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    Chapter 1720 Puppet Coordination

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    The Glory players that were rooting for Happy truly felt disheartened right now.

    Starting from today’s group arena, again and again, Happy lost the advantage to Samsara, and then again and again they tenaciously overcame their predicament and caught up. In the group arena, they achieved a result that allowed them to hold their heads high, but what about the team battle right now? Again and again, they chased after Samsara, but were immediately pushed into a new predicament. To always be the one playing catch-up, it was suffocating.

    This kind of feeling, when would it end?

    Happy’s fans weren’t feeling good, but Samsara’s fans weren’t in a good mood either.

    Again and again, they had shaken off their opponents, but again and again their opponents had caught up. They’d suffered a heavy blow in the group arena, and they were terrified that such a reversal would reappear in the team competition now.

    They hoped that Samsara could establish their win as fast as possible, but again and again, their advantage would be erased by Happy. This was clearly just a grassroots team, their players and characters were inferior, but Samsara’s fans weren’t reassured. In their hearts, the feeling of “we might lose” had already taken root.

    Right now.

    Samsara’s three completed a kiting formation, and for Happy this was a very difficult situation to break. But all that Samsara’s fans could think about was how Happy had repeatedly faced difficult situations head-on and destroyed the feelings of security in their heart. Now, no matter the situation, Samsara’s fans couldn’t relax.

    Kiting situation, what would Happy do? Samsara’s fans could only continue to watch anxiously.

    Turn fire.

    In the end, Happy still turned fire.

    The target was Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves. Not only was he the Samsara player with the lowest health right now, Spellblades also tended to be less maneuverable, and were easier to catch up to.

    But it seemed that Samsara had been prepared for this change. Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves was retreating, but he wasn’t in much of a hurry. Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf didn’t continue to run away – instead, he turned around and began to approach. He maintained the possibility of fleeing at any moment, yet at the same time he demonstrated an offensive stance. He was ready to take either course of action. And Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer was chasing Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion, becoming Samsara’s main damage output right now.

    Happy wasn’t sitting around idle.

    Dancing Rain’s cannon opening aimed at Cloud Piercer. The two long-ranged Gunners on both sides began to compete. While this was going on, the distances between everyone were gradually beginning to change.

    The distance from Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion to Empty Waves.

    The distance from One Autumn Leaf to Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion.

    Dancing Rain’s support distance.

    Cloud Piercer’s attack distance.

    There was too much hidden within all of this. Don’t even mention the ordinary players, even the pro players couldn’t immediately analyze everything there was. The situation was very complex, but no one was discussing, because they were all staring at the match. They didn’t want to miss a single detail.

    Dancing Rain’s and Cloud Piercer’s attacks never stopped.

    Lord Grim and Empty Waves were also using the occasional skill.

    But to these pro players, the situation seemed very still. Both sides were moving, but as they were moving, it seemed as though they had reached some kind of agreement, establishing a sort of equilibrium.

    And in this equilibrium, there were many hidden conflicts. Audience members who didn’t have enough skill wouldn’t notice anything.

    Zhou Zekai tried to lure Dancing Rain to come closer, but Su Mucheng didn’t fall for it.

    Jiang Botao tried to use his attacks to separate Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion, but Ye Xiu countered it.

    The equilibrium was still maintained, but judging from attacker and defender, Samsara still had the upper hand, and Happy was slightly more passive.

    But at this moment, Steamed Bun acted.

    Within expectations, and yet still outside of them.

    Of the six people on the field right now, only Steamed Bun was a rookie. Such a delicate equilibrium wasn’t something that a rookie player could control, never mind a rookie player like Steamed Bun, who was always breaking rules and conventional thought.

    With Steamed Bun here, such a delicate situation could not be maintained.

    On and off the battlefield, every Glory fan who was watching this match, they were probably all thinking something like this. The three from Samsara of course believed this as well, as though it were an established truth. So they, with the initiative, purposely made the situation more complex and delicate. They believed that Steamed Bun would quickly lose grasp of the rhythm.

    No one would feel that their way of thinking was wrong. But as it turned out, Steamed Bun kept up, and he kept up quite well.

    Samsara’s players were at a loss, but if they changed the rhythm now they would be confusing themselves. They couldn’t make any big adjustments.

    But those outside of the battlefield knew how Steamed Bun had done it.

    Because Happy’s chat was flooded with directions.

    With such detailed instructions, Ye Xiu was basically holding his hand to guide him. In this moment, to everyone’s eyes, Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion were both being controlled by Ye Xiu. One was controlled by his own hands, one was controlled by messaged orders.

    Ye Xiu’s ability to focus on two things at once and his hand speed were both worthy of awe, and Steamed Bun’s precise execution of instructions was also thoroughly impressive.

    He was acting like a puppet dangling from strings. But it was exactly because he wasn’t one that it was so unbelievable that he could complete the correct actions so accurately.

    Did this count as teamwork?

    Did this count as tacit understanding?

    The audience was all stunned. Another scene that had never before appeared in Glory history was brought before their eyes by Happy. They didn’t even know how to characterize this thing. In terms of directions, the directions of Thunderclap’s Xiao Shiqin were already considered trivial, but now that they saw Ye Xiu’s directions to Steamed Bun, no one even thought of Xiao Shiqin. There was simply no comparison.

    “Is there anything these guys can’t do?”

    This was the only thought everyone had left toward Happy.

    But whether or not this counted as a form of cooperation, the difficulty was certain. Ye Xiu was bearing a huge burden, and it wasn’t easy for Steamed Bun either to complete all of Ye Xiu’s instructions.

    But at this moment, Ye Xiu used one sentence to end his puppeteering instructions.

    “It’s up to you, Steamed Bun,” Ye Xiu said.

    “Got it, watch me!” Steamed Bun responded.

    A simple exchange, but it meant faith and trust. At first sight, it was actually quite moving. But all of the Glory players who saw this conversation were puzzled. They didn’t know what about Steamed Bun was worth watching. Was relying on Steamed Bun and his unexpectedness enough to solve this delicate situation? His unexpectedness, could Happy’s players grasp it?

    Happy of course couldn’t grasp it either. Not even Ye Xiu, who had watched Steamed Bun grow all this time, or Tang Rou, who had grown alongside him. They were just a little more mentally prepared, a little calmer and nimbler at reacting to Steamed Bun’s strange actions. Grasp? Steamed Bun’s thought process and logic was impossible for anyone to grasp. Right now, Happy could only grasp the timing.

    “Got it, watch me!”

    After Steamed Bun replied, he immediately acted.