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    663 Quest Failed

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    Quinn had received multiple quests in the past, but not one like this. Whenever he would face a strong opponent or a difficult one where he felt like his life was going to be on the line, the reward was often an instant level up.

    Yet, for the first time, the system clearly stated that the only thing he needed to do was survive. Just to live, nothing else.

    'Is it telling me that just living after meeting these two is as hard as fighting against an emperor tier?'

    It was hard for him to comprehend in his head just how hard this was going to be. Truth be told, he was actually slightly stunned by this. The system hadn't been wrong with its assessments in the past, and he couldn't be dying here.

    "You're Vorden's brother and sister, right? Isn't it enough just to know where he is, that he will be okay?" Quinn asked, thinking maybe he could talk his way out of this.

    "If it was up to me, I wouldn't even be on this island in the first place, we all stick to the rules, and we all follow one person's orders," Vicky said. "I don't like it, and I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people who want to leave as well. Why should he get to leave when we can't.

    "Not that it matters anyway. He hasn't had permission to leave, so he has to stay."

    The truth was, Vicky was a little upset. She had no idea that Vorden had escaped and the others had kept this a secret from her, so she was ready to let out some steam right now.

    "Vorden won't be leaving this island, and unfortunately, with you killing Duncan, you won't be leaving either," Vicky said.

    At great speed, she ran towards him, far faster than he had anticipated. He wasn't even prepared with his shadow yet. Still, he could see everything that she was doing, throwing out a kick, Quinn threw out one of his own, and the two of them collided in mid-air, staying still for a second.

    "What, Vicky's kick is equal in power to that guy. I've never seen such a thing before!" Jazz said.

    "No, one of them is stronger," Pai said.

    A frown was visible on Vicky's face as her leg started to back off, and eventually, she was overpowered and caught off balance. Quinn immediately then went to follow up with a punch, but she had already backed away.

    The people in the village just stood there watching, and even her brother was watching as they had confidence in her.

    "You are strong. No wonder you were able to beat Duncan." Vicky said.

    Quinn was struggling to figure out how she had such power and speed. Her beast gear was at the emperor tier level, so she would have gotten a significant boost from that, but that wouldn't be enough to make up for Quinn's current stats.

    He should have still been much faster than her, but luckily it appeared he still had the greater strength of the two.

    "Are you one of them?" Quinn asked.

    "A Blade? Of course I am." Vicky replied.

    'She couldn't be a vampire. If she was one, then the inspect skill or my sense of smell would have picked it up.'

    "I apologise for going easy on you, but I'm going to have to find my brother," Vicky said. From a distance, two swirling blue objects could be seen in her hand, and as she thrusted forward with them, a jet stream of water came firing out like bullets.

    The only way he could avoid it was to use a flash step, which he did for the first few. When the attack went past him, it could be seen hitting a rock and carving a clean whole into it.

    He was sure it was the water ability, but he had never seen it being used with such force before.

    [Blood wall 20 HP]

    [80/100 HP]

    Not wanting to waste his shadow in case he needed it for offence, he decided to raise a wall of blood.

    "Oh, I've never seen that ability before!" Pai commented.

    However, when the attacks hit the wall, it had gone through it completely and hit Quin directly in the chest.

    [60/100 HP]

    'Twenty wasn't enough. How strong is that attack? Do I need to use more?'

    The attacks continued coming at him at a fast pace as if Vicky had an unlimited supply of MC points. He had no choice but to use the shadow to block the attack. He raised the shadow in front of him.

    [MC points 130/140]

    [MC points 120/140]

    The shadow managed to block the attacks, and it appeared as if per attack the block would use ten MC points, still not a permanent option to the solution.

    "Is this still part of the same ability? It looks completely different." Vicky thought. She had stopped the assault as compared to the last; this attack didn't go through. She was using three level seven ability users MC points which made her attacks extremely powerful, yet it had been blocked.

    "That power interests me, I want it!" She said and now coming forward, she first stomped the ground, causing an earth wall to rise up behind Quinn and around the sides, then as she ran towards him, flinging herself through the air using the momentum of her legs, she was throwing several kicks, each time, long blades of water would come out.

    At first, Quinn tried punching the wall with all his strength, but for the first time ever, it simply made a small dent. If it was a regular wall even made by powerful ability users, he would have easily been able to penetrate it.

    With the attacks coming at him from the front, he was unable to use the hammer strike, so instead, he threw out blood crescent kicks of his own, infused with the power of Qi.

    When the two collided, there was a clear winner, the water blades smashed through the blood attacks and continued forward. The attack had hit Quinn on his shoulder and caused a deep gash.

    [28/100 HP]

    "Blood bank activate!" If he took another strong hit, he would be dead before it auto activated, but he still had to worry about the other blades of water coming at him.

    "Shadow rise!"

    The wall of shadow raised in front of him. It was like Quinn was in a box. Then using the blood hammer, he had successfully punched a hole through the wall to the side and exited. The shadow had blocked the attacks but not without taking his MC points.


    'I can't just defend, I have to attack!' In desperation, Quinn threw out two blood swipes and grabbed it with his shadow creating the two shadow scythes. He activated his skill giving them the shaking capabilities.

    As for his mask, it was unable to activate due to him not landing a single hit on her.

    He swung the shadow scythe, and it came out wide across the side. He waited for her movement before swinging the next, but she seemed to just stay still unfazed, then at the last moment when the blades were meant to hit, she had disappeared from his sight. The two scythes crossed each other, hitting nothing.

    "That looks pretty cool," Vicky said from behind, and a barrage of kicks started to land on Quinn each time taking ten points of health off.


    'I can use the blood bank again, to start to heal me, but that's it, I can't regenerate again after this.'

    Out of pure frustration, Quinn opted up the palm's off his hand and fired out two blood sprays. He knew the attack wouldn't be strong, but it was quick and had a wide range, and for the first time, Vicky had been hit and taken a back a bit.

    Her kicks had stopped as she whined a little in pain.

    'Now or never.' Pointing out one of his fingers like a gun, he fired the blood bullet. However, just like before, when the bullet was about to touch her, she seemed to disappear and reappear behind him, kicking him at the back of the neck towards the floor. At the same time, a pillar rose from the ground, hitting him even before he could fall to the ground.

    Like a pinball, Quinn was getting hit from the earth and above one after the other.

    [5/100 HP]

    [You are in critical condition]

    [Blood bank empty]

    'I'm gonna die, and the other one hasn't even joined in. Come on, familiar, are you going to come out, or you just going to let me die?' Then the attacks stopped, and Quinn was grabbed by the collar.

    "That's a nice ability you have; it seems very versatile with the shadow and red aura. Just killing you would be a waste. Maybe we can add you to our collection, and Hilston will let me outside for once." She said with a smile.

    It was hard for the others watching to gauge just how strong Quinn actually was. Up against Vicky, he didn't look impressive at all.

    "Now, let's see what that ability of yours is." She said as she placed her hand on top of his head. For the first time in the fight, she had a concerned look on her face.

    "Why.. why can't I copy your ability? That's never happened to me before. Answer me!" She said, shaking him.

    "Vicky!" A voice shouted, "Put him down."

    "Finally, the main character shows up. Nice to see you, Vorden." Vicky said.


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