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    "Don't worry Vorden, we'll have you out in no time. Do you think you could bend the bars?" Quinn asked Borden.

    The two of them were standing outside of the cell, and rather than rushing forward to help. Borden stood there for a while. He didn't know what, but the feeling he was getting off his brother was different.

    "Come on, we should leave now while it's still the middle of the night." Jazz said. "That way, when Pai and Vi-, I mean my sweet evil brother and sister get down here, we will have a head start before they notice."

    Now Borden was sure of it.

    "Quinn, this is not my brother. I know he looks like my brother, but I can tell it's not him."

    Jazz's heart started to beat rapidly, how could this tiny little man know that he wasn't Vorden. He had checked one of the mirrors before leaving. He looked identical to him at the moment. Even he was taken aback and thought it was nearly impossible for anyone to see through the disguise.

    'The little man, did I slip up somewhere, and who is he calling brother, I don't remember hearing about this guy being part of the castle.'

    Borden's allegations did make Quinn think for a bit. It was true that the way the two of them talked before just seemed different, but then a distant memory came into Quinn's mind. In the past, Quinn had met Vorden's other personality.

    Maybe Borden was so in tune with Vorden, he saw anyone else as not him. Although he had to admit this person didn't seem like the other personality 'Sil' he had met either. There was always the chance that Vorden had more than one.

    Quinn thought about this a lot after their call on the ship. He had heard three similar voices, but all distinctively different through the call. If he had one other personality, then why not more? Maybe Vorden was hiding more things from them than he thought.

    "Trust me Borden, this guy will lead us to the real Vorden, let's get him out of here," Quinn said.

    Borden was unsure of what Quinn meant and so was Jazz, but he was just happy that he could finally be free. He had no clue how long he would have spent down there, and even if someone did come and check up on him, then he had the fear that they would find out the truth and end his life at any moment.

    Rather than trusting that this was Vorden, Borden trusted Quinn and at the same time, this was the last place he had met the real Vorden. Something had to have changed in that short time, and he was guessing that this person who was in his place knew the answers.

    Unlike Logan and Peter, everything done by Quinn and Borden was through sheer brute force when breaking in. The locks were broken, the bars were bent, and they left all sorts of traces that there had been a break in here.

    Their aim was to simply get him and rush out of there, and that is what they did. The three of them headed out of the castle, not being seen by anyone, and were now already in the jungle. The sun was starting to rise as it was soon a new day.

    "So you have an escape ship or something?" Jazz asked.

    "No, Logan and Peter were here as well, and I'm not leaving without them, we need to find them. They must be out there somewhere."

    Jazz gulped thinking, he had an idea of who this strange person was talking about and wondered what to do. He had so many options, but every single one of them seemed like a bad one for him.

    When the next day arrived, everything seemed normal in the castle. The servants woke up to carry on their duties, and Logan felt confident in their plan. This would at least buy them a couple of days. The problem was getting the kids to come off the island with them.

    Learning a few things from Vorden before the split he knew that there was a ship large enough to take them all, but the main problem was his sister and brother who remained in the castle. Logan had felt one of their powers first hand, and he couldn't agree more it would be best to avoid a fight with them.

    What needed to be done was a big enough distraction on one side of the island. Then hopefully they would have enough time to go to the ships themselves.

    However, unknown to him, things wouldn't go the way they wanted.

    That day, Pai had gone down to the cellar, hoping to have a talk with his brother. He always felt a little bad for Vorden but didn't want to show this while the others were still in the castle, especially Hilston. When he did, he saw the broken lock at the door first.

    'No, someone got in, but how, it looks like they tore the thing apart.' He quickly ran into the dungeon and could see that Vorden's cell was empty.

    'Hilston going to kill us if we let him get away.' Pai thought. Before reporting to the others, he did a little investigation of his own.

    None of the other cells were touched, and it seemed like a forced entry. He changed that, it was definitely a forced entry. The main reason being the lock to get into the dungeon in the first place was on the outside, there was no lock on the inside, and one would have to break the door to even get in.

    Immediately, the first person Pai notified, was Brock. He was the eyes of the castle and knew how to control all the servants first. The two of them were now in his office after telling him of the news.

    "An outside job," Brock said to himself as he looked at the table and could see a mask there. There could only be one person who was guilty or most likely to be guilty as a suspect in his mind. The thing was, he saw Logan leave his room for breakfast this morning. If he had broken out Vorden then why the need to stay in the castle?

    Something didn't quite add up so because of this they needed to focus on catching Vorden most of all.

    "Have you told Vicky yet?" Brock asked.

    "No, I was worried she owed freak out and probably make the search even harder," Pai replied.

    "Good, I suggest that you go with her and search for Vorden but don't tell her what it's for. Check the areas where they can escape from, although I have a feeling that they won't be leaving just yet." Brock said.

    Pai immediately left to head out, and Brock was left alone in his room. He started to think about how Logan was acting to see if there was anything out of the ordinary, and one thing did seem a little odd to him. For some reason, without even asking bout it, Logan had brought up that the two servants that were with Pam, telling him they had already left to go back to Temple.

    Brock didn't care for these people, nor what he did, he would have never asked, and it seemed a bit strange for them to, A inform him, and B for Logan to know about it.

    'Three different locations, most likely three different people. One with Pam, the other? Is that why Duncan isn't responding? He was sent to the other location. Finally, one in the castle.'

    "What is it?" Pam asked on the receiver end.

    "Those two men that came with you, did they both return?" Brock asked.

    "Only one of them returned, they said the other one had something to deal with at the castle."

    "Well now, I'm sure of it," Brock replied. "Vorden is missing, and most likely, it has something to do with the person that hasn't returned. I'm not sure if the other one is in on it, but it might be best if you questioned him."

    At that moment, Jazz had become the number one suspect for helping Vorden escape, and he didn't even know it.


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