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    655 A Replacemen

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    Today had been an eventful day on the island. It was very rare that they got visitors and it seemed like more things than usual were happening around here. For Brock, it felt like ten years had been taken off his life for how many things he needed to do in such a short amount of time.

    While sitting in his office, he lent back and started to think about the confrontation between Pam and Logan.

    "That boy is a clever one, he will do well in the future. Whoever he chooses to side with will make a big name for themselves."

    But soon he would have to move onto a separate matter, for he had been trying to contact Duncan nonstop, but there was no response from him.

    'Don't be a young fool, are you really still upset with me for not believing in the little man? Just answer.' Brock thought, but still, there was nothing.

    Just in case, Duncan decided to contact those that had gone to the village, but they had said he set off in search for the little man in the morning, and he hadn't returned since.

    'Did something happen to him, that can't be possible?' Brock thought. Maybe to one of the others but not Duncan.

    Duncan was one of the best fighters outside those who trained in the castle. If someone could beat him, he would have known about it, unless this little man was real.

    It had only been one day, so it was no cause for concern. There had been times where Duncan had gone missing for longer and had come back just fine. If he knew how much Brock was worrying about him, Duncan would be pleased to know he caused this old fool heartache.

    Back in the room, Logan had just read the letter before quickly burning it up. He had checked if there was anything else, but it simply said keep searching.

    "Who do you think sent it? Or what do you think it means?" Peter asked.

    "You were there with us at the meeting I had with Pam. If this letter was addressed to me, then it could only be related to one thing. Richard Eno. Do they mean to keep searching for Eno?" Logan said.

    In the room itself, there were only a few people with them, so it was possible after hearing their conversation, one of them slipped him the letter. It could even be Pam herself, but her reaction seemed genuine. There of course, was also the option that it wasn't any of them in the room.

    Maybe the room had been bugged, and someone was listening in on them. If it really was Richard Eno, or the person hiding the things to do with the Blades, they could easily have a couple of people working for them on the island.

    If it was Logan, he would have done the same, allowing him to be one step ahead knowing everyone's moves.

    "We don't have time to worry about this now," Logan said. "We need to focus on Vorden. If we are going to save him then maybe now while we're both here is our best shot."

    "Vorden." A voice said. The door flung open and falling onto the floor was Jazz. "Huh, is it too late to say I didn't hear anything?"

    In an instant, Jazz was tied up using some of the bedsheets in the cupboard. He didn't have super strength like the others and had no ability to copy, so he was just like any other person.

    "Shout, and you're dead," Peter said. The words were spoken so cold, Jazz knew that he meant it.

    "What do we do now?" Peter said, shaking his head. "I guess we have to act today, and without Quinn."

    "I was planning to anyway," Logan replied. "You see, Vorden is kept underneath the castle chained up. What is surprising and at the same time not, is that there are no guards down there. Everyone on the island just isn't used to having visitors. The idea that someone would come here just doesn't occur to them."

    "It's not just that." Jazz added, "The Blades are so strong if you try to leave, they know they will get you."

    Peter turned and gave him a stare as if to tell him to be quiet, but Logan told him to calm down. After all, the little bits of information they were getting from Jazz was actually quite helpful.

    "Then it should be quite easy to break out Vorden then. Just head down there, break the chains and leave this place." Peter said.

    "If possible, I would like to leave this place on a good note. If we break out Vorden and return unseen, then when we eventually leave and they find out Vordern has escaped, they might think he did it himself. But that was before we got caught." Logan said, looking at Jazz.

    "Don't blame me." Jazz said, thinking his life was now in danger. "Your plan wouldn't have worked anyway. Vorden is a member of the castle, and he is quite close with Vicky and Pai. Yes you're right there aren't any guards down there, but Vicky and Pai go there nearly daily to talk to him.

    "If you were to take him away, they would find out."

    It was hard for them to know whether or not Jazz was lying, but it did seem reasonable for Vorden's family members to check on him. That was if this was a normal family.

    "If only there was a way we could take him without letting them know we have taken him, and at the same time, we need to get rid of this problem," Peter said, and looking at Jazz's face, he had come up with a brilliant idea. "I think I have something that just might work."

    They had decided to move out without Quinn, but the way things were going, they could leave this place without needing to fight at all. Which was a plus for all of them.

    They couldn't wait to see Quinn on the outside wherever he was and inform him that they had already saved Vorden.

    On the way to the dungeon, there were a few locks here and there, but it was nothing for Logan. His spiders could practically take the shape of any lock. The more difficult ones would just take a little longer.

    When they entered the dungeon, it was a sight that they didn't expect. There were far more people down here then they thought. Each in their own cells and every single one of them were tied up by their mouths and blindfolded.

    "What in the world?" Peter said.

    "They're the Chained." Jazz replied, who had been brought down with them. "I don't know why you guys are here, or why you're here to save Vorden, but surely you know our ability. Well, we don't have power of our own, so we always have people that we can borrow powers from."

    "It's cruel," Logan said.

    And honestly, Jazz didn't know how to reply to that. Even though he thought it was cruel, what could he do? He was in no position to say or do anything. He could only copy one ability and wasn't even well respected in the village, the only person that was less of a person than him was John and that's why he always stuck around him.

    "Can I ask, what happened to John? I know you're not him." Jazz asked.

    "He's dead," Peter replied. "And if you don't listen or play along, then you might be next."

    It was a sad thought, but Jazz didn't actually care for John. Instead, he was now more worried about his own behind, so he shut up and did as he was told.

    Finally, they had arrived just outside Vorden's cell, he was the only one that was simply chained and had no blindfold or tied to a strange type of stick in the centre of the room.

    "Ermmerm !" Peter pretended to clear his throat to try to grab his attention.

    When Vorden looked up, he could see both Peter and Logan.

    "Well, would you look at that? Now I'm starting to hallucinate about my friends." Vorden said. "Do I miss them that much? If so, I wonder why Quinn isn't here."

    "He is here you dummy." Peter said, "And we are very real. We are here to take you back from this hellhole of an island."

    Lifting up his hand, Vorden tried to wipe the tears that were rolling down his face, but the chains around his hand had stopped him.

    "You're real, I'm really not hallucinating." Vorden thought.

    He had already accepted while down here that he would never see them again, and he had prepared and accepted that. Seeing them now in front of him, he realised how much more they meant to him.

    "I never knew he was a softie," Logan commented. "Come on, let's get out of here."

    "Wait a second," Vorden said, looking at the person standing next to them strangely. "If I'm really not hallucinating, then who is he?"

    "Him?" Peter said with a smile. "He's your replacement."

    Standing next to Peter and Logan, was someone who looked identical to Vorden. Using his new soul weapon, they had made a replacement.


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