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    When Logan had exited from the room, he looked down the hallway to see if he could see anyone, but it looked like the whole place was cleared. It was strange, it was in the middle of the day, and if they knew about Vorden, the whole place should be on high alert.

    Usually, during this time of day, he definitely would see other servants.

    He could only think one thing. Everything was Brock's doing. He closed his eyes, as he had to summon the will to leave. In truth, he didn't want to leave. His only possible lead to Richard Eno was right here behind him. If he left now, could he ever return, and would Brock still be there even if he did?

    He knew Brock wouldn't say anything now, but knowing someone was here, there was always the chance he could find something out. However, the thought of his dear friends entered his mind.

    Just because it wasn't chaotic here didn't mean it wasn't chaotic elsewhere. Not everyone would be as lucky as Logan running into Brock, who had spared him. There were plenty of strong people on the island, and there was a chance one of his friends could have run Into him.

    With no choice but to leave, Logan headed straight for the temple. It was one of the closest areas to the castle. When he arrived, the first person he could see was Vorden, but he seemed to have a body over his shoulder.

    Since there were no others around him, Logan thought it was safe to call out to him.

    "Vorden?" Logan said,

    "Close, but it's Peter, although it would be best if you refer me to Logan while I'm here," Peter replied.

    "What do you mean?"

    "I'll show you."

    The two of them had entered the Temple, and they were about to head into the so-called mediation room. While walking around, Peter hadn't seen any signs of anyone else, but he did spot blood splatters here and there. It was also clear that there had been a fight out front from the condition it was in, and the most obvious sign, was the dead body over Peter's shoulder.

    When they entered, Logan was taken aback for a second, and he had to readjust himself to believe what he was seeing. On the floor, all the teachers had been equally placed on the ground, and the kids sat down, ready to pray.

    Peter placed the last body, in a row with the others. He had chosen to do all the lifting, not wanting the kids to experience such a thing.

    Now piecing things together, and based on how Logan had been found out, he realised what had happened.

    "These kids, they've grown up in a more messed up environment than the one we grew up in. Their sense of right and wrong is out of whack." Peter said.

    Coming from Peter, Logan thought whatever Peter saw must have been gruesome. Some of the kids still had blood on their uniform, so it was clear the deaths of the teachers weren't all his doing.

    "We need to make life better for them," Peter said.

    The two of them walked through the bodies, and finally, they had stopped at Pam.

    "She didn't seem too bad of a person," Logan said. "I thought she might help us." Although, now Logan was more interested in Brock than anyone else.

    "Maybe she still can," Peter said. He placed his hand on top of her forehead, and soon her body started to jolt slightly. Then it only took a few moments for her to rise to her feet. She was strong as an individual even without her abate, so being used as a lesser Wight would come in handy.

    "What now?" Peter asked.

    "Now there's just Vorden, and Quinn left," Logan replied.

    He pulled out the mask receiver, and was hoping that Quinn still had his. Right now though, Quinn was in no situation to answer his mask at all, for if he took his eyes off what was about to happen in front of them, then they would be in serious trouble.

    When they were hiding in part of the jungle, and Vicky had located them, Quinn could sense this straight away, he was ready to run rather than fight. They didn't know the strength of the others, and there were only three of them.

    However, what he didn't expect was Vorden to suddenly go out running towards them, forcing Quinn to go chasing after, but he soon stopped after hearing what the 'Vorden had to say.'

    "Wait, it's not me, I'm not Vorden, some people put some strange mask on me. I'm Jazz!" He shouted. "Hey, guys remember, when I went and put frogs In everyone's shoes, or when I thought it would be funny to put salt in the cake instead of sugar. That was me! Only I would know that, not Vorden."

    When Vorden finally reached Vicky, she gave a big slap across Jazz's face, sending him on the floor.

    "Ow!!!" He screamed as he touched his face, but the others were now staring at him in amazement. On the floor in front of him, pieces of the mask had crumbled on the floor. His face was back to normal.

    "My brother might be an idiot, but I would never confuse this idiot for him." Vicky said.

    "I told you that wasn't the real Vorden," Bodern said, annoyed.

    "If Vorden isn't here, then does that mean he's somewhere else?" Quinn said.

    Realising that the mask used had to be Vorden's maybe the others were together. Had they placed a decoy, did Quinn just mess up all their plans?

    Looking at all the others, Quinn felt like he had no choice now.

    "Borden, leave and look for Vorden and the others. When you find them come back and get me."

    "But what about you Quinn?" Borden asked.

    "You care about your brother don't you? We have no clue what could be happening to him right now, and besides, you know I'm plenty strong." Quinn said.

    It didn't take much convincing, for Borden there wasn't any other person more important than his brother, and he was already back in the jungle off to search for him.

    "Be careful." Jazz said. "These guys that arrived on the island, they were the ones that killed Duncan."

    Vicky paused, going forward for a second, and was now taking a second look at Quinn. At first glance, she would have never imagined this was the person who could defeat Duncan. This was a person who could maybe give her some excitement.

    "Tell me, why are you even here to save my brother? What family are you from? I just don't understand if anyone knew who he truly was, or what family he belonged to why they would come out here?"

    "Does it really matter?" Quinn replied. "I came here to take him back, if he wanted to stay here then fine. But if he wants to leave with us. Then that's his choice to make, not yours."

    In the Jungle, Borden was running about, and while doing so, he could finally feel his brother's connection again, which meant he was close. Ever since he turned into little Borden, it was harder for him to feel his connection with his brother as well.

    "There he is," Borden said, running outward, and he had finally met with the real Vorden. Jumping up and keeping in the air. Borden had attached himself to Vorden's leg.

    "Brother, you're alive, Ah! We need to find the others and help Quinn." He said.

    "Help Quinn, what's happening?"

    "He's fighting with your brother and sister."

    Vordne's pupils widened upon hearing the news.

    "Oh no, not them. I know Quinn is strong, but this is different. When Pai and Vicky are together, they are even stronger than my parents, and have the potential to even match up to Hilston, this is not good at all. Borden, you carry on looking for the others; I'll go help Quinn."

    At that moment, Quinn didn't need anyone to tell him these two were strong, his system had already done that for him.

    [Instant level up quest received]

    [Survive the encounter with the two Blade twins]

    "Survive, not defeat?"

    This was why he had told Borden to go away.


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