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    Chapter 128: Book 5 Chapter 5 3 China In Flames: The Grand Conspiracy

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    December 1, 2020, 12:00 (Singapore Standard Time 11:00), Room 512, Singapore Mandarin Oriental Hotel

    Many men were gathered inside Room 512 at Singapore’s five-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Inside the room, two men were seated at the center table across from each other, negotiating.

    “These terms are unacceptable for us.”

    A man of short stature with a fatigued look read the documents and spoke forcefully, throwing the documents on the table. The other man sitting across from him clearly showed his anger at first, but regained his composure and spoke once again in broken Japanese.

    “Then what kind of terms would be acceptable?”

    The short man who threw the document arrogantly crossed his arms. He answered with a wry smile.

    “Why are you asking me? Let’s call it a day and meet again tomorrow. If you can’t offer us better terms by then, the results will be the same as today.”

    The short man after saying these words stood up from his seat and pointed to the door with both his hands. The man who was sitting on the other side stifled his rage and headed to exit. The short man, who was staring out the window, casually spoke.

    “If the offer is not to our liking, then I will return home immediately.”

    The man, who was about the leave the room, bit down on his lip slightly then left with his three bodyguards without answering.

    “How dare he try to negotiate with me with such offers, that bastard.”

    The short man grinned, revealing his yellow teeth. He then made a phone call.

    The short man was Yagumachi Genzo, who was recently transferred to the Prime Minister’s office from the Ministry of National Defense. His negotiation capabilities had earned Prime Minister Abe’s trust, and two days ago, he had arrived at Singapore under the Prime Minister’s orders. Today, he had a short meeting with a representative from China. Like a master negotiator, Yagumachi Genzo hid his cards and checked the other party’s offers. He finished his brief phone call with Prime Minister Abe and drank his favorite tequila while leaning back on the sofa.

    * * *

    December 1, 2020, 15:30 (Russia Standard Time 09:30), the SVR building at the suburb of Moscow, Russia

    The three Asian men that arrived at the SVR building the day before had spent the night in Russia. They entered a secret room under the guidance of the SVR agents. It was a secret room, but it was decorated with high-class Russian furniture and decorations. Inside the room, a man was seated at the center, and four rough-looking men were standing guard.

    “Please come and have a seat.”

    The three Asian men accompanied by the SVR agents carefully approached the chairs and sat down. When they looked at the man seated across from them, they panicked. It was Russia’s President Putin.

    President Putin stared at the three Asian men who panicked for a split second, then pointed to the briefcase the large Asian man was holding on to. Then the man opened up the briefcase and pulled out a few documents to politely hand to the President.

    President Putin read over the five-page document carefully, when he reached midway, he began to laugh aloud.


    The three men who were a bit intimidated by the President’s charisma became confused at his laughter.

    “Who is in charge among you three?”

    President Putin who was laughing loudly stopped and asked.

    “It is I. I am Chief Doo Wei from the General Staff Department.”

    “And who might your two associates be?”

    President Putin asked as he looked at the two men sitting next to Chief Doo Wei. The man wearing glasses and seated on the Chief’s left side spoke.

    “I am Vice-chief Zhang Yuan from the Ministry of State Security.”

    When the Vice-Chief finished introducing himself, the large man seated on the right side spoke.

    “I am agent Piao Chang, from the Ministry of State Security.”

    When the other two men finished their introductions, President Putin leaned back while crossing his legs. He pulled out a cigar from a box then lit it after putting it in his mouth. President Putin drew deeply from the cigar, blew out a stream of smoke, and then spoke.

    “Chief Doo Wei.”

    “Yes, Mr. President.”

    “How can you visit here with such a low rank for a matter as important as this? Do you think Russia is beneath you?”

    Cheif Doo Wei, who did not expect the question, panicked and did not answer. Vice-chief Zhang Yuan answered in his stead.

    “We apologize, Mr. President! This is a misunderstanding. We are at war with Korea. If a high-ranking official would have been seen heading here, then Korea would have taken notice. That is why we are here despite the matter being important. We hope you understand.”

    Zhang Yuan answered cleverly that befit his title of second in line at the Ministry of State Security. President Putin, who had been exhaling smoke this whole time, put out his cigar to an ashtray and stood up.

    “Very well. You can speak to these men here from now on.”

    President Putin pointed to the two men standing behind him and left with his bodyguards.

    “Hello. I am Minister of Defense Mikhail Ivanov.”

    “And I am Director Evgeny Lebedev from the Foreign Intelligence Agency.”

    The two Russian government officials exchanged greetings and sat down with their Chinese guests after shaking hands. The meeting that day lasted for two hours before coming to a close.

    * * *

    December 2, 2020, 10:00, Jongro-ku Blue House National Emergency Center underground bunker (President’s office), Seoul

    President Suh Hyun-woo checked the documents placed on the conference room table and sank into deep thought, his face glowered. The Minister of National Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff all were waiting for the President to say something.

    The contents of the documents were about the Sarin gas attacks that the Defense Security Command investigated through its Foreign Intelligence Department. On November 8, the culprits of the Sarin gas attacks were discovered to be related to Japan. The Defense Security Command had conducted a joint investigation with the NIS. After 12 days, they found evidence and sent in a report.

    The evidence listed in the documents was found by decoding the cryptogram and vigorously tracking the Japanese phone numbers listed on it. The phone number was found to be a secret line used by agents in the Japanese Prime Minister’s cabinet. The agents from the Defense Security Command tracked down the middle man of the mercenary group and confirmed that a Japanese-looking client made contact and hired 12 men. These were discovered by recording statements and obtaining copies of the contracts.

    “What do you think about all this?”

    President Suh Hyun-woo, who had collected his thoughts, asked the three government officials who were waiting silently. Minister of National Defense Kang Hyun-soo, who received the report first, spoke.

    “We have concrete evidence to prove that this was the doing of the Japanese, but we still have not found the motive for Japan’s actions. I believe we must officially protest and ask for compensation after identifying their motive first.”

    “I agree as well, Mr. President,” the Secretary of the NIS, Na Bong-il, spoke in a slightly angered tone and agreed with the Minister.

    “Those damn Japs. What other motives would they have? They tried to profit off from the Korea-China war but our nation is winning against the Chinese, unlike their expectation. I am sure they are trying to delay the war as much as possible by disguising themselves as Chinese soldiers and used the Sarin gas at downtown Ji-Rin, didn’t they? If they were not caught at Ji-Rin, I am sure more attacks would have occurred across the other cities.”

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Kang Ui-sik clearly pointed out the motives of Japan. The Chairman, who was already antagonistic toward the Japanese, was angry at the thought of the Japanese being behind the attacks.

    “Even if what Chairman Kang has said is true, that is only our hypothesis, is it not? I think it wouldn’t be too late to blame the Japanese after we find a clear motive first.”

    Minister Kang Hyun-soo, who was Chairman Kang Hyun-soo’s senior at the officer’s academy and direct superior, patted him on the back and spoke. The President spoke after hearing each man’s opinions.

    “Minister Kang, can you find out what Japan’s motives are then?”

    “Yes, sir. If the Defense Security Command, Foreign Intelligence Command, and the NIS will work together, we will be able to find out.”

    “Very well. I will give you a month. Find the motive or ambitions of Japan within this time. Just make sure to find concrete proof. Can this be done?”

    “Yes, sir. We will do our best.”

    * * *

    December 2, 2020, 11:30 (Singapore Standard Time 10:30), Room 512, Singapore Mandarin Oriental Hotel

    Strategic Secretary Yagumachi Genzo checked over the documents from the man from yesterday once again. He read over them more carefully from yesterday and smiled unnoticeably.

    “Very well. I find these terms acceptable, but I would like to make an additional request.”

    “What is it?”

    “Do you see these archipelagos that are claimed by China as its own territory in the South China Sea?”

    “That is not a claim. They are in Chinese territory.”

    “Haha! Anyhow, I would like those to be set as a joint territory with Japan also.”

    “What? What’s the meaning of this? Wouldn’t the terms on this document be enough?”

    “My, my, listen here. It might be enough for China, but do you think it’s enough for Japan?”

    “I think that is too greedy.”

    “I think there’s a misunderstanding here. This meeting was requested by you, is it not? Did we request for this meeting greedily as you have said?’

    Yagumachi Genzo spoke to silence the opposing party like the best negotiator in Japan. When the thought he had turned the tide of the negotiation to his favor, he sarcastically continued.

    “You’re Chief Zhang Sechang from the Chief of General Staff Department. Correct?”


    “That means your direct superior must be Lieutenant General Pe Feng Li Fu.”


    “I see. If another meeting like this is arranged, then the honorable General must come in person. Also in Japan, not here in Singapore.” Then Yagumachi Genzo stood up from his seat.

    “It has been a pleasure. I am now going to return to Japan.”

    Yagumachi Genzo did not give a chance for the Chinese to respond as he tried to put on his coat and leave. Chief Zhang Sechang called him over frantically.

    “Secretary Yagumachi Genzo.”

    When the Secretary tried to take another step to the hotel exit, he grabbed his arm and spoke.

    “Mr. Secretary! We’re still not done talking.”

    “What do you mean? I’m done.”

    “Let’s take a seat and discuss this further.”

    Chief Zhang Sechang dragged him down by the arm and sat the Secretary back down on the chair.

    “Cheif Zhang Sechang.”


    “If the additional terms, I have just said are not accepted, I have no intention of continuing this discussion.”

    “Fine. Fine. We agree.”

    “Then let’s set the terms as agreed and talk more about the details.”

    When Yagumachi Genzo got what he wanted, he changed his attitude to be proactive and tried to discuss the details.

    * * *

    December 5, 2020, 11:00 (China Standard Time 10:00), Beijing Province X-2 bunker, China

    President Xi Jin Ping was shaking as he held the two different documents in his hands. These were the two top-secret documents from Moscow and Singapore signed a few days ago.

    “These two nations take China for fools.”

    General Chiu Ji Liang Ji, who had planned the agreements, carefully spoke.

    “Mr. President. This is just pitting our enemies against each other. You must be patient. We don’t know about Russia, but we can always teach Japan a lesson in the future as we have always done.”

    Vice-President Li Yuan Chao, who was also furious at the documents, pointed at General Chiu and shouted.

    “You better take responsibility for those words. With your life!”

    “Yes, I will.”

    Vice-President Li Yuan Chao still seemed angry and shouted once again at General Chiu Ji Liang Ji.

    “General Chiu! This humiliation is worse than our defeat in the war against the Bangzi. This humiliation must be repaid during our President’s term.”

    “I will do all that I can to aid you and the President, sir.”

    President Xi Jin Ping threw the documents he was holding, kicked the table, and shouted.

    “I think you should leave, General Chiu Ji Liang Ji.”

    “Yes, sir.”