seeing as she was not moving, Wang Lei shook his head, "Yare yare, you have not even grown, and your mind is already filled with all kinds of stuff."

    Suddenly, Rias felt that she had no control over her body as it flew towards Wang Lei, who snapped his fingers and her clothes vanished into the thin air.

    "Wh-what are you doing, pervert!? Stop it!" Her shouts were ignored by the smirking fox, who seems to be amused by her. She looked completely different from what he read.

    Hugging her, Wang Lei smirked, "No, don't be like that. We need to improve our relationship and deepened our bonds as Master and Servant."

    "That sounds wrong in so many ways that I do not know where to start!" Rias said, but again she was ignored by everyone. Akeno was playing with Wang Lei's tail, Suzaku was in her own world, Rias could only sigh at her fate.


    The feline finally made her entry, who was forgotten by the aut-everyone.

    "Where have you been, Kuro?" Wang Lei said as Kuro walked over and took her position at his head. Purring, she closed her eyes. She seems to become lazy after meeting Wang Lei as there was nothing to worry about near him as he would take care of everything. She had that much belief in him.

    Seeing her lazy attitude, Wang Lei could only smile and wondered if he changed her character or affected her character that much.


    After playing in the pond, Wang Lei, Rias, and Akeno now stood in a mountain -- Kuro sleeping at the branch of a tree.

    Looking at Rias and Akeno, the silver fox said, "Now, it is time to become strong!" His enthusiastic voice resounds in the forest.

    "Yaaaa~~!" Akeno answered him with the same enthusiasm while Rias was just silently looking at him.

    "You really don't enjoy the mood huh, little Rias...well, not that I care as we are still doing the training." Wang Lei spoke, ignoring the twitch in Rias's temple.

    Why he was going to train them? Well..., he just wanted to. He was quite a whimsical person sometimes and would do things randomly. It was one of those times.

    "Anyway, since little Rias has become my '[Pawn]', and Akeno little Rias's [Queen] we or I shall make sure that you do not bring shame to Jiang Family."

    After Rias become Wang Lei's [Pawn], he also made Akeno his [Pawn], but his pieces were quite special.

    First, he had nothing but [Pawn] in his pieces. It means he had no [Queen], no [Rook], or even [Bishop] Piece. But that did not make his chess pieces weak; instead, there was a catch. His every [Pawn] gave the same boost as [Queen] in normal Evil Pieces, with basics of his bloodlines traits to them. Not only that, but it also made [Pawn's] bloodline having endless evolution -- their bloodline would evolve endlessly as they gain more power. In Rias's case, her bloodline would reach Primordial Devil if she kept become strong.

    Second, his Pieces, if want, could become part of other person's Evil Piece. But in this case, the person -- whose Evil Piece they are going to become -- will not merge with their bodies. Instead, it will merge with Wang Lei's [Pawn]. It means, even if they become someone else's Piece, they would not need to follow their orders all the time. It was more like that they would become hired Mercenary. This was the case with Akeno.

    Now, why did Akeno become Rias's [Queen]? Well, it seems that they had some kind of agreement between them that promoted Akeno to become her Queen. Wang Lei did not mind. In the end, he was going to get take all.

    And third, the only way to become his [Queen] was, well, to have s.e.x with him. FuFuFu~, now that you don't need to know why this condition.

    [Queen] came with its own perks -- [Queen] will acquire one of his bloodlines with an overall boost in strength. In a sense, his pieces could be called [Supreme Evil Pieces].

    (AN: Credited: Kinky Sage Slime...I mean, @Darkstar11051999)

    "So? What is the Master going to teach us?" Rias asked with her hand crossed below her chest.

    Akeno also seems eager to learn.

    Smiling gently, Wang Lei spoke, "Well, since you seem to know we will being by teaching you ."

    "?" Rias and Akeno looked at his word with a confused expression. Magic to crush things? What kind of magic was it?