Sealed Divine Throne
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    Sealed Divine Throne Chapter 590 - SDT 590

    Chapter 590: Subduction? (III)

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    Vulcans Finger, a powerful fire element single targeted spell of the eighth step.

    Vulcans Finger was ranked among the best fire spells of the eighth step. It not only provided a sufficient supply of spiritual energy, but also required a powerful control to be utilized. Thats because the incantation will compress fire essence to the greatest extent, and in case of mistake a terrible backlash will follow, and that terrible power may backfire on the user.

    To dare launch such a difficult spell of the eighth step at the seventh step cultivation, one could see the extent of Lin Xins self confidence. At this time, if Chen Yinger was still sober-headed, shed understand that it wasnt without basis that Lin Xin felt wronged that day. How could such a formidable offensive power be aimed at his own comrades?

    A bluish illumination instantly stretched across the whole sky.

    The four-headed chimera showed a look of disdain, and its fiery red eyed head let out a red-hot breath of fire.