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    A head start; that was what Sil needed most. Holding the flask in his hand, and the power of all three abilities, Sil was using the Teleport ability to run away as fast as he could. His normal speed wouldn't cut it, and he was thankful he had such a handy ability for the current situation.

    Still, there was a limit to how far he could teleport, and each time that would only delay him a little longer.

    He knew his Sister and Brother wouldn't have been defeated by that single punch, and they would be back only getting angrier than before. Now, while they were hurt, there was a chance to escape, and what better way to do so, while Quinn had super speed in his current form.

    What they weren't expecting was just how fast Quinn was. Even with him teleporting constantly, which was almost instantly moving from one place to another, he was slowly catching up to him in his Bloodsucker form.

    Another thing that was slowing him down was how reckless the Bloodsucker was being. It looked like a wild elephant rampaging through the jungle. As it went through, it just barged and broke into whatever got in its way, including trees and more.

    'If we get hit by that, even a little, then we're dead!' Vorden said.

    Not slowing down, they no longer looked back and kept teleporting, but the sound of the trees being torn apart was getting closer and closer. They could close the flask, but they wanted Quinn to get to their destination as quickly as possible.

    After all, the teleport abilities couldn't allow him to take Quinn, so this was working out in their favour, and as soon as the other two, his brother and sister, could move again, they could combine their powers together to leap even further then he could.

    'I hope Logan and the others are ready.' Vorden said.

    Getting out of the destroyed house, it was like Vorden thought; both Pai and Vicky were hurt, with Pai being hurt more, but they could still move. Something was just different about their bodies, even Vorden's hadn't reached this stage yet.

    "Come on, we have to get moving," Vicky said.

    "You want to still go after that monster, after what it did to us, to everyone," Pai replied, looking around at the dead bodies. A lot of the Blades had been killed. There weren't many who lived on the island in the first place, with Vorden's past massacre of the teachers, and now the villagers dead and Duncan, the Blades had taken a heavy blow.

    If Hilston was to return seeing this, after leaving Vicky and Pai in charge, she was afraid of what he might do.

    "I think I know where they were heading," Vicky said. "The direction Vorden went in, it was towards the west beach, the same place where Hilston stopped him before. They're planning to leave by spaceship again, but if there by the sea, we'll have an unlimited supply of water there. Which is my speciality."

    Even though the Blades could copy whatever abilities they wished, they didn't know every skill of an ability or how to use it to its full potential. So often, the Blades would specialise in a certain ability.

    Holding hands, the two of them were on the move.

    Finally, Sil had reached the beach, and he could see Logan, with Pam there, while Peter was standing by the ship. There was still a major problem they needed to deal with that Vorden wasn't quite sure they could.

    Getting the blood into Quinn's mouth. He was like a wild beast; he was unsure if it would pick up the blood and drink it with its hands. There was a chance it could just knock the blood over and spill it.

    Someone needed to force the blood into its mouth, and risk their lives doing it.

    "Vorden, you're here," Logan said.

    Sil had switched with Vorden for ease of communication.

    "I don't have much time; get Peter now!" Vorden said, and Logan ran off to get Peter, but at that moment, the Bloodsucker was seen jumping out of the jungle onto the beach. Instinctively, Vorden closed the flask and threw it over to Pam.

    Someone he didn't mind dying so much, and also had no clue why she was there in the first place.

    With the flask closed, it was confused for a second, and that's when Vorden could see Peter near them.

    Teleporting closer to them, Vorden needed to explain the situation.

    "Peter, you can heal, so I was thinking you would be best for the job, but I don't have the flask."

    "Who does?" Peter asked, and could see he was looking at Pam.

    With them speaking, the Bloodsucker started to come towards them.

    "Perfect," Peter said.

    Peter could in a way, control his lesser wights, and he had instructed Pam to open up the flask. When she did, the Bloodsucker changed direction and was heading for Pam. It kept on top of her and started to rip into her, at the same time, she followed through with Peter's orders.

    Shoving the flask into its mouth, when it got the first taste of blood from the flask, and realised there was no blood coming from Pam. It immediately grabbed the flask and started to chug all the blood down.

    It fell to the floor, and slowly it looked like it was starting to calm down.

    "Did it work?" Logan asked.

    As the flask fell from the Bloodsucker's hand, and they could see that it was changing. It was changing back to Quinn. They didn't have time to celebrate. Although Quinn was back to normal, they needed to rush, and seeing Vorden panicking, everyone else acted as quick as they could.

    Peter grabbed Quinn's body from the beach and started to head towards the ship, while Logan started to get the ship ready. All the kids were strapped into the benches by the side and ready for a fast takeoff.

    "Hold on, and please don't be sick," Logan said. "I'm not cleaning that up."

    When the others finally arrived, it was time for them to go, and the ship had warmed up enough and was hovering in the air but would need more time before it could fully move.

    At that moment, the twins had arrived on the beach.

    "Quickly, they're going to get away!" Vicky shouted.

    Holding hands, they started to control the sea of water; out from it, a giant serpent creature that was towering even over the spaceship's current height was made. It was a large giant water sprout.

    "If we get hit with that, we're dead," Peter said.

    Quinn was still passed out, knocked out, and the ship wasn't ready yet. There wasn't anything anyone could do.

    "Open the back door!" Vorden shouted.

    "What, Vorden, even you can't do anything about that. I'll try to avoid it when the ship can move," Logan replied back.

    "You know that's not possible, look how big it is, just trust me, I know I can't do something about it, but I know someone who can."

    The back hatch was open, and a huge gust of wind was felt inside the ship. With the large amount of water being gathered, it had some type of pulling force, and it looked as if the ship itself was also slowly being pulled in towards the serpent-like tower of water.

    "Sil, you have to do this," Vorden said.

    "But I can't, even with the three abilities we stored up, I can't match that thing to get rid of it," Sil replied.

    "I know the current you might not be able to do anything, but the old you can. You touched Logan, and Peter; you should be able to use their powers. And Logan is someone who is beyond a level eight. You can do this."

    Sill just started to shake his head.

    "I've never been able to use more than three abilities at once, ever since that day!" He shouted back.

    Forcefully, Vorden had left the body, and Sil was placed on the chair by Raten.

    In the black room, Vorden and Raten looked at each other.

    "We know Sil, and me and Raten think we know the reason why. Save everyone, Sil, it's time for us to say goodbye to you."


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