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    Chapter 1716 The Result Isnt Too Good

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    Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim healed at the last moment. He wasn’t able to save Soft Mist’s life, but the additional health was enough for Soft Mist to survive until the Rising Dragon Soars the Sky hit Cruel Silence.

    Magic exploded outwards. This was her final glimmer of radiance. Her health had fallen to zero, but the damage from this attack was fully realized.

    Is she dead?

    Samsara’s players didn’t dare to be certain. Soft Mist’s health had indeed fallen to zero, but she was still standing, holding her final stance with Dancing Fire Flowing Flames pointed forward.

    Just to be sure, Zhou Zekai fired another shot.

    The bullet hit Soft Mist. She didn’t make any movements to dodge. The momentum of the bullet knocked her down.


    Soft Mist had fallen. Tang Rou’s viewpoint was rising into the air. Just like this, she saw Soft Mist fall to the last bullet.

    So this is it.

    Tang Rou let go of her mouse.

    Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be able to fight until the end. However, this feeling of putting in everything she had wasn’t bad.

    We’ll win!

    Tang Rou was filled with anticipation. She realized that her confidence in her team was probably greater than her confidence in herself.

    We’ll definitely win! She believed firmly.

    However, there weren’t many people who thought the same as her.

    Too reckless.

    Whether it was Samsara’s players or the spectating pro players, even Happy’s Fang Rui and Wei Chen, when these experienced players viewed Happy’s play from a normal logical standpoint, they felt like Happy had indeed been reckless.

    A nearly dead character threw caution to the wind and actually became even more aggressive. And her teammates? They didn’t stop her. In fact, they supported her.

    Everyone agreed that this play had been a powerful show of force. Tang Rou used her 28% health to inflict damage totaling much more than 28% to Samsara.

    Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer went from 72% to 51%.

    After Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence ate that final Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, his health dropped to 32%.

    The loss in health from these two characters was much more than Soft Mist’s 28%.

    However, no one had died. That was an extremely big difference.

    If all of that damage had been focused on Cloud Piercer or Cruel Silence, Happy might have been able to bring one of them down. In that case, Tang Rou’s last stand would have been very successful.

    However, even though she had dealt a significant amount of damage, after losing her, Happy was now at a numbers disadvantage.

    Looking at their health values, Samsara’s side: Cloud Piercer – 51%, Cruel Silence – 32%, One Autumn Leaf – 70%, Empty Waves – 40%.

    Happy’s side: Lord Grim – 71%, Dancing Rain – 82%, Steamed Bun Invasion – 81%.

    For Samsara, their health totaled 193%. For Happy, their health totaled 234%.

    However, Samsara had an extra person.

    This numbers advantage was enough to wipe away that bit of difference in health. An extra player meant an extra source of DPS, an extra source of attack or defense, an extra variable to consider.

    If you asked a pro player, or even a normal player, to choose a side in this situation, 99% of them would choose the side with an extra player, rather than the side with one fewer player but more total health.

    Moreover, it hadn’t been Happy’s choice to be the latter. The circumstances had forced it. They obviously knew that a numbers advantage was much more valuable than a health advantage.

    Even though the outcome wasn’t the best and Happy seemed reckless, no one felt like this recklessness was inappropriate.

    If they hadn’t been reckless, what else could they have done?

    Focus a character and trade Soft Mist for someone on Samsara?

    How could Happy not have wanted a trade instead? It was clearly because there was no such opportunity to do so. The conditions weren’t there.

    Tang Rou wasn’t Fang Rui. If it were Fang Rui, this master of playing dirty, he would have been able to survive with 28% health for a very long time. However, stalling wasn’t Tang Rou’s specialty. Battle Mages were useless from far away. That was why she chose to go with what she was best at.


    Tang Rou fought until the last moment. In any case, injuring Samsara was better than sacrificing herself for nothing. Moreover, her frenzied offense could have potentially opened up opportunities. Samsara had endured a huge amount of pressure in order to kill her.

    Good thing she only had 28% of her health!

    After finally killing Soft Mist, Wu Qi’s first thought was to celebrate. If Soft Mist had a bit more health, if Tang Rou had kept up that frenzied assault for any longer, Cruel Silence may have died along with her.

    Good thing…

    No, not just good, things couldn’t be better.

    They had endured Tang Rou’s final stand and finished off Soft Mist. They had the numbers advantage now. Their situation was great.

    What next…

    Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was still fighting with One Autumn Leaf. Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain was rather far. In his eyes, Steamed Bun Invasion was the most annoying enemy. If not for that bastard’s interference, he would have certainly been able to avoid that Rising Dragon Soars the Sky.

    Go die!

    Cruel Silence brandished his dagger, Heart-Piercing Stab!

    Wu Qi could almost hear Steamed Bun’s anguished cry when the dagger struck his heart. But when he looked, Steamed Bun Invasion had run away.

    Heart-Piercing Stab missed. Wu Qi was in a daze for a good second.

    In a pro match, one second wasn’t short. One second was enough to do all sorts of things.

    Because Wu Qi really hadn’t expected Steamed Bun Invasion to turn and run.

    Cruel Silence only had 32% of his health left. He had the lowest health on Samsara. In theory, shouldn’t Happy be focusing him next? Even if Happy wasn’t in a hurry to, Steamed Bun Invasion was so close to him. It would be extremely convenient for Steamed Bun Invasion to attack him! Even if really did intend on running, shouldn’t he at least attack once before running?

    But Steamed Bun Invasion ran away immediately, free and at ease.

    Was he scared?

    During this one second, the thought had come up for only a brief instant before he abandoned it.


    It wasn’t hard to see a player’s personality from how their characters moved. This Steamed Bun, let alone him, he didn’t even give a fart about Zhou Zekai. He was just that carefree, doing whatever he wanted, not caring about anyone else. For example, right now! If you’re going to run, shouldn’t you at least attack a bit first!

    During this one second, Steamed Bun had run quite a bit. When Wu Qi came to his senses again, Steamed Bun was helping Ye Xiu fight Sun Xiang.

    One Autumn Leaf, the healthiest character on Samsara.

    What the fuck is he thinking?

    Wu Qi truly didn’t understand.