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    Following the sound of the young voices, Peter eventually found himself at a strange-looking place. It didn't have the same design or architecture as the castle he could see, and for some reason, there were kids here, on the island.

    Although this wasn't too strange if people lived on the island, then of course there would be children as well. What gave him a strange feeling were two things. The first, was how all the kids looked quite similar yet different at the same time, as if they were all related.

    But if that was true, Peter couldn't imagine a single mother delivering all those babies.

    'They look a little like Vorden, does that mean Vorden could be here?" Peter thought. His logic wasn't the best, but he could see workers there wearing the same orange martial arts clothing as himself, so the person he was disguised as must have come from there.

    The second thing that gave him a creepy feeling was the look on the kid's faces. None of them was smiling or playing with each other. Instead, it almost looked like they had formed groups.

    They would whisper and laugh as other kids walked past unsure what was going on, and there was even one kid who was on his own not in any type of group at al;. This was very strange for children their age.

    Slowly, Peter was trying to form a plan of what to do, he had no clue what his reason for being here was, or what the worker's goal was, and he also needed to think about what to say if he was caught.

    "Hey, John." A man suddenly said as he felt a hand placed on his shoulder. Peter on instinct grabbed it and almost twisted it, but stopped himself at the last moment only holding on.

    "Easy there, remember there aren't any beasts on this side of the island. You can relax, I guess you nearly pissed your pants, but you couldn't because you already went?" The strange man started to laugh and continually hit Peter on the shoulder.

    If Peter wasn't in disguise right now, he would be hitting him back on the shoulder as well, not holding back.

    The only good thing was through this stranger, Peter had come to learn the name of the person he was disguised as, John.

    Then there was still one more problem, now Peter was wishing he thought ahead more. His transformation ability also allowed him to alter his voice, but he couldn't do that if he didn't know what the person's voice sounded like. The only thing he could base it off was a small grunt before the man's death.

    Taking notes down in his head, this was something he needed to think about in the future.

    "What's wrong man, you nervous? You're not really saying much." The man asked.

    "I tripped over a root and fell. I hit my throat on something hard, and now it's sore." Peter replied, making his voice sound croaky.

    "Wow, you really do sound horrible man yikes, you sound like a different person."

    Right now, Peter wanted to do anything to get away from this man. If he stayed with him, then he would end up being stuck with him as some type of friend. If this happened, how was he meant to go and investigate on his own?

    At that moment, a woman with short red hair came out from the so-called Temple. She was dressed differently from the others. While they all wore orange martial arts robes she wore a white one with an orange trim.

    Judging by the fact that she was the only one wearing that colour, Peter assumed she was one of a higher position. This was often the case with workers at fast food chains, so this was what he was basing his knowledge on.

    The female clapped a couple of times, and the kids went deadly silent.

    "All right, it's time for you all to head in and prepare for your morning classes." She said.

    The kids soon followed as if they were already in military school. Peter knew he had a strange feeling about this place and seeing this only confirmed his thoughts.

    'Was this how Vorden was raised?'

    "You two." The women said, looking at them near the back of the forest. "Quit your slacking and head over here now! There will be a meeting inside." She said as she walked off into the Temple.

    "Wow, I guess the rumours about Pam being feisty were true, I guess we shouldn't get on her bad side. She's nothing like Duncan back from the village, huh?" The man said as he nudged Peter to say something.

    "Oh right, your voice."

    Following everyone else, it looked as if all the other teachers knew each other, and through greetings, he had come to learn that the man's name was Jazz. No matter what Peter tried to do, for some reason he couldn't shake Jazz off him.

    At times Jazz would stop to talk to others, and Peter would continue on walking to the meeting room where everyone else was walking to. If Jazz noticed he would break off and go ahead to join back up with him.

    He didn't understand this obsession especially, since Peter was saying next to nothing to him. If this continued on, Peter honestly didn't know how much longer he could hold back.

    The adults had all gathered in an empty hall, and there were around fifteen of them in total and standing at the front was the woman they had seen earlier, Pam.

    "Okay listen up, I know this isn't your regular job and you have all moved from the village. By now, I'm assuming you all heard of the incident that had happened." Pam started to explain. "The event has only been postponed, and now these children know about it. So this won't be your full-time role but only a temporary one"

    Pam began to explain a few more things about the Temple to get everyone up to speed, but after saying the first part, Jazz couldn't help but whisper over to his favourite friend John.

    "Can you believe what he did? I heard Vorden took out ten of the teachers himself trying to save everyone here. That guys crazy." Jazz whispered.

    It looked like Peter might be in the right place, after all. "Oh, I didn't hear much about it," Peter replied. "Why don't you tell me more."

    Quinn having roughly seen where the two had landed was trying to decide who to go to first. There was Logan who could possibly be in huge danger at the moment, but knowing him, he might be smart enough to live for longer. Then there was Peter, who would likely get into all sorts of trouble.

    In the end, Quinn was in a predicament but had made a choice. "If I go to Peter then I can get his soul weapon and maybe we can sneak into the castle to save Logan."

    By the time he would even get to the castle, Logan would have been caught or not caught; it didn't make a difference, so he thought it would be best to try and find Peter first.

    Briefly looking around on the part of the beach he was on, he was trying to see if there were any signs of human life, but he could see nothing had been built, and the only thing large enough to see was the stone tablet, and the castle peeking around the side of it. He could only see this if he walked around the side of the beach.

    Looking back at the sea, Quinn shuddered once again thinking about the beast. It was a shame that in his panic and fear he wasn't able to use his inspect skill to truly see what level the beast was at. Not that he had any ideas of fighting it in the first place.

    Stepping into the jungle like area, Quinn decided to head into the general direction where he saw Peter fall, but it was only after a few moments that he released maybe he couldn't be as bullish as he originally thought. His ears picked up the sound of something coming towards him, and it did so at great speed.

    The sound of something panting while breaking the tree branches and leaves were coming his way.

    'It's so fast' turning around Quinn could see almost a black blur coming at him, and he was only able to use his inspect skill at the last moment.

    [King tier beast - Black two jawed cat]

    On the island his first encounter would be with a king tier beast. Not holding back, Quinn prepared his shadow and he was ready for it. It had speed but the only reason he wasn't able to keep track of it too well was due to it moving in between the trees and changing direction at a fast rate. When it came at him he would be ready for it.

    Then, as expected, the large black cat pounced towards him, it opened its mouth wide, and it had one jaw of razor sharp teeth on top of another.

    Preparing his leg, Quinn was ready to kick it when it came in range.

    "Don't hurt my brother's friends!' A small voice shouted, and right out from the side, something small had punched the Jaguar in the face, and caused it to go flying and crashing into the set of trees.

    When the small object landed, two spikes could be seen out on its back. It was a miniature Dalki, one that Quinn was acquainted with.

    "Borden!" Quinn said, surprised.

    "I've been waiting for you," Borden replied with a smile.


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