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    Chapter 126: Book 5 Chapter 5 1 China In Flames: The Grand Conspiracy

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    November 16, 2020, 15:00, Yongsan-ku B2 bunker (ROK Military Joint Command Center), Seoul

    Inside the Command Center, a stream of reports from the artillery units tasked with removing the radiation was coming in, while the North Korean Commander in Chief General Choi Ho-il and Lieutenant General Kim Ki-yoon were in attendance.

    “Chairman, sir! Data on radiation levels of the Western front are in. They’re on the second screen, sir.”

    The second screen showed the areas attacked by the Chinese nukes from Pan-Jin to Fu-Xin Province that were in the Operation Director’s report. The areas were up to 92 percent in radioactive fallout levels a week ago, but now they were down to 0.2 percent.

    “Would 0.2 percent be enough to conduct our operations without any issues?” the Chairman asked.

    “Yes, sir, 0.2 percent means natural radiation is included. Therefore, we can consider the harmful radiation to have been eliminated.”

    The Operations Director answered the Chairman’s question.

    “I see. That means it’s time for us to make our second march to establish the Western encampment. Give the order to have all forces to march right away at 1510 hours.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    With the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Kang Ui-sik’s order, all Communication Operators relayed the order to the forces they were responsible for. North Korea’s Commander in Chief General Choi Ho-il must have become curious of the conversation. He walked up to Chairman Kang Ui-sik and spoke to him.

    “General Kang, Comrade! Removing radiation? Does South Korea have the technology to remove radiation from the environment?”

    “Yes, we have the technology to remove radiation that is harmful to the human body in seven days.”

    “Is that so? It is shocking South Korea possesses such technology.”

    “There will be more surprising things for you to witness soon.”

    “I look forward to that. Hahaha.”

    On November 6, the 7th Mobile Corps and 3rd Armored Division had retreated from the Western front after China’s nuclear strikes. They, however, achieved victory after retaliating and had finished their week-long maintenance period. Now the Korean armored forces were ready to march and head toward the road. The capital armored division who lost 31 percent of their power honed their will for vengeance and moved along the Fu-Xin Province area.

    The 20th Armored Division had also passed through the Pan-Jin Province area and was deployed to Jinhzhou area. The 3rd Armored Division that had retreated to Zhang-Wu Province was moving at high speeds along the G2511 Highway.

    * * *

    November 18, 2020, 11:00, Seoul Defense Security Command headquarters, Foreign Intelligence Agency

    The air inside the Foreign Intelligence Agency’s conference room was heavy. Numerous items of evidence related to the Sarin gas attack had been analyzed, and the identity of the suspects and the circumstances finally had been identified.

    “These are the contents of the cryptogram, sir.”

    Captain Ahn Dong-won, the leader of the First Foreign Intelligence team placed the document with the translated contents on the table. Lieutenant Colonel Lee Yoon-gyu picked it up and as he began to read, his face stiffened.

    “Is this truly the contents of the cryptogram?”

    Lieutenant Colonel Lee Yoon-gyu must have had a hard time believing the contents despite him reading it.

    “Yes, sir.”

    The contents of the cryptogram were detailed orders by an unknown entity hiring mercenaries from the Philippines and Thailand to use Sarin gas in the Ji-Rin area. Despite reading the shocking contents, Lieutenant Colonel Lee Yoon-gyu maintained his composure like a veteran and organized the chain of events.

    “If the Chinese military hired them, then there would be no need to give orders using a cryptogram. I suppose the question is, Who gave the order? Are there other pieces of evidence that can identify the suspects?” the Lieutenant Colonel asked.

    “This should help, sir.”

    Captain Oh Won-jeon, the Analysis Director, brought out an envelope marked “Confidential” from his briefcase and handed it to Lieutenant Colonel Lee Yoon-gyu.

    “What’s this?”

    “Sir, these are the recovered data from the cellphone we sent to the 17th Fighter Wing’s underground research facility.”

    “It’s been recovered. Did you check it first?”

    “No, sir. It arrived this morning, so I brought it over immediately.”

    Lieutenant Colonel Lee Yoon-gyu opened the envelope and pulled out some of the documents. He began reading them slowly.

    “The Japanese? Those bastards!”

    Lieutenant Colonel Lee’s face changed from his composed countenance moments before. He threw the documents on the table swearing. Captain Ahn Dong-won and Oh Won-jeon picked up the documents and read them before having grim looks on their faces just like their superior officer.

    The contents of the documents were a few phone calls made from Japan and text messages in Japanese. The contents of the text message detailed the contact information of the Filipino and Thai mercenaries, their identities, and bank account information.

    “Sir, this is clearly a provocation of war against Korea by Japan.”

    Captain Ahn Dong-won could not hide his anger and spoke loudly.

    “This is only the start. The issue is finding out who or what organization is responsible for this. Captain Oh, work with the NIS and track all the numbers that were on this phone’s call history. Captain Ahn, find the two mercenary organizations from the two countries and try contacting them! I need to report this to our commander.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    * * *

    November 20, 2020, 14:00, Tokyo Japan Prime Minister’s Cabinet Conference Room

    “Hahaha, great job.”

    “No, Prime Minster! All I did was focus on the task at hand.”

    “My, you’re great at negotiating, but also have a way with words.”

    Prime Minister Abe was in a good mood after hearing about the results of the negotiation with America from Yagumachi Genzo. The approval was still on hold pending conditions yet to be met, but Japan could now develop and possess nuclear weapons now. The condition was that Japan could only hold 20 nuclear weapons with a range of 5,000 km. Also, Japan would be subject to inspections by the U.S. each year and use of the weapons would need to be approved by them.

    In a way, Japan would be possessing nuclear weapons under America’s restrictions, but to Prime Minister Abe, it did not matter. The fact that Japan could now own nuclear weapons was what was important. The restrictions could always be changed through under-the-table negotiations later.

    “Minister Shibasaki.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “I would like to have our friend Mr. Yagumachi here at the Prime Minister’s secretary’s office. What do you think?”

    “If you believe he is someone you need by your side, I would be fine with having him there, sir.”

    “Yes, negotiator Yagumachi Genzo.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “You will start reporting tomorrow at the Prime Minister’s secretary’s office. I appoint you to be the Strategic Secretary.”

    “Thank you, sir! I will do my best.”

    Yagumachi Genzo, who had now been appointed as the Strategic Secretary, bowed deeply to show gratitude.

    Prime Minister Abe smugly looked at his actions and waved his hand to sit. He looked at the Minister of National Defense Shibasaki and spoke.

    “I would like Director Watanabe and Secretary Yagumachi to attend our National Defense meeting tomorrow afternoon.”

    “It will be done, sir.”

    – Director Inamoto Junichi from the Ministry of foreign intelligence is here, sir!

    Prime Minister Abe seemed upset that the Director of Foreign Intelligence suddenly paid him a visit and answered the intercom while frowning.

    “Tell him to come in.”

    – Yes, sir.

    The doors opened and Director Inamoto Junichi entered. Judging by his expression, Prime Minister Abe knew it was bad news and so he waved his hand to signal the meeting to an end.

    “I suppose we will take our leave, sir.”

    Shibasaki, who was quick-witted, stood up and bowed before heading to the entrance and left the room while exchanging a quick look with Inamoto Junichi.

    “Please have a seat.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “So what’s the issue?”

    “Well. The issue I have spoken to you about last time . . .”

    “The matter at Ji-Rin Province?”

    “Yes, sir. It seems Korea has caught wind of it.”

    “What? How can you take care of things like this!”

    “I am sorry, sir. I have nothing to say.”

    “How did Korea find out about all of it?”

    “That is not the case, sir. Currently, the Korean NIS and the Defense Security Command are digging into the Southeast Asian mercenaries. Some of the NIS agents have made it over to Japan looking for something in secret.”

    Director Inamoto Junichi bowed his head repeatedly as if he was atoning for an unforgivable sin while speaking.

    “Director Inamoto.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Prime Minister Abe stood from his seat, headed to the window, and spoke softly.

    “Stop this as if your life depends on it. If the Korean government finds out about all of this, you will not only be fired but also have to take responsibility too.”

    “Yes, sir! I will make sure none of the information leaks.”

    * * *

    November 20, 2020, 15:00 (China Standard Time 14:00), Beijing province area X-2 bunker, China

    General Chiu Li Jiang Ji and President Xi Jin Ping were having a private meeting inside the President’s office temporarily made inside the bunker.

    “I will ask one last time: Is this the only way?”

    President Xi Jin Ping seemed to have been deeply concerned and looked gaunt.

    “Mr. President, I would like to be frank. Considering the current state of the war, the chances that our People’s Liberation Army will be victorious is slim to none.”

    “How could you say that as the Commander in Chief of our military?!”

    President Xi Jin Ping slammed the table out of anger and shouted.

    “I am sorry, sir. But that is the reality of the situation. The numerous factories responsible for manufacturing the supplies and equipment of our military were damaged during the Korean military’s air raids. We are no longer able to steadily supply our forces. If the war drags on, then we will be at a disadvantage, not the Koreans.”

    President Xi Jin Ping, who was still furious, breathed heavily and asked again.

    “If I do approve, then how will things go from hereon?”

    “Yes, sir! This will buy our military enough time, and the Koreans will have to deal with the confusion of spreading their forces too thin. If we use this chance to make a full-frontal assault, then Korea will be wiped off the face of the map. I guarantee it.”

    President Xi Jin Ping closed his eyes for a moment, seriously considering General Chiu Ji Liang Ji’s words. Then he spoke quietly.

    “I see. I will allow it. I have taken care of all your previous requests, so you will be contacted soon. Finally, this plan was approved by the Central Political Commission cautiously. I trust you will do your best.”

    “Thank you, Mr. President.”

    * * *

    November 20, 2020, 16:00 (China Standard Time 15:00), X-2 bunker, Beijing Province area, China

    General Chiu Ji Liang Ji ordered to immediately summon all Generals and Commanders of the Chinese military and within three hours. A hundred Generals gathered in the conference room. The Chinese military withdrew from all on-going operations and retreated from the three Northeastern provinces. The 16th Army Group was ordered to retreat all the way to Furunbei Province and preserve their numbers.

    In summary, the orders from the Generals seemed to hand over the Northeastern provinces to Korea. A few of the military commanders opposed the order, but after hearing about General Chiu’s plans, they fell silent and kept from voicing their opposition.

    After the meeting was over, the Generals were busy praising General Chiu that he could match the famous tactician in history, Zhegeliang . The tide of war at the Northeastern provinces proceeded abnormally that other nations that had been closely watching the war became uncertain of the outcome.