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    661 A Blade Friend

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    After everything Pam had witnessed so far, she was surprised to see that Peter had managed to heal a broken bone in a few seconds. Now on closer inspection, she seemed to notice that all the cuts that were made from the wind attacks all over his body were healed as well.

    "Are you actually a Blade?" Pam asked. With so many strengths, and seemingly different abilities, it was the only conclusion she could come to. At first, she thought he was an outsider. After all, three markers from the wreckage had made an indication.

    Logan was one of them, and he didn't have an ability. Even if he was a Blade, how did he get so many abilities? From the information she had received, none of the other cellars were destroyed.

    "I'm not a Blade; don't you dare associate me with that name," Peter said, he tried charging forward, but as if out of instinct and fear, Pam put all of her MC cells into her wind ability and aimed for his legs using a wind slash.

    It had hit and cut halfway through, stopping at the bone. The others upon seeing this, came to support her, holding him in place with high walls of earth. While others continued to attack at the same spot, and then eventually, Peter fell to the ground as his legs were completely severed from his body.

    When he fell to the ground, he looked up.

    "Now you've done it bitch. I'm going to chomp on you when I get up!"

    His legs were starting to regenerate in front of her eyes, and she knew she had to try to kill him fast.

    "Can this person regenerate anything!" She thought. The only way to be sure of his death was to crush everything. Surely he couldn't regenerate then.

    Things didn't look good for Peter, he could see the madness in Pam's eyes, but for some reason, even though he knew his death was upon him, he wasn't worried. He had felt the fear of death once before and had been brought back from it.

    In a way, he always felt like his life had ended back then. Maybe that's why he never felt like going to see his parents, because in his head Peter was already dead.

    "Arghh!" A groan was heard, and a person was seen stumbling to the floor. Soon, pieces of earth were hitting the other teachers, and a wind slice attack had even been directed towards Pam, but she was easily able to cancel out the attack.

    'What's going on? Are they fighting each other?' Peter thought.

    "Everyone, save Vorden! You saw how strong he is. If we save him, then we can get out of here!" A small voice said.

    Looking up, Peter could see that Deal was there fighting against the teachers, and overwhelming them were the rest of the kids.

    The kids had left the temple and entered the jungle circle around the place. While everyone was busy trying to kill Peter, they saw it as the perfect chance to grab an ability from the Chained, and finally, they could join the fight.

    Even if this wasn't the real Vorden, after seeing Peter's strength and how scared Pam looked, he knew this was one of their only chances of surviving. As long as everyone else thought this was the real Vorden, they would help in the fight as well.

    The kids fought bravely, putting their lives on the line. Most of the teachers were hesitant to get their hands bloody by killing the kids they had looked after and trained.

    However, in the recent days, they themselves had trained the kids to think nothing of murder. They had put the idea in there heads that most of them would die. This thought had eventually consumed them to the point where the children had next to no trouble killing their teachers.

    Pam herself was panicking with what to do.

    "They're monsters." She said, taking a step back.

    Then she felt a hand on her shoulder.

    "You have no right to call them monsters when you created them!" A hard punch across her face that nearly knocked her head off had rendered her unconscious, and she fell to the floor.

    As Peter walked up, he was wondering if it was best to kill her or not. If it was up to him, he wouldn't hesitate, but he was thinking whether this would anger the Blades greatly, but maybe he had already done too much to anger the Blades that there was no turning back.

    Suddenly, a stray air slice seemed to come their way, stepping away to avoid it. It had managed to deal a fatal blow to Pam right across her neck. Blood began pouring from the wound, and she applied pressure with her hand, but the blood loss would soon take her.

    It looked like the decision was already made for Peter. He looked around and had no idea where the wind slash had actually come from. Whether it was a stray or intentional, he didn't know; maybe he didn't want to know.

    Finally, the sound of fighting had stopped, and that was when Peter noticed something. He was standing in the centre of a massacre. It wasn't a pleasant site for anyone to stomach. Somehow, none of the kids were badly hurt.

    From the little observation, he was able to make, it seemed like the teachers weren't prepared to kill the kids after all, but he couldn't feel too sorry for them. After all, they were fine with sitting back and leading the children to their deaths, yet weren't prepared to get their hands dirty.

    "What do we do now, Vorden?" Deal asked.

    Peter hadn't prepared for this part of the plan yet; everything was so sudden.

    Inside the castle, Brock was standing by the door, and he hadn't moved. Logan had transformed, putting on his balanced suit. A suit that didn't favour strength or speed, but was a mixture of both ready to attack.

    "Move!" Logan shouted. Charging forward and using all his strength, he grabbed both fists together and threw them down like a hammer on top of Brock's head but still, there was no movement. Brock stayed still until the very end when he lifted his hand to block the attack with his forearm.

    'It's not moving? Not even a little?' Logan thought, even when he went up against Vicky there was a slight budge.

    Then with the palm of his other hand, he hit Logan away and he had gone tumbling, crashing into the furniture. It looked like a light push, but it had such force.

    "No way, I can't win this," Logan said. He was sure of it now, he had little doubts, but the man in front of him was actually stronger than Vicky.

    "You're right, you could never win a fight against me, but there is no need to." Brock said, as he threw the mask over to Logan.

    For a second, he was confused, until he saw Brock's next actions. With his own hand, he had stabbed his other shoulder, causing it to heavily bleed. Then he moved to the side.

    Logan was absolutely stunned; why injure himself? With all the actions he was doing now, Logan could only think of one reason. It was because he was letting him go. The injury was to make it look like the two of them had a fight.

    "Get out of here and meet up with the others," Brock said with pain on his face.

    Even if this was a trap, it didn't make sense. Brock could have easily subdued him, so there was only one thing that made sense to him.

    "You sent that letter, didn't you?" Logan asked. "You work for Richard Eno and not the Blades. Tell me where he is, where I can find him, anything!" Logan shouted.

    "I will not confirm or deny, but if I could tell you anything, then I would have done in that letter. Now go, this is the last chance you will ever get."

    Logan, was not a fool and knew if Brock said he wouldn't get any answers, then he meant it. Picking up his mask, he had no choice but to leave the castle and search for his dear friends.


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