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    Nervously in his room, trying to rack his head and think of plans, Logan was there waiting. He would only leave his room when he would be called out, and so far he would only be called out for meals or when they wanted to rarely speak to him.

    It seemed like they were waiting for Hilston to return, the castle leader whenever that would be, and only once he gave the okay they would be able to leave. In Logan's head, he was already prepared to stay that long.

    Naturally leaving and not raising suspicion was best for him, and he could still easily return back to one of his home bases, unlike the others that needed to fly back to the Cursed ship.

    'Quinn, where are you. I was sure you would have made some noise or at least come to the castle by now.' Logan thought, but no such thing had happened so far. No news was starting to worry, especially with someone who was as impulsive as him with his decision making.

    If only he hadn't lost the mask, then maybe he could have been updated on the situation. As for Peter's mask, he had destroyed it himself, before wearing the disguise and heading to the temple, which was honestly a smart choice, Logan thought.

    At that moment, while he was in the middle of his thoughts, a knock was heard at his door.

    He looked at his watch and could see that it was still not the time for lunch, so he was wondering why someone would be meeting him. Before Logan could even answer though, Brock could be seen walking through the doors.

    "Hello, Logan," Brock said with a smile while having his hands held behind his back. He was a difficult person to read. At least with Vicky, he knew what she was thinking.

    "Hello Brock, is there anything you need, any more details?" Logan asked.

    Brock chuckled for a little. "I think you might want to listen to what I have to say before answering any of my questions. You see, today there was some big news. A certain someone who was down in the dungeon had escaped, who went by the name Vorden."

    "I'm not sure if you know him or not?"

    Logan's heart sank. 'How did they find out, did Jazz rat us out and they believed him?' It wasn't like Logan didn't prepare for this, in fact, he was sure him still being at the castle would have proved his innocence in all of this.

    "You think I have something to do with this, don't you? I know when I'm being accused, but I'm sorry to say I have no idea what happened. Why would I stay at the castle after freeing someone?"

    "Yes, your a smart kid and I would have thought the same thing, don't worry your not my only suspect, and that's why Vicky and Pai have already been sent out of the castle to look for him. I'm sure whoever went out will soon be found, and we will learn the truth."

    "However, let me ask you one more thing. This is your's correct." Brock said, pulling out the mask from behind him."

    At that moment, Logan knew he had messed up. All along Brock knew that there was likely to be other people on the island and that he had lied to him. What he didn't know, was the reason for lying to him.

    In an instant, Logan changed into his battle suit, allowing the spiders to form all over. If Vicky and Pai weren't in the castle. Then he would only have to beat the person in front of him.

    "Beating me, will not be anywhere easy as you think," Brock said.

    When Peter had returned, it was more than noticeable that there was a certain person missing with him. In the middle of the night, he had done as Vorden said; he took the original body of his and placed it in between the two halves of the island. If it was ever discovered, they would assume that the beast had killed him and the other person that was with him.

    However, what Peter didn't expect was that as soon as he arrived, he had been called in for a one on one meeting with Pam. Rather than beating around the bush, she was straight to the point.

    "Tell me now, do you have anything to do with Vorden having broken out off the dungeon yesterday?"

    "No," Peter replied instantly. His expression not changing and no emotion showing on his face.

    While in his mind, they were shooting out fireworks, all the work they had done the other day. Had it gone to waste, and they already knew Vorden had escaped?

    "And Jazz, did you see where he went last night? Why didn't he return with you?" Pam asked.

    "No, he wasn't there this morning, so I assumed he had already left to head back to the temple. I'm just as shocked as you are that he isn't here."

    "You don't really seem shocked," Pam said, but from when she knew this person, he had always been like this. To her, this was always his personality, and if someone was involved, she was sure they would show a little bit of fear. Still, she couldn't be sure as Peter seemed a little too calm.

    "Your free to go, don't tell anyone about Vorden disappearing, and at the same time let me know if you hear anything from Jazz."

    After leaving the room, Peter had come to the conclusion, they had found out Vorden had escaped but had yet to catch him. It was unlikely that he would leave the island without the kids either, so something needed to be done.

    When waking around the temple and doing his normal duties, he felt like a pair of eyes were on him at all times. The only time they weren't was during his counselling sessions with the kids.

    "Teacher, how soon until the event?" One of the kids asked, his hand and whole body was shaking.

    "I'm not sure," Peter replied.

    "This is torture, we don't even know how many days we have to go through this hell. Maybe I should go through with Deal's plan."

    "Deal's plan?" Peter asked.

    The kid quickly covered his mouth, as if he had let something slip out that he shouldn't have done. Peter quickly gave a lifeless look into the kid's eyes.

    "Tell me about this plan." He asked, his nose almost touching the kids.

    It didn't take long until the kid had given in. After all these teachers were going to watch them kill each other at some point, maybe they were so heartless they would even kill them with their own hands.

    "Deal's been speaking to a lot of the kids." He replied. "He's trying to get everyone to fight back on the Event day. He says Vorden was right, if we are going to die killing each other in the first place. Then why don't we at least try to fight back for our freedom?

    "Deal has most of the kids on his side, but some of us are too afraid to act, we're only kids. Maybe if Vorden was here, then maybe we could do something."

    Hearing of this information gave Peter another idea. Right now, with Vorden being found out as having escaped it probably was the only thing he could do.

    During his counselling session, Peter continued to talk to the kids and managed to get some of them to confess, but he was stirring the pot, stirring their feelings for hatred towards the people and agreeing with the rise to try rebel and overthrow the events and finally it was time for his meeting with Deal.

    "Deal it has occurred to me that you have a certain plan to overthrow the teachers," Peter said.

    Instantly, Deal got up and started to head away from Peter.

    "What are you going to do, are you going to kill me? If so, then I'll scream now, and everyone will attack at this moment.."

    "That wouldn't be such a bad outcome," Peter said. "But if you fight on your own, you will lose, and I want to help you."

    "You want to help us, this is just a trick to get me to reveal everything we're planning, isn't it? I'm telling you now it's not going to work."

    "Maybe you don't trust me, but I think you will trust him."

    Peter's body started to change and morph, and slowly his facial structure turned into someone Deal had been longing for.

    "Vorden.." Deal said.

    With this, and how all the kids had been acting. Peter was sure he could get them all to act out, and escape with him. The hero they all believed in returning to save them. If they all thought he was the real Vorden, then he was sure they would act, especially with all the personal stirring in the kid's minds he had done today.

    Now the only thing was, when to act. To wait for Vorden to find Quinn would be the best, to give them the highest chance of getting out of here alive with everyone.

    Otherwise, they would have to fight their way out, and there certainly would be a few deaths on their side.

    "Now, I didn't expect that," Pam said as she opened the door. She had seen the whole thing, Peter had been caught.


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