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    The King's Avatar Chapter 1696 - TKA 1696

    Chapter 1696 First Death

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    Weight increased, skills sealed.

    Chase after Lord Grim and Soft Mist under the effects of both Ash Boundary and Silence Boundary? Kill Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash? Don’t even bother thinking about these possibilities. Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf had been pushed into the overlapping ghost boundaries.

    Ghost boundary effects usually only lasted a few seconds, but on the pro stage, a few seconds was more than enough to alter the course of the match.

    Lord Grim and Soft Mist immediately stopped their high-speed movement, instead switching into kill mode. The two characters poured out their attacks and skills. Laughing Song’s health plummeted as if someone had turned on the tap.

    Sun Xiang and Wu Qi could only watch quietly.

    They were the closest to Laughing Song, but these ghost boundaries made them feel as if they were the farthest away.

    Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves had already started suppressing Dancing Rain. It wasn’t possible for him to switch targets and worry about others. No matter the development, suppressing Su Mucheng would always be an important win condition. Samsara had indeed been too hasty before. Suppressing Su Mucheng should have been a task carried out at all times.

    There was also Zhou Zekai.

    Whenever the team was in a stalemate, at a disadvantage, or in an uncertain situation, Zhou Zekai would always stand out, using his powerful presence to lead Samsara out, turning the tides and putting them on the road to victory. It was almost to be expected.

    As a result, countless eyes looked towards Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer.

    The Samsara fans hoped for another miracle from Zhou Zekai.

    Happy’s players would never relax their guard against this top player. Among them, there was one pair of eyes that was practically glued to Cloud Piercer. His gaze never went anywhere else.

    An Wenyi.

    He didn’t know that Qiao Yifan had sealed off Samsara’s two pursuers with his ghost boundaries.

    He didn’t know that Ye Xiu and Tang Rou had stopped to hurry and kill Laughing Song.

    He didn’t know that Su Mucheng was fighting against Jiang Botao, trying to find an opportunity to help her teammates.

    He didn’t even know how much health Little Cold Hands had left, nor did he look at Cloud Piercer’s health. The only thing he paid attention to was Cloud Piercer’s movements and his two guns.

    Left? Right? Retreat? Jump?

    An Wenyi stared at the movements of the guns. His Little Cold Hands reacted accordingly. In the pro scene, he was seen as a clear weakness of Happy’s, but at this moment, he was keeping watch over the best of the best in Glory.

    Based on what?

    An Wenyi didn’t know. Or perhaps it was just his conviction. His conviction to stop Zhou Zekai from escaping. His conviction to win.

    To be the champion!

    The Glory Alliance’s champion.

    One year ago, two years ago, An Wenyi could only dream of those words. He had just been another player among the hundreds of millions who played Glory. He had been a Cleric, who admired Glory’s number one player, Tyranny’s Zhang Xinjie, and supported Tyranny as a result. That was why he had joined Tyranny’s in-game guild, becoming one of the regular healers among Tyrannical Ambition’s teams.

    For the vast majority of players, being a regular in a Club guild was considered being among the top players in Glory. But in Tyrannical Ambition, he wasn’t even good enough to be one of the elites. The guild’s elite team would usually be personally led by the guild leader. For him, the elite team had already been unreachable.

    But in less than two years, he stood on the pro stage, fighting against players who had formerly been on a different plane of existence. He shook hands and greeted his idol, Zhang Xinjie. And now he was in the finals, fighting for the championship title.

    So what if he was Happy weak point? If he could win the championship, nothing else mattered.

    Fight and hold him down!

    An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands was a like a piece of sesame soft candy. He was tangled around Cloud Piercer, blocking off his guns and his vision.

    Keep going! Keep going!

    He had forgotten everything. The only thing remaining in his heart was his conviction. Even when Little Cold Hands was down to his last drop of life, he didn’t hesitate. He wasn’t looking at anything else. His final struggle was the same as any other moment. Determined and resolute, he had to block Cloud Piercer no matter what.


    This was the last gunshot that An Wenyi heard. Then, the sky and earth went spinning. He saw Cloud Piercer sweep past him in a flash.

    I can’t let him through!

    An Wenyi thought to himself. He had Little Cold Hands reach out with his hands to grab onto the corner of Cloud Piercer’s windbreaker.

    Got him!

    When Little Cold Hands’ fingers touched Cloud Piercer’s windbreaker, An Wenyi’s heart burst with joy. Had he successfully stopped Zhou Zekai again?

    But in the next second, the windbreaker vanished from his view. Only his hand was left, still stretched forward.

    The world turned gray.

    It’s over…

    Little Cold Hands fell, becoming the first death this match. For An Wenyi, the finals was over. His season was over. He no longer had control over the outcome, but everything he had done still remained. However, he still had one lingering regret in his heart: that windbreaker, why wasn’t I able to grab onto it?

    Happy’s healer was dead!

    Usually, this news would make the opposing team overjoyed. Even if Happy’s healer was Happy’s weakness, a healer was a healer, an irreplaceable asset in the team competition. Whoever controlled the enemy healer, controlled the match. Then, what if you killed the enemy healer? That was practically an early proclamation of victory.

    However, apart from some sparse applause from Samsara’s fans, no one was excited at this scene. No one felt like the world was theirs when Happy’s healer died because everyone knew that just killing Happy’s healer didn’t count for anything. Whether Samsara could rescue their own healer was the important question.

    Cloud Piercer rushed over like an arrow. Laughing Song had been brought outside of his attack range by Lord Grim and Soft Mist because An Wenyi’s crazed struggle against him had made it so that he was unable to get closer.

    “I wonder if a new method to deal with Zhou Zekai has been found,” Li Yibo joked around, but he didn’t get any responses from Pan Lin. He was completely absorbed into the match. An Wenyi’s stupid yet smart play, the tenacity and spirit that he showed wasn’t something Pan Lin could laugh about.

    A new method?

    It was just a joke. Everyone felt that what they had just witnessed was inconceivable, and something inconceivable often couldn’t be replicated. Even An Wenyi himself wouldn’t be able to repeat his performance today. Before today, he had probably never thought that he could do something like this. Even after this match, when he looked back, he himself would find it unbelievable.

    A new method?

    Only something with reason and context could be called a method. This sort of unconventional miracle couldn’t be considered a “method”.

    Now, the miracle had faded away. Samsara’s Zhou Zekai had finally regained his freedom. This was also someone brought miracles to Samsara again and again. What would he do for Samsara next?

    One step, two steps, three steps…

    Cloud Piercer quickly gave chase. There was no one to stop him. Even though Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain fired a few artillery shells at him, she wasn’t able to sustain it. Jiang Botao marking her was already paying off. She couldn’t do as she pleased anymore. She needed to first deal with Empty Waves’ attacks before she could do anything.

    They’re in firing range!

    Lord Grim and Soft Mist were finally in Cloud Piercer’s range. During this time, Ye Xiu and Tang Rou hadn’t chosen to escape. They had lost control over Zhou Zekai. They could only hurry and try to finish off Laughing Song.

    Bullets flew out, and in the blink of an eye, a rain of bullets swept towards them. The two continued to attack as they brought Laughing Song over behind a crumbling wall for some cover.

    But the cover only lasted a short while.

    The wall was short and small. In just a few steps, Cloud Piercer had vision of them again.

    One Autumn Leaf and Cruel Silence had finally left the Ash Boundary and Silence Boundary. Even though Qiao Yifan had enshrouded them with more ghost boundaries, these new ones didn’t have powerful CC effects. As a result, the two didn’t hesitate to force their way through them.

    It looks like this is all I can do. Seeing Laughing Song’s remaining health, Qiao Yifan triggered his final move.

    Ghost Feast!

    The chained ghost boundaries erupted, and because the ghost boundaries weren’t completely overlapping, the ghost god’s power enveloped an enormous area. At the same time, even though the Ghost Feast covered a huge area, its damage and effects weren’t as high.

    Sun Xiang and Wu Qi weren’t scared by it. The two used skills to overcome the effects of Ghost Feast, and rushed out towards Laughing Song.

    Laughing Song didn’t have much health left, but there was still time!

    Cloud Piercer’s long-ranged attacks weren’t able to completely interrupt Lord Grim’s and Soft Mist’s attacks, but they were able to influence their offense somewhat, lowering their DPS. Happy wouldn’t be able to kill Laughing Song before they arrived.

    It’s Samsara’s win!

    As long as Samsara rescued Laughing Song.

    At this moment, too too many people had this thought. Happy’s wandering assault had completely suppressed Laughing Song, but the DPS was too low. Even though Zhou Zekai was the only one attacking Little Cold Hands, without anyone interfering, he could completely focus on offense.

    Too slow. Happy had run fast, but their damage output was too low.

    Sigh… those with hope for Happy had already begun sighing. But just when Cloud Piercer moved into a new angle to attack, Zhou Zekai stared blankly.

    He had realized something. They had overlooked something once again.

    Happy’s healer was the first to die. Thus, Happy’s sixth player would be the first to switch in at the support zone below the pyramid.

    Steamed Bun Invasion.