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    Brock continually shook his head as he watched the lone female master Vicky, face off against Logan. He was starting to wish that her Brother Pai was the one to have known about Logan. He was even considering informing him about this matter, in hopes he could calm his sister down. The two of them had been fighting for a while now, and there was a clear difference between the two in terms of skill.

    Logan, barely standing had a busted up lip, lumps across his legs and arms where they had swollen to the size of balloons, unsure if they were broken or not. The pain was starting to settle in as the fight calmed down for a second, and his body now was informing him of how much punishment he had been dealt. He was starting to wonder what he had done to deserve something like this happening to him.

    He didn't say anything confrontational and thought it would only be a light spar, yet she seemed to make him go through some type of torture. When the fight first started, he had used his speed suit.

    He was hoping this would give him the advantage after seeing a regular human in front of him. He was sure that these Balde's and Vorden were the same and it didn't look like she had copied any abilities.

    His fighting skills might have been below hers, but with extra speed he should have been able to do something. When the fight had started, his mind was quickly changed. She had matched her speed with his, and the fight had quickly become all about fighting skills.

    Multiple sets of different kicks had come at him each time changing their paths and attack patterns. Logan tried to find something that made sense, a reason for her to choosing to attack a certain area or a pattern to the kicks but he couldn't.

    He managed to block a few of them, but a few kicks got in here and there, and then that's when he noticed it. Slowly she was ramping up the speed and power of her kicks. She still wasn't fighting at a hundred percent.

    'How, how is this possible for a normal human being?' Logan thought. He looked at her to check whether she was a vampire, but Vorden had never mentioned such things. She didn't have a ring on her, and Quinn would have been able to sense that Vorden was different if that was the case.

    What he was seeing in front of his eyes was something he didn't understand.

    During the fight, even if he wanted to change his suit, it was something that was not possible. She would clearly finish him, but the speed suit offered very little protection.

    Even though he was getting beat and hurt badly, every so often Logan wood was able to do something he never expected. His body didn't want to take any more punishment, and without thinking about things, he would manage to block attacks that he couldn't before.

    "The human body is an amazing thing isn't it? You have improved so much already." Vicky said with a smile, but once again she had bumped it up a notch.

    When a kick was delivered towards his face, out of reaction, not wanting to get hit, not wanting to die, Logan managed to raise his arm, but the kick was too strong breaking the bone in his forearm and making his own arm bang into his own face.

    "ARGHHHH!" Logan screamed in pain.

    "Brock, bring up a healer and two other chained with high levels," Vicky ordered.

    Bowing, Brock didn't question her and did as she asked.

    The two of them were now having a break, but Logan could barely even move his body. He looked at his arm that was bent and had doubled in size.

    'Why did I come here?' Logan thought. 'I'm not a fighter like Quinn, and I can't heal like Peter. I could have just given them support, told them about the submarine. If I did that, then I wouldn't be going through this hell right now.'

    Thinking about this, the images of his parents' dead bodies lying on the floor appeared in his head. When he thought about this, a wave of strange anger rose in him, and the promise he had made.

    Not only did he want to help Vorden, but what drove him to come here in person was the possible clue of finding Richard Eno, in turn maybe finding out who killed his parents.

    But he didn't want Quinn or Peter or anyone else to find him. Logan wanted to do it himself, he needed to do it himself, which was why he chose to come to the island as well.

    Finally, Brock had returned with three chained, and Vicky went up to touch each one of them.

    "May I remind you that Mr Green is a guest," Brock said. "He is only a guest."

    "I have been holding back, haven't I? "Vicky replied. "Besides, even you should be able to tell, I'm trying to help him not hurt him since he will be an ally of ours."

    This was what Brock actually was afraid of. It still hadn't been confirmed whether or not Logan would be part of their group as an ally. What she was doing now, she could as well be making a future enemy of theirs stronger.

    After touching the three chained, Vicky went up to Logan, and placed her hands slightly above his wounds. A soft, warm glow was felt from her hands and nearly instantly, all of his wounds started to heal.

    It was at an amazing rate, something he had never seen before. This was because she was using the MC levels of the others to put into the healing ability. Which meant that her healing abilities were beyond that of a level eight at the moment.

    It only took a few minutes, but Logan felt like he was just as good as before. She smiled at him, and he smiled back as he was about to say thank you, but before he knew it, a kick landed across his face sending him skidding across the room.

    "Be thankful," Vicky said, walking towards Logan. "You are getting a personal lesson from the Balde family Castle style. Our training since we were younger was all about pushing our bodies to its very limits. Surely you have heard stories of things like this happening before.

    "When humans are in dire situations, they are able to accomplish superhuman feats not usually capable. The Blades have always tried to push the body bey9ond these limits constantly until our body gets used to that. Then we push them even further each time dealing and breaking it down to create a stronger Blade.

    "Even the process we go through the temple is like that. Getting rid of all the ones that can't push themselves."

    Logan had a little idea of what she meant but had no clue what she was talking about when she mentioned the word "Temple". All he did know, was that it wasn't the end of his little spar, and he would have to suffer for this longer.

    If what she was saying was true. She would keep beating him, and healing him in a loop until his natural human survival instincts power him to improve.

    For a second, Logan thought that this was torture having to go through all this, but he wiped the blood from his mouth and stood up with a determined look in his eyes. This was an opportunity for him. An opportunity to no longer rely on others and get stronger himself.

    Logan couldn't see it for himself, but even now his eyes were slightly glowing green, similar to when he would use the peak of his power.

    "The look in your eyes. That's exactly the look you need to survive as a Blade in the castle." Vicky said.

    Getting the spiders to form over him one more time, creating a mismatch and a strange altered version of his usual suits, he ran forward.

    "I'm not a Blade, I'm a Green!"


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