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    654 Green Vs Blade

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    Logan had been sitting down in his chair baffled for a while. He hadn't said a word after Pam had revealed that they weren't the ones who were keeping all the information about the Blades.

    "Judging by how quiet you have been, you don't know who is doing this either," Pam replied, after letting out a sigh. "I was hoping you would have an idea as you seemed confident, but it appears you do not."

    The truth was, Logan, didn't know enough about the Blades to have a list of suspects. To him, it didn't make sense why anyone would want to do this in the first place.

    "It's not that I have no idea of who, but more the why," Logan said, trying to recompose himself and make it seem like he still had cards to play. Right now, he felt like he was playing a game of chess with a knife held up against his neck.

    He was afraid the second there was no use for him, it would give the Blades a reason to get rid of him.

    "The threat of the big four, they never revealed information to anyone. Was that due to the Blade's as well?" Logan asked.

    "No, as I said before the Blades didn't reinforce any of this, the only thing Hilston cared about was them holding up their part of the contract." She mumbled to herself the last words, thinking that Logan wouldn't understand what she was talking about.

    "The only thing I can guess is that too, was done by this mysterious person. One time, I heard a person close to one of the big four leaders were running their mouths off about the Blades. It seemed like he was doing for popularity, but the second that rumour he had made got too big, he was silenced, and once again the Blades were never spoken of.

    "There are several incidents like this one that have occurred, but none of the people are actually known to us. The big four were already scared of us, and this only added to the fear, so we never revealed that it was an outsider. We saw no reason to."

    Somewhere in Pam's story, Logan was hoping to find clues to the why, but still, there was nothing. Instead, it narrowed down the few people who were capable of such things. The person or group had to have the skill of influence to alter the media, there weren't many that could do that, and then there was the second part.

    If they were able to silence members of the big four, they needed to be strong as well. Strong enough to not fear them. This was what stumped Logan. The only people he could think of that were strong enough were the big four themselves, the Blade family, or the vampires.

    If Richard Eno really was a vampire, then it could be a possibility that he was still behind this after all.

    Pam looked at Logan and could see his eyebrows twitching. Maybe Logan didn't notice it, but so far every time he was in deep thought and the cogs in his head where spinning, his eyebrow would start to twitch.

    "As you can see, this mysterious person is doing all the work for us. So we don't really need the Green's, do we?" She said with a smile trying to faze him.

    But Logan wasn't fazed, and he placed his hands down by his knees and lent forward.

    "Isn't it scary?" Logan asked.

    This wasn't what she was expecting, but curious to hear what he had to say she had her ears perked up.

    "The fact that there is someone out there behind the scenes like a puppet, pulling all the strings. They have managed to hide such a strong force, but at any second, they can change the state of the current world. You have no clue how strong or weak they are.

    "Maybe you think the Blades are in control, but the way I see it, information is king. Right now, this group or person knows everything about you guys yet you know nothing about them. If it was me, I would be doing everything in my power to find out about them."

    She sat there in silence and lent back, thinking about Logan's words. Hilston was a stubborn man, and it had been too long since he had found an opponent he couldn't beat or even that came close to giving him a real battle. Maybe that's why he never cared.

    But the fears that Logan presented were the same ones that Pam had deep down.

    'These people are like two peas in a pod,' Brock thought listening from the side.

    "Even if I agreed with you." Pam suddenly said, breaking the silence. "Why do I need you?"

    "I found out about you guys, didn't I? And trust me, there are things that I know that you will probably never know and I already have a suspect. Let me work for you, or correction, let's work together, making both of our lives easier. I believe we have the same goal and are looking for the same person."

    Peter was preparing himself to jump in at any second. If they were to decline Logan's offer, then they would most likely silence him, and he would do everything to save his life.

    "Good," Pam said. "I think you will be a great help to us. On one condition, who do you have as a suspect? I can tell you already have a person in mind."

    "Sure. I was going to ask you if you knew anything about him anyway. I'm looking for Richard Eno and if you knew anything about him or where he was currently."

    "Richard Eno" Pam said softly, as she was thinking about why he would be a suspect. To her, he was just an old scientist that had no relation to the Blades. "Unfortunately not, if you have any reason to suspect him or believe it is him then please send me a report. I will give you details on how to contact us before you leave the island." Pam said. "I still need to confirm with Hilston this is all okay."

    However Logan wasn't happy about that response, he thought asking here would give him more leads to where Richard Eno was. His family had told him if he needed help to go to him, but he still didn't know why. He was now at another dead end with no new leads.

    "Ah, Brock," Pam said. "These two wish to transfer and become servants of the castle. I have brought them here and was thinking of leaving them for the night, perhaps they could shadow one of the servants and find out what it's like in the castle. I still have to watch the others back at the temple."

    "Wait, don't you need us to come in tomorrow, what will you do without us?" Jazz asked.

    "The Temple already has more teachers than it should, we were trying to be extra precautious. One extra day won't hurt. "Besides, maybe our work will get easier with less noise around."

    "Yo, do you think she was talking about me?" Jazz whispered to Peter.

    "An excellent suggestion," Brock said. "I shall see if they are the right material for the castle. As for their first task, why don't they escort our guest back to his room?"

    Both Peter and Jazz were led by Brock, and all of them went to take Logan away. Peter was still waiting for his chance to reveal that it was him, but with the three of them around, he just didn't know how.

    They were soon going to be upon the room Logan was to stay for the night, and at last Peter had thought of something.

    "Have you heard of this Cursed family thing?" Peter asked Jazz, speaking loud. "I heard one of the other villagers talking about it."

    "No, impossible." Jazz replied. "If someone is talking about something, then I definitely know about it. What about them?"

    "Oh, I don't know anything, I was hoping you would know." And the conversation ended there.

    Peter just hoped it was enough of a clue to reveal who he was. Later that night, after doing all the tasks and shadowing one of the servants they were to go to sleep for the night, and that's when a little spider had appeared in front of Peter.

    He wasn't able to sleep anyway so there was no way he would miss it. Following the spider, it eventually led him to Logan's room. It looked like the hint had worked.

    He looked around seeing no one before deciding to enter, and when he did, he could see Logan there waiting.

    "I have to say Peter, I'm impressed you managed to get in the castle before Quinn."

    "And there wasn't a doubt in my mind you would be the first one to be here, where Vorden is," Peter replied.

    "Well, it looks like it might be up to us two to save Vorden then," Logan said.

    Stepping forward, Peter heard something crumple underneath his foot. When he looked down to investigate, he could see a letter.

    "What's that?" Logan asked.

    "I don't know, it was here right next to the door when I entered."

    First, Logan scanned the letter to see if there was anything dangerous about it, but nothing had been picked up by his spiders. Eventually, he decided to open up the letter and handwritten there were only a few words.

    [Keep searching]


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