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    The King's Avatar Chapter 1692 - TKA 1692

    Chapter 1692 A Gun Can Miss

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    Fang Minghua sensed Happy’s intentions, and he knew that the situation was not looking good. He was very clear about the mobility of Samsara’s characters. Normally speaking, Assassins, Battle Mages, and Sharpshooters were relatively mobile. His Laughing Song and Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves were only slightly worse.

    However, right now, Laughing Song didn’t need to move on his own. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim and Tang Rou’s Soft Mist were helping him move using blow-away and knockback skills. Laughing Song’s current movement speed was even faster than his sprinting.

    Su Mucheng helped block the pursuers and would even coordinate with Ye Xiu and Tang Rou from time to time. Together, the three of them formed a beautiful combo.

    Battle Mage and Launcher?

    Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng, Best Partners?

    All of these were a part of this well-coordinated play. On Samsara’s side, even with Swift Movements activated, Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence could only keep up with them. Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf had no Neutral Chasers to buff him, and clearly lagged behind. Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves didn’t even need to be said. He had been left in the dust. His situation looked rather embarrassing.

    “How bold!!” The pro players discussed spiritedly. Happy was clearly doing something beyond their expectations.

    In the finals, especially the deciding match, everyone would always be particularly careful. That was where the saying “anticipated match, boring game” came from.

    But the play that Happy was making? This was an extremely risky play. While attacking Laughing Song, they had to carry him along faster than Samsara could, and Samsara wasn’t slow at all. The coordination needed was extraordinarily difficult. There were too many factors needed to be taken into consideration. Even the slightest slip-up would end in failure.

    Happy’s healer, Little Cold Hands, was being blown up by Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer, and Happy wasn’t giving their healer even the slightest bit of help. If they made a mistake and Samsara caught up, it would be impossible for them to save Little Cold Hands. Little Cold Hands had lost half his health already. If Samsara was willing to focus him without regard for anything else, they could finish off Little Cold Hands in the blink of an eye.

    Failure meant death!

    Happy was determined to carry out this healer trade. They were walking on a tightrope, not leaving themselves any path of retreat. A single misstep, and they would fall into a bottomless abyss!

    Compared to their brilliant teamwork, the pro players admired Happy’s bravery more.

    The other problem was that a majority of their efforts needed to be put into moving Laughing Song, so even though Ye Xiu and Tang Rou were both dealing damage, their DPS was mediocre. They couldn’t compare to Zhou Zekai’s explosive DPS towards Little Cold Hands.

    Zhou Zekai felt a bit more at ease because of this, but he didn’t stop paying attention to that side. Seeing that the other three on Samsara weren’t able to catch up to Happy’s side, Zhou Zekai had decided to give them a helping hand. He could see how difficult it was for Happy to execute this play. The slightest interference might be able to break it apart.

    His Cloud Piercer wasn’t faster than Cruel Silence or One Autumn Leaf, but he was a long-ranged attackers. He could attack Ye Xiu and Tang Rou from his current position.

    He made his decision. Cloud Piercer suddenly stepped back and moved to the side. Then, he lifted his guns.

    Bang! Gunshot, a figure, blood!

    Little Cold Hands suddenly moved to the side too, positioning himself in front of the guns.

    Knee Strike!

    Cloud Piercer lifted his knee. He wasn’t in a hurry to keep Little Cold Hands under control. Even a single bullet might be enough to break open the situation on that side. He only needed a tiny opening, and during this tiny opening, what could a Cleric do to him?

    An Wenyi obviously couldn’t do anything to him. He only had one thought on his mind: I have to stop Zhou Zekai from providing support no matter what.

    His Little Cold Hands had no combat ability. His little tricks might work against Samsara’s healer, but it was nothing in front of Zhou Zekai. The only thing he could use was Little Cold Hands’ body. He could use his life to block Cloud Piercer’s bullets.

    An Wenyi was certain that he had never been this focused in his entire life. His Little Cold Hands had been taking a beating the entire time, but as soon as Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer moved aside to shoot towards that side, he immediately did all he could to stop him.

    Sometimes, he could do it. Sometimes, he couldn’t.

    But he knew how crucial this moment was. He couldn’t fail this time.

    Little Cold Hands threw himself towards Cloud Piercer’s guns.

    But what followed soon after was a Knee Strike.

    An Wenyi saw it very clearly.

    Little Cold Hands jumped back.

    The Knee Strike missed!

    But with this dodge, a small opening was left behind.

    Cloud Piercer raised his guns and fired twice.

    Little Cold Hands jumped up!

    An Wenyi had Little Cold Hands jump towards Cloud Piercer’s head to block his vision.

    The only thing that Zhou Zekai could see was a blood-soaked Cleric’s robe.

    Blind firing?

    Zhou Zekai had the ability to do so, but the problem was that he needed to aim at a very fast moving target. Even if he had a clear view of his target, he would need to predict where the target would move ahead of time. It wouldn’t have been easy. But now that he was blinded, it was too difficult even for Zhou Zekai.

    Even so, he still fired his guns.

    The bullets loaded and fired. He had to at least try.

    The gunshot startled An Wenyi, but he didn’t dare look back. What if it missed? He had to keep going!

    But at this moment, Cloud Piercer jumped up, and his Little Cold Hands was currently falling. There was a difference in timing, and this time, let alone Zhou Zekai’s line of sight, even Cloud Piercer’s two guns were above him.

    There’s nothing I can do…

    An Wenyi could only watch. He had no way to stop Cloud Piercer from attacking.

    Damn it…

    An Wenyi hated himself for being so useless.


    The airborne Cloud Piercer fired two shots in quick succession. But then, An Wenyi saw Ye Xiu type in chat: “Keep it up!”


    This time, An Wenyi couldn’t help but look back.

    Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was using Charge to move ahead. His umbrella was in its shield form, a Priest weapon, so it didn’t affect his usage of Charge. As a result, he saw Lord Grim’s umbrella facing the side, blocking Cloud Piercer’s shots.

    “Don’t get careless! Just because he’s fired his gun doesn’t mean that we’ll definitely be hit!” Ye Xiu continued.

    “Also, Little Zhou, wasn’t your attack a bit too careless?”

    As he said this, the canopy of the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella folded. The umbrella ribs retracted, exposing the muzzle of a gun.


    Ye Xiu had fired back at Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer.