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    Chapter 1708 The Ultimate Support

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    30%, 22%, 17%, 11%…

    One Inch Ash’s health continued to drop, falling until near death.

    Even though he looked helpless, even though Samsara was blocking the others on Happy perfectly, even though according to common sense, it was over for One Inch Ash, Qiao Yifan didn’t give up. Pan Lin and Li Yibo didn’t dare declare him dead.

    Because Team Happy couldn’t be judged according to common sense. They had pulled off too too many surprising feats.

    And this time?

    One Inch Ash was at red health.

    Qiao Yifan wasn’t ready to give up, but there was only so much he could do. On the competitive stage, going from heaven to hell only took the blink of an eye. Less than a minute ago, he had beautifully escaped from Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence and returned to the team, becoming the key factor in forcing Samsara into a passive position. But now, One Inch Ash was on the verge of death.

    Without a healer, there was no room for error. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim could heal, but Qiao Yifan knew that Lord Grim’s healing could only be used to let a character survive for one more breath. During a crucial moment of life and death, his healing could potentially be a deciding factor. However, his current situation was different. The enemy side was chasing closely after him. He was losing health but he couldn’t retaliate. Surviving for one more breath was pointless. The enemies were right beside him. One more breath was just one more stab. How could that be difficult for Wu Qi to do?

    Unless he was able to break free from Cruel Silence, there was no chance. Even if he could, with how little health One Inch Ash had left, he wouldn’t live for much longer. Without a healer, Samsara could easily find a way to eliminate a nearly dead character, and Happy wouldn’t be able to stop them.

    But if he really could break free, it would be an opening for him. Perhaps he could make one last move, using the last of his life to give one final contribution to the team.

    Qiao Yifan didn’t lose hope. The little remaining health left ignited his little hope. He didn’t know if there would be an opening, but if an opening came, he would be ready.


    There was only a sliver of hope left. But when everyone saw Cruel Silence’s attack, they fell into despair.

    Level 75 skill: Rend!

    Wu Qi erased that final sliver of hope. Rend was only a single skill, but everyone knew that Assassins had five Level 75 skills: Rend, Kill, Dodge, Flash, Exterminate. When these five skills were used in sequence, they would deal an enormous amount of additional damage.

    One Inch Ash only had 6% of his health left. Was that additional damage necessary? Just two of the five skills would be enough to erase One Inch Ash.

    Nevertheless, Wu Qi still began with the first move in the set, Rend. He didn’t relax his guard even in these final moments. He was going to extinguish One Inch Ash’s life along with what little hope remained.


    Cruel Silent twisted his body, and a cold light flew from his dagger. Wu Qi checked his surroundings, making sure that there was no danger around him. He also made plans for what he should do after One Inch Ash was dead.

    He saw Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim trying somewhat desperately to rush back under Cloud Piercer’s pursuit.

    It’s too late for him.

    Wu Qi thought to himself. Even a long-ranged attack wouldn’t be able to stop him from killing One Inch Ash. Rend, Kill, Dodge, Flash, Exterminate. Only two of the five needed to hit.

    But Lord Grim didn’t attack Cruel Silence. Lord Grim extended his left hand, making a beckoning gesture with his index finger.

    Wu Qi was stunned…

    There was a lot of freedom in Glory, but it wasn’t to the point where you could move your fingers however you liked. This type of movement was a skill, a Knight skill.


    Provoke! The target would be Taunted for three seconds.

    “Fuck!” Wu Qi cursed out loud.

    Ye Xiu unexpectedly used Provoke at this critical moment.

    And so, “Rend” took an abrupt turn in midair. This sort of sudden change couldn’t be accomplished through inputs from the user. The system needed to force it to happen. Of course, with the distance between the two characters, it wasn’t like the dagger would suddenly start flying towards Lord Grim’s face, even if Wu Qi really wished that was how it worked.

    The “Rend” ended up hitting nothing but air, air in Lord Grim’s direction. It was obvious what would happen next.

    Then, Cruel Silence began to involuntarily move towards Lord Grim.

    Assassination interrupted.

    A three second opening. Health remaining, 6%.

    Everyone was dumbfounded. When all hope seemed to be lost, a turning point appeared?

    Right when Cruel Silence turned his body, One Inch Ash also turned in the same direction. Sword light flashed. A Ghost Slash flew towards Cruel Silence.

    Then, cast!

    He didn’t run. He didn’t hide.

    6% health was just too little health. Without a healer, a nearly dead character would actually make it harder for the team because of the need to protect him.

    Qiao Yifan didn’t plan on having One Inch Ash survive for any longer. He was going to use his final moment to provide one last bit of support for his team. He instantly figured out how he could help Happy for what was to come after his death.

    The ghost god’s power gathered around his sword at an extremely fast speed. This didn’t seem to be a high-level ghost boundary. For his final act, he was going to place down a… Sword Boundary?

    Increased Strength and Intelligence for all allies inside the ghost boundary. It was a skill that had no crowd control effects.

    Had Qiao Yifan been afraid that there wouldn’t be enough time for One Inch Ash to cast a longer spell? Was that why he used his fastest ghost boundary, Sword Boundary?

    That was what many people thought, even quite a few of the pro players. After all, the logic was quite sound. After Samsara’s Cruel Silence was Taunted away, the others immediately turned on One Inch Ash. They didn’t want this Phantom Demon to run amok and give them any more trouble.

    One Autumn Leaf charged over.

    Cloud Piercer’s bullets flew towards One Inch Ash.

    Not only did they want to finish off One Inch Ash, they wanted to stop him from casting any ghost boundaries.

    But One Inch Ash casted a Sword Boundary, which only took a single breath to complete. The two weren’t able to stop him in time.

    As a result, it looked like Qiao Yifan had chosen Sword Boundary instead of any other ghost boundary because he was afraid of getting interrupted.

    But those at a higher skill level saw things from a different perspective.

    One Autumn Leaf and Cloud Piercer were able to react so quickly and smoothly because Happy let them.

    As soon as the the two turned towards One Inch Ash, what did Soft Mist and Lord Grim do?

    Soft Mist and Lord Grim also turned!

    Their target was Moon Luring Frost, and the Sword Boundary was placed right on top of Moon Luring Frost.

    A trade!

    That was what many people realized.

    Du Ming’s Moon Luring Frost had been holding off Dancing Rain’s heavy artillery fire. His performance was shocking, but he had taken a considerable amount of damage as a result.

    Qiao Yifan’s One Autumn Leaf was already on the verge of death. Without a healer, Happy didn’t try and protect him too excessively. An opening appeared, and One Inch Ash seized it. Samsara shifted their focus towards One Inch Ash, while Happy shifted their focus towards Moon Luring Frost.

    One Inch Ash only had 6% of his health remaining. Even though they didn’t know how much health Moon Luring Frost had, he should at least have over half his health.

    Could Happy complete this trade? Many people were doubtful.

    But soon, everyone took notice of Happy’s formation.


    Had their intent to trade One Inch Ash for Moon Luring Frost a plan devised in the spur of the moment?


    Soft Mist and Lord Grim rushed towards him. The two formed a perfect pincer. This play had clearly been premeditated.

    Dancing Rain had been attacking Moon Luring Frost relentlessly in preparation for this play. If she could get past him, then she could help rescue One Inch Ash. Moon Luring Frost refusing to let up was somewhat surprising, but because of this, Happy was able to come up with the plan to switch focus to Moon Luring Frost.

    Qiao Yifan was clear about his team’s intentions. As a result, his final act was to provide the most brilliant support he could bring.

    The DPS buff from Sword Boundary was only one portion.

    He had placed down a ghost boundary that wouldn’t be interrupted by the enemy side so that he could buy himself some time. Then, he had One Inch Ash run away.

    With only 6% of his health left, he would feel like a burden if his own team tried to protect him. But if his own team left him to die, then his existence became a burden for the enemy team.

    Samsara couldn’t send out their full support for Du Ming because they needed to split their forces to finish off One Inch Ash…