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    653 The Search For Stronger Fighters

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    When Quinn and Borden did their little hand slap, before facing off their opponents. In the instance they touched hands, Quinn had activated his Shadow on ability. Even if it would take up a large number of his MC points there as one thing, he wasn't going to let happen.

    Letting his friend die, not while he was there. He knew Borden's strength, but he was unaware of how strong the Blades were as well.

    Moments before saving his life, Quinn was busy dealing with the emperor tier beast. Now that he had gotten close to the beasts with its large paw and claws, it had swiped at Quinn. It was hoping with its sheer size and strength it could deal with him immediately.

    'The attack is slow.' Quinn thought, which gave him enough time to prepare exactly what he needed. Stomping his foot on the ground, and timing it right, a strong blast of the Blood hammer had hit the paw, and the power had knocked it slightly away.

    Even the beast seemed a little startled and shocked by the sheer amount of power that had come from Quinn.

    From the fight with the Sunshields he had levelled up a few times, giving him additional stats, he also had his new equipment on. But even back then when fighting the Sunshields he had his new equipment on.

    The Quinn now, and the one before fighting the Sunshields were quite drastically different. The first being, every time Quinn levelled up there was something he didn't notice compared to before. Even though his HP no longer increased above a hundred, his natural resistance to attacks had done.

    An attack that would take off 5 Hp at level 35 might only take off 2 HP now he was a level 38. Which meant his body overall was getting stronger. On top of this, without fail everyday, Quinn started his day with practising controlling his Qi.

    There seemed to be no signs of slowing down in this department for each day the ball of Qi he could sense would get bigger and bigger. With his body naturally getting stronger, it also meant he could use more of his Qi without destroying his own body.

    Before, when outputting a large burst of Qi, it would damage his own body. Usually, this wouldn't be too bad because he could heal up, but Qi had a strange effect on vampires and that included when being used on himself. It made vampires heal slower.

    All of this though, when hitting the Claw away had made a far more powerful hammer strike then he had expected.

    Seeing what happened, the beast decided to change its tactic and leapt back a bit, firing the fireballs once again. This was something Qi wouldn't help him with and was annoying.

    He closed the distance between him and the beast the same way as before, using a mixture of the flash step and his impressive speed, in the end, he had to use another blood wall as well. With the flask and Blood bank he wasn't too worried. Essentially it was like he had three lives with these two things.

    When he got close enough, before the beast could leap away again from him. Quinn threw out a blood slash and caught it with his Shadow creating the Shadow blood scythe. Extending it in the air, and swinging it downward. It was sharp and strong enough to cut one of the serpent's heads off from its tail.

    It still leapt up in the air and moved away again, but now there were only two tails. Repeating this pattern the beast tried to fire, fireballs at Quinn again, only this time it was easier because there were only two tails.

    Repeating the same pattern as last time, another tail was chopped off, but this time, Quinn had two shadow scythes In his hand and had chopped off both of its tails. With its fire attacks gone, it was no longer a large threat.

    It seemed like only the fire attacks were something that Quinn had to worry about. With No choice and fighting for its life, the beast started to swipe its claws, pounce and move on top of Quinn.

    But using all the skills he had in his arsenal, he was able to avoid getting hurt and at the same time dealing damage to the beast.

    [Adrenaline points have reached 100]

    [Skill activated]

    [Points have been placed in strength]

    With the Skill activated, Quinn ignored one of the claws coming towards him. He could have avoided it and finished this fight without getting injured, but he decided to take the hit and finish his own move even quicker.

    He had been cut across the chest, and a huge amount of blood was drawn.

    [15/100 HP]

    [Activate blood bank]

    Another hammer strike was made towards its chest. He could see from his status screen that the beast was in a very weak state, but with the extra strength, his hand was able to go right through the beast body, and he had dealt the finishing blow, holding the crystal in his hand.

    With the crystal taken out of its body, there was no longer a source of power for the beast. It wasn't the beast's heart, but being this hurt, the crystal was the only thing left keeping it alive.

    The Blood bank started doing its work, and the wounds on his body were healing.

    After this, the events had occurred that led Duncan and Quinn to be standing opposite each other on the bridge.

    'I have to run, if he could kill the beast so easily, then I'm no match for him.' Duncan thought, and he quickly got up, and started to use the wind to propel his body forward.

    However, a strange purple dark shadow started to rise in his face, and arms started to come out towards him.

    "What is this?" Immediately he tried to avoid it, and fell back down to the ground.

    [Shadow void]

    "I'm not going to let you run away. I need to save my friend, and if people know you saw us, then that makes it very difficult for me." Quinn said.

    Duncan, threw out wind slashes, aiming to get rid of the person causing all of this, but in the shadow void, as long as it remained standing. Quinn regained his MC points twice as fast. He could use his Shadow freely in here, and it was easy for him to block the oncoming attacks.

    A larger wind slash was then thrown out, and Quinn responded with a Qi infused blood swipe which completely destroyed his wind slash.

    'Time for a change of plan, there is only one thing left I can do.' Duncan thought, and he started to run right ahead at Quinn. His attacks appeared random as he threw out wind slashes and tornadoes all over the place.

    Each time either being blocked or destroyed by Quinn, but when he was close enough, Duncan suddenly had a burst in speed and managed to grab Quinn by the shoulder.

    "Ha, you should have never let me touch you. Whatever ability you're using, I will be able to- "He stopped before finishing his sentence, for the first time something had happened which never had happened before.

    The MC cells in his body, they were not changing.

    He fell onto the floor in a panic.

    "You can't copy my ability, can you?" Quinn said.

    Going in closer, Quinn started to look into his eyes, and they started to glow red.

    "Please work.." Quinn mumbled.

    [Influence skill failed]

    "I'm sorry, but Vordern is very important to me, and you hurt the little guy," Quinn said, before finishing him off with a Blood slash towards the neck.

    There was no resistance from Duncan on his part. He was already too afraid to do anything when his ability didn't work, and he fell to the floor dead.

    The shadow void came down and although Quinn didn't receive a level up from defeating the emperor tier and Duncan. There was a load of exp points that had been given. Still nowhere near the amount he needed for a level up.

    'How strong are the people going to need to be. Will I now only level up fighting Vampire leaders and the big three?' It certainly was possible.

    However, another notification screen appeared.

    [Shadow Void level 3]

    [Shadow On level 2]

    [Fifty skill points have been received]

    This was a nice surprise because now he had enough stat points to unlock one of the level 7 skills.

    When Quinn was level six, he was able to learn and unlock a total of ten different skills.

    [Shadow control]

    [Shadow Cloak]

    [Shadow Void]

    [Shadow equip]

    [Shadow eater]

    [Shadow hop]

    [Shadow path]

    [Shadow On]

    [Shadow Travel]

    [Shadow space - dimensional space]

    When he finished learning all of the skills available at level six, the system had upgraded his Shadow to a level seven ability, and two more skills were available for him to unlock. Both of these skills cost a total of fifty skill points to unlock.

    Quinn assumed, as long as he unlocked both of the level seven skills, then he would be able to move onto level eight and learn a few more skills related to the Shadow as well. Things he had seen Arthur do.

    The two skills available were.

    [Shadow swap]

    [Shadow lock]

    There was no explanation as to what the skills did, so he could only guess based on the name. It took him a while, but he had finally decided on a new skill.

    [Shadow lock has been unlocked!]


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