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    The large water sprout continued to twirl, growing in size and power as it was fed by the two twins. From a distance, the ship could be seen near it, hovering and struggling to stay in the air.

    "Goodbye?" Sil said back, confused.

    He didn't understand what the two were talking about. They knew why he couldn't store six abilities like before. In the past, they had tried a number of things to try and get Sil back to what he used to be.

    They tried holding hands together like Vicky and Pai, tried sitting on the seat all three at once, and tried controlling the body all at the same time, but it never worked in the first place. Whatever they tried, nothing seemed to work.

    "When me and Raten entered your mind, we knew we were in control of ourselves." Vorden started to explain. "Since day one, we had this feeling that at any point and time, we could choose to fade away. We could disappear from your mind if we wished. In a way, we'd go unconscious ourselves.

    "The reason we never did this is quite obvious; we were scared. We were worried that maybe if we decided to go in this so-called state, that we would never be able to come back. After all, once we shut off our minds, how can we turn them back on?"

    "This is what you want to do, this is your big plan? You don't even know if it will work!" Sil shouted. He was now talking out loud so that the others could hear, but they could only hear his voice. Yet no one dared approach him.

    The ship was now ready to move, but when Logan tried to move the thrusters, it seemed like the wind force was now too much from the water spout. It was pulling them and almost dragging them in. A tug of war battle was going on, and it looked like the ship was starting to lose as it was getting closer and closer to the water sprout.

    "True," Vorden replied. "But it's worth a try. When me and Sil entered your mind, that's when you could no longer hold six abilities, so if we disappear, then it should work."

    "I don't want you two to leave!" Sil shouted. "We were meant to go and find the ability user, get them to put you in another body! How are we meant to do that with both of you gone?"

    The two of them said nothing.

    "Raten, I can't believe you would agree with this, you want to live, right? You want a body."

    "I already died when you beat me on that beach Sil," Raten replied. "Everything I've been doing, every time I fight, is just to help you. When you start flaking out on things, that's when I come in. Hopefully, you've learnt from the best, to do this crap on your own now."

    "No, no, no!" Sil cried and was now on his knees.

    "Sil, we're going now. You want to save them right, I want to save them as well, and this is the only way. Use your powers to save them and protect them all, protect Quinn."

    At that moment, the image of both of them, from inside of Sil's mind, started to disintegrate. Little particles of their body from their toes started to flow off into the black void.

    "Vorden! Raten! I want you to live!" Sil shouted.

    Finally, only their face could be seen, and a big smile showed on both of them.

    "Save them," Vorden said, and they were gone.

    Sil didn't try to talk to them or try to communicate with them. He could tell that they were no longer there in his mind. For the black room, he used to access wasn't even there anymore. When he opened his eyes, he could now see through the open latch that the ship was almost touching the water spout, and it felt like rain was starting to enter.

    "Vorden!" Deal shouted out.

    Quickly, Sil went running towards Logan. He could feel the MC cells entering his body, just like Vorden had said. Logan's ability was far stronger than a level eight, and he had been given a huge amount of MC cells to boost him, then he went over to Peter as well copying his level six ability.

    Standing on the edge of the ship, he placed both his hands out and started to focus. He only had five abilities compared to his sister's and brother's six, but he had to hope that Logan's ability was strong enough to overcome it.

    "Arghhh!!" All the anger that Sil had of losing his two friends was put into trying to calm down the giant waterspout. "If it wasn't for this, if it wasn't for you, they would still be with me!"

    The water sprout seemed to be getting smaller in size.

    "What's happening?" Vicky said as she could tell she was losing control.

    "It has to be Sil; it looks like he's finally woken up," Pai replied.

    Overpowering and being able to control the water greatly, Sil was able to stop the water from around, adding to the larger sprout and stop the force from pulling them in.

    "Alright, let's get out of here!" Logan said, putting the thrusters in full force. Sil still didn't have enough power to completely get rid of the waterspout, but he did have enough to weaken it, and it was all they needed.

    Finally, they were off and heading out of earth's atmosphere to head back to the Cursed ship.

    "Damn it!!!" Vicky screamed at the top of her lungs, and letting go of her brother's hand, the giant waterspout started to fall, crashing back into the sea.

    "Erhh sis!" Pai said quickly, grabbing her hand back and controlling the waves of water that would soon engulf the island if they didn't do something about it.

    After calming down the waves, they looked at the sit-in they were in, Pam's body could be seen dead, Duncan was dead, all of the villagers had died on top of this, and who knows how many more.

    "Brother, I hope we won't have to meet again," Pai said.

    The ship was set to autopilot now, they had entered space and continued to their destination towards the ship. It was no longer a bumpy ride, and the kids and everyone else could unstrap themselves. Logan started to think back about everything that happened.

    "Brock, who were you, did you really work for Richard Eno, were you the one keeping the Blade's a secret and if so, why? Why go to so much trouble to keep it a secret?" This was the number one question that Logan didn't understand.

    With Hilston returning to the island, they may never get the chance to go back there again, especially after all the chaos they had caused. But thinking back to the note, Logan knew he was onto something. Brock had told him to keep looking and that he would do.

    Who created the Dalki, where was the demon tier beast they were looking for, and why was Richard Eno linked to all of this, including the vampires? Finding him would answer everything, he hoped.

    Peter was currently looking over Quinn, who seemed to be fast asleep. Even with all the noise and the ship shaking, nothing seemed to be waking him up, and Peter quite honestly didn't want to. After witnessing the twins' power, he understood why Quinn had to go to such an extreme to escape.

    "Boss, you deserve the rest. We saved your friend." Peter said. When looking at Vorden though, Peter noticed that he hadn't moved from his spot. He just carried on looking at the closed metal hanger door, not moving an inch.

    "You guys can't be gone, that ability placed you in my mind, and if I find that ability again, it can get you to come back." Sil thought.

    However, there was one thing that was giving him huge doubt, the fact that he was now able to hold more than three abilities. It seemed like Vorden was right, and if he was right about this, then maybe he was right about

    Tears started trickling from his face, and sniffles could be heard.

    Hearing this, Deal slowly walked up to him and tugged on his shoulder.

    "Vorden are you okay?" Deal asked. "We're safe now, we all made it out alive, and it's because of you and your friends. Vorden, Vorden."

    Finally, he turned around, wiping his tears away. At this point, Borden had also come over to take a look, and seeing his face like it was, he was taken aback.

    "That's not Vorden," Borden said.

    "You're right, Vorden's gone. I'm Sil." He replied.


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