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    Volume 5 Chapter 120 Ten Tailed Fox

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    "You bastard human! Come out!"

    A loud should a middle-aged man resonate all over the Himejima clan.

    Wang Lei and co all heard the shout, promoting them to go outside.

    Once all of them were outside, they saw a cl.u.s.ter of people with weapons drawn, facing them.

    Everyone had a ferocious aura as if ready to take down anyone who stood in their path. They looked least, from a human's perspective. No, they might be stronger than many magicians.

    Himejima clan was blessed by Fire Shinto God, giving them a great affinity with the Fire, one of the basic elements.

    As their auras raised, the temperature of the surrounding increased at a steady pace.

    At the forefront, four middle-aged people stood, intensely glaring at Wang Lei and co, mostly towards Wang Lei.

    Smiling gently, Wang Lei asked, "What can I do for you?"

    "You bastard! You dare to kill our clan head and yet have enough guts to enter our clan!? Do you think we will let you go out alive from here?!" The elder shouted while pointing his sword's tip towards Wang Lei.

    While touching his chin, Wang Lei mumbled, "Hmmm, you guys should be perfect practice for 'it', I think."

    'Yue, can I use the bloodline that I acquired in this world?' The young dragon asked his system AI with a smile on his face.

    'You can master! As it is part of your body from this world, you would not need to wait for assimilation like other bloodlines.' Yue explained.

    Wang Lei nodded while looking at the enlarged elder.

    "What are you mumbling to yourself?!"

    "Leave it, Ichiji. No need to talk with him; we can kill him and be over with it!" One of the four middle-aged people said to the first elder.

    "What Niji said is true. Why waste your breath on dead? Why not just kill him and be over with it?" The other elder added while nodding.

    Ichiji nodded, hearing them, and looked towards Wang Lei viciously before ordering other members of the Himejima clan to attack him, "Capture him! Also, capture Shuri and her daughter!"

    "Yes!" Other members nodded and said in unison.

    "You should carefully watch how your master fight, okay little Rias?" Wang Lei said before walking forward.

    Suzaku and Shuri had a serious expression on their faces as they watched the young man's silver hair dancing with his every step forward.

    Akeno and Rias worriedly looked at him. Although she did not want to admit, Wang Lei was her [King] now, Rias did not want him to die right off. She did not know his strength, and that did not help in the least.

    Everyone looked silently as Wang Lei walked closer to the elders without even looking at other people.

    Just as they close to Wang Lei, trying to attack him with fire element coated on their swords, everyone felt unknown pressure dropping on them.


    In the silent field, the body of a youngster fell like a stringless marionette.


    But that was the start as other bodies also started to fell one by one with their pupils rolled back, showing only white in their eyes socket.

    "Wh-what did you do!?" Ichiji shouted, taking one fearful backstep.

    "Well~, I wonder~," Wang Lei cheerfully said as he closed the distance between elders with every measured step.

    Of course, they would not know as Wang Lei used to put them in an unconscious state.

    "Heh! I wonder how I would look like." Mused Wang Lei as two silver fox ears popped out of his head.


    Ten Slivers tails came out of his back, mesmerizing everyone present with his majestic appearance.

    A gentle wind blows as his long silver hair and haori flutter with it. Looking at his hands, Wang Lei clenched them.

    "Hmm, not bad. I can feel chakra more closely now." Wang Lei mumbled as his tails moved right and left, gaining the attention of girls.

    "Yo-Youkai! You're a Youkai!?" Niji shouted as he looked at Wang Lei's new appearance.

    Looking back at them, Wang Lei smiled with half-close eyes, "It seems so. Anyway, it is time to check what this Senjutsu is." He said before opening his palm towards the closest elder, Ichiji.

    The elder felt a sudden pull towards Wang Lei as his body flew towards him at a fast pace.

    'Dammit!' Gritting his teeth, the elder coated his sword with fire and slashed at Wang Lei, who seems not to care about the coming sword.


    His sword slashed at Wang Lei's chest, creating a deep wound from his lower abdomen to all the way up to his collar bone.


    Blook spurt out of his wounds, but Wang Lei does not seem to care in the least. There was not even the slightest difference in his expression.

    With the same amusing smile, he looked at his wound that Ichiji created.

    "I wonder how long has it been since someone was able to wound me...but it should be enough." He said when nature energy started to gather around him from the surroundings at a fast pace.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" The elder shouted, whose head was in Wang Lei's hand, as he felt his life energy being sucked away from him at a tremendous rate.


    His dried-up body fell on the ground as Wang Lei's wound completely healed as if never there.

    Kuro had her eyes open to the extreme as she sees Wang Lei using Senjutsu, a specialty of Nekomata. How could she not? She was herself was one. But what shocked her -- even more -- was that Wang Lei was a Youkai and a higher class at that. She has never heard of Ten-Tails fox before! The only fox she has heard is nine-tailed, and she is the leader of the Youkai faction in Kyoto!

    Checking his completely healed body, Wang Lei nodded.

    "Not bad. It is par with Hollow's regeneration, I presume." He has never seen Hollow's regeneration, but he could guess that it was close or equal to his current healing ability with Senjutsu.

    "Free bloodline is always welcome." Wang Lei smiled.

    He already had Primordial Dragon, Devil, Vampire, Fire and Ice Phoenix, and Primordial Golden Crows bloodline. And now he got Ten-Tails too.

    It was not he who bought this bloodline, but it was 'him' born in this world with this bloodline.

    According to the memories he received, he was born in Dimensional Gap as Primordial Dragon and Ten-Tails. To be more precise, he was the forefather of Dragon, Vampire, and Youkai.

    Before the birth of any Dragon, Vampire, or Youkai, he existed. This means every other Dragon, Vampire, and Youkai were, kind of, his descendants.

    That's why he was surprised and astonished when he received memories of 'him' from this world. But, at the same time, he was happy. Who would not want a free bloodline? And Ten-Tailsm at that.

    Looking back at the sacred elders, Wang Lei smirked as his tails wave behind him, "So? Who is next?"

    His words seem to send a wave of terror at their spines. Niji looked at Suzaku, who was looking at all this with an apathetic expression -- devoid of any emotions -- and shouted, "Suzaku! What are you doing standing there and doing nothing!? Can you not see his killing you clan members?!"

    With the same impassive expression, Suzaku spoke, "You have brought it upon yourself, elder. At least, he is not killing our clan's younger for you," Her eyes narrowed as a slightly angry voice left her mouth, "After trying to assassinate my aunt and her daughter, do you think I will help the murderers of my family?"

    "Bha! What a hypocritical point! He has killed your great-uncle! Was he not your family?"

    "After what he did? No, he was not," Suzaku said with her same plain tone, making the elder tremble with anger.

    "Well, enough of this melodrama. Come and make your move. As to not let others think that I have bullied you, I will let you attack me first." Wang Lei said and waved his hand.

    Seeing as there was no going back, the elders look at each other's eyes before nodding.

    Releasing all their auras, they readied their swords.

    "HAAA!!" Shouted the elders as they propelled towards the silver fox with their full strength, not wasting any more time. Since Wang Lei has given them the opportunity, they were not going to waste it.

    Within seconds, they reached Wang Lei -- surrounding him.

    To his left, Niji slashed horizontally at him, trying to bisect him into two. At his right, Sanji slashed at his neck, in hope of decapitating him. With a thurst motion, Yonji stood in front of the silver fox.

    Gently moving his hand, Wang Lei touched the tip of the Yonji thurst and redirected it towards Ichji while slowly spinning, his other hand toches the side of Sanji's sword as it slides towards Yonji.


    Blood spilled as Yonji's sword pierced Ichiji's heart while Sanji's sword decapitated Yonji leaving Sanji to be the only one left on the battlefield.

    The headless body of Yonji feel. At the same time, Ichiji also lost all feelings over his body and fell. Sanji looked at all this with a pale bloodless face.

    "It has been quite some time since I have used ." Wang Lei said as one of his tails moved at an unprecedented rate, blowing the head of shell-shocked Sanji, killing him. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/king-of-seven-realms_17747148405674105/ten-tailed-fox!_51045074649269088 for visiting.

    "Wh-what happened?!" Rias shouted out. All she saw was them slashing at him, and the next second everyone was dead except him. Was it too fast? No! But that their level was too low to understand the mysteries of , the pinnacle of any technique. It was something that was considered rare even among Immortal Emperors! For this, one could guess how hard it was for one to comprehend it.

    Well, Wang Lei a special case as he did not learn it but got it from the system. But, at the same time, Wang Lei could tell that he had learned this technique somewhere.

    "Did you see that, little Rias? Your master is quite powerful, you know." Wang Lei said, smirking, getting only a nod from the little redhead, who was too shocked to say anything.

    Wang Lei looked at Suzaku, who was staring at the dead bodies of the elders, and shook his head. He waved his hand, and a white flame emerged, enveloping every dead body, incinerate them.

    Shrugging, Wang Lei went back inside the room with Rias and Akeno, who had their eyes fixed on his ears and tails that were moving right and left, leaving the silent Suzaku and Shuri.


    In the underworld, Gremory castle.

    A silver-haired maid was standing at the balcony of her room, gazing at the purple sky that had an artificial moon hung on it.

    The silent wind blows, making her long hair dance in the air. The silence of the world left her reminiscing about her past, which seemed not that far.

    A picture of a certain silver-haired man fleshed in her mind as he stood in the forefront of Devil War with his silver hair and haori fluttering in the wind. His fearless grin, enough to make any person or God tremble in fear, as he stood with his hands left lazily hanging -- her cousin, Asgorath Lucifuge! Also, the man, who she promised herself to.

    At first, it was just family love between them that grew, without any of them noticing, into the love between a man and a woman.

    Asgorath Lucifuge, her cousin, that took care of her since childhood. The person she looked up to all her life, and the person she fell in love with.

    With her fits clenched tight, the image of her dying cousin flashed inside her mind. The hollowness she felt at that time was still fresh for her.

    "Hehehe...why are you crying Grayfia? Do you think it is this easy to kill me? ...Just wait...okay? Once I regain my memories in the next reincarnation, I will come to look for you...just...don't die before that, or I will be sad, you know." His horse voice replayed inside her head as he laughed fearlessly, without any change in his expression, even at the death door.


    "Why are you, Asgorath?" A sweet gentle voice left her mouth, traveling in the air of the underworld.

    Just then, a magic circle blooms behind her, promoting Grayfia to look behind.

    From the magic circle, a buxom silver hair woman came. She had long silver hair that reached up to her h.i.p.s, a big bust, and bountiful h.i.p.s. She wore blue and read french maid uniform, like Grayfia.

    The woman looked at Grayfia, a small smile forms on her face as she gracefully walked towards her.

    "Grayfia...why do you look so sad?" The woman worriedly asked.

    Gently shaking her head, making her hair sway, Grayfia replied, "It is nothing, Onee-sama."

    "Are you still remembering cousin Asgorath? Why don't you move on already? It has been such a long time. If he had gained his memories, then he should have informed you about it." Her sister, Hecate, voiced her worries.

    A bitter smile forms on Grayfia's face, something that she never showed anyone before, "I cannot, Onee-sama. My heart has already been given to him. Even if I want to, I cannot."

    Hecate felt sad and worried for her sister, and also angry at her cousin, who left her. If she met him again, she will make sure to beat the shit out of him for making her little sister sad like this.

    Hecate knew that her husband, Sirzech, had feelings for her little sister. But it did not make her mad or anything. In fact, if she could, she wanted her sister to marry Sirzech as she was not sure whether her cousin will return or not. She wanted Grayfia to move from the past and face the future. But it seems impossible, as Grayfia's love for her cousin was too much.

    Hecate went forward and hugged her sister while tenderly caressing her back.

    Grayfia closed her eyes, resting her head on her sister's bosom.


    The loud voice of the door knocking made them look towards the door with a displeased expression, "Who is this, that is knocking on the door with such intensity? It seems that my 'training' was not enough, and these servants need to learn how to be a perfect maid." Hecate said with displeasure and opened the door.

    On the other side of the door, Heinrich stood with sweat dripping from his forehead.

    Seeing him, Hecate brows raised as she asked, "What is Heinrich? Why are you in such a rush?"

    Bowing, Heinrich greeted her, "Hecate-sama!"

    Looking at Grayfia, who was looking at him with an impassive face, Heinrich spoke, "T-that person, your cousin, has asked me to give you a message. {Tell Grayfia that the moment I met her, she should be ready as I might 'eat' her}."

    Grayfia and Hecate's eyes widen to the extreme, hearing him.

    "What you said! Is it true?!" Grayfia's voice rose, something that surprised both Hecate and Heinrich; it was the first time they have seen Grayfia losing her composure.

    Heinrich nodded. With a serious expression, he said, "I promise on my position as Bishop of Sirzech-sama!"

    Grayfia could feel her heart beating at a fast pace. Pictures of the time she spent with him started to float inside her mind.

    "W-where is he?" Her slightly shaken voice inquired of the Bishop.

    "At Himejima household, he...made Miss Rias his [Pawn] and asked to bring Koneko-sama to him. He said that Miss Rias and Koneko-sama will stay with him for a year." Heinrich explained, same as he explained to his master, Sirzech.

    Hecate smiled and took her sister's hand, "Good for you, Grayfia!" She was genuinely happy for her sister, who has been waiting for centuries for him to appear. She could finally meet him.

    Grayfia had a beautiful smile adorned her face as she nodded.

    After some time, she calmed down and looked towards Heinrich with her same bland expression, but Heinrich still could see a little curve of her lips, "I will take Koneko-sama to him." Her voice was telling him that she would not take no for an answer.

    He could only nod stiffly and pray that Sirzech-sama would not go against her as he could see her smiling yet not smiling sister.