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    669 Joining The War

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    Finally, Quinn had opened his eyes, and when he did, he was in an unexpected but familiar place. It was one of the rooms on the cursed ship. Most likely, his own room.

    "I really need to stop waking up like this. Has it been a few days? It must have been." Quinn said, but then his head started to ring, and images flashed in his head.

    The events of what had occurred while he was the Bloodsucker started to play in his mind. It felt like he was there, present but at the same time not, unable to control everything that was happening.

    When the pain stopped, he was filled with Joy; it looked like they all managed to get on the ship. The last scene he could see was him being forced to drink the flask on the beach and attacking an unknown woman.

    It was hard for him to feel bad about what he had done while he was the Bloodsucker. He knew it was him, but at the same time, it was just like he had seen a movie where he was the main character, none of it felt real, and at least he didn't know who she was, which just made him more distant with the fact.

    However, there were deaths he was responsible for, the people in the village, Quinn didn't want to kill them, but when he did, he didn't feel as much sorrow as he thought, or at least as he hoped.

    It was the same, the same when he fought against the Sunshields, and he had an idea of why. It was due to the time he spent living as Vincent. It seemed to affect him more than he realized, he was still Quinn, the person who didn't want to hurt anyone, but when he did, the pain or sadness, the hollow feeling, was no longer there.

    From killing the villagers, Quinn had gained an additional six stats from consuming all of their blood. With the O types, he spread them out, but with the rest, he didn't have much choice. Nearly all of his stats were now in the high fifties without any beast gear on.

    However, what he was happier about than anything, was the notifications screen he could see in front of him.

    [Congratulations! Quest complete]

    [Instant Level up reward received]

    [You are now Level 39]

    The Quest wasn't complex, so Quinn wasn't expecting anything other than the instant level up. Still, this was a huge reward in his eyes, especially at this stage. It seemed impossible at the current levels to level up through naturally gaining exp.

    So fighting tough opponents was the only way, and it certainly was a tough fight. Now he was only one level up away from reaching Level 40. Although, that was only half the Quest reaching level forty. To become a vampire lord, and be recognized as a vampire leader by the system, Quinn needed to do two more things.

    To turn ten people, and to appoint one more person as his Vampire knight. Thinking about it, Quinn was wondering if there were two people he could trust that he could turn currently.

    There were many contenders that would probably stay loyal to him. Dennis, the old Eagles leader, seemed to feel like he owed Quinn a lot and this was similar with Blip, Linda's brother. However, both of them fought well with their abilities, and Quinn didn't have a lot of people on his team that could fight in the air.

    Then there was Alex the forger, the two of them didn't know each other too well, but Quinn was sure he could convince him just like he did before and somehow explain how it would be beneficial to him. He would still be able to use his Qi, and it shouldn't affect his forging, but he wasn't a fighter, and he felt like it would be a bit of a waste.

    There was also Nate. However, he was already strong and mainly because of his soul weapon. Based on his nature, Nate would consider this outside help and would refuse, wanting to get stronger through his own powers.

    Scratching his head, he was struggling with this a little bit. Then two more people came into his mind, two people who were close to him. Vorden and Logan. However, these two had abilities that were needed, especially after seeing his sister's and brother's strength.

    Perhaps one-day, Vorden could get that strong. That was an ability they did not want to lose. Thinking about this, Quinn started to think back to the fight.

    He had improved so much, he was sure he was at the strength of the vampire leaders. He was sure that at the moment, other than high tier beasts, Vampire leaders, the leaders of the big four and those in similar strength, as well as the Dalki, these were the only ones that would be strong enough to beat him.

    And now there were more. Perhaps there were even more people out there that no one knew about that was strong enough to beat him. However, this seemed unlikely. It just seemed like the rumours behind the Blade family were true after all. A force that was stronger than the big four.

    Entering his room, it was Fex once again, only this time he wasn't saying anything strange. When he looked at Quinn, he just shook his head.

    "What were you doing copying me, bro?" Fex said. "You know how dangerous that was."

    "I had no choice," Quinn replied.

    "I know, I heard a little bit about what happened, but no one is quite clear on the details since Vorden's been... ya know."

    "Huh, what's wrong with Vorden?" Quinn asked.

    "Well, the thing is, ever since he's come back, he's been sitting in one of the training rooms on his own, rocking back and forth. Everyone's tried to speak to him, but he hasn't said a word back."

    Quinn got off from the bed and started to leave the room.

    "You can try, but I think it will be useless," Fex said. "When you're done, there's quite a lot to update you on that's been happening around here."

    Worried about Vorden, and not wanting to be stopped while walking through the ship. Quinn put on his shadow cloak while going around the ship. He went by everyone who seemed to be doing well at a glance and finally had entered the training room.

    It was like Fex had said, Vorden was alone in the corner of the room.

    "Who's there? Just go away!" Sil cried.

    "You could always sense me," Quinn said, taking off the shadow cloak.

    Hearing Quinn's voice, Sil turned around, and he immediately broke down into tears.

    "Quinn.I'm sorry, it's Vorden and Raten.They're gone." Sil started to sob uncontrollably.

    Quinn now realized that he wasn't talking to Vorden, but someone else. Still, he was worried about what they were saying. Slowly Quinn approached him, and when he said nothing, he sat down by his side.

    "When you're ready, why don't you tell me everything that happened? Tell me about you and Vorden, and Raten." Quinn said.

    Back on the Blade island, Hilston was sitting on his throne, tapping his finger away against his temple. He had been doing this for a while, and it was making everyone in the room nervous. When Pai and Vicky had learned of the situation, it was far worse than they had imagined.

    The only people that survived were Brock and the servants. Everyone else on the island had been wiped out.

    "And, you're telling me, you have no idea who saved Vorden nor what family they were from?" Hilston asked.

    "Apart from one of them claiming to be from the Green family," Vicky replied. "However, I believe he said he was the only one left in his family, and he wasn't one that we had trouble with."

    The two found it hard to keep eye contact, and even their mother and father felt nervous. They were just unsure of what he was going to do.

    Then suddenly, he started to burst out in laughter.

    "So Sil finally came out of his shell and managed to stop you two with his abilities, excellent," Hilston said. "We'll if they are out there somewhere hiding with another family, then I say it's time for us to act. From this day forward, the Blade family will no longer be hiding in the shadow. We shall join this stupid civil war."

    Hearing this, the look on Brock's face was one of deep concern.


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