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    The sea beast that had hit them wasn't stationed too far from the island, and to the beast itself, its goal was to only destroy the strange-looking shark object. It could safely say that it had completed its mission, and it quickly went back into the sea as the three objects that left the strange thing were sent flying through the sky.

    The force from the attack was strong and Logan while flying through the sky had actually passed out, the only ones that were conscious were Peter and Quinn. Looking to his right, Peter was too far away for him to do anything about now, and at least he was a fighter.

    If he was to land somewhere on the island and get in trouble, Quinn wouldn't have to worry about him as much, but Logan was someone he worried about. He activated his shadow and tried to stretch it thin, hoping to grab Logan. But as he did, his body started to descend before the others, it was losing velocity, and Quinn had ultimately ended up crash landing on the beach, headfirst into the sand.

    While the other two bodies continued to fly out elsewhere. Quickly taking his head out, shaking all the sand out of his curly hair, Quinn tried to look at where the two would land. Peter had ended up off to the castle's left side, while Logan himself had landed near the castle.

    "This can't be good." Quinn thought.

    Inside the castle, one of the old storage rooms had been converted into a training room, it was fairly basic compared to the others. Hilston was one that did some strange things while Pai and Vicky tried their best to keep it basic.

    At the moment, both of them were covered in sweat. Pai with his top off, flaunting his six pack abs, while Vicky, had nothing but a sports bra on with jogger bottoms. The two of them were going through their daily sparing they would often do. A habit from when they were younger that continued forward.

    They were taking a short break as Pai went ahead and was drinking from a bottle of water. "Sis, after everything that's happened with Vorden, I just want to say I'm glad that me and you completed that event together."

    "I'm not," Vicky said almost instantly. "There are times when I want to just go crazy and do what I want, and then you go ahead and speak sense to me." She chuckled.

    The door swung open form inside the training room, and an old man wearing a single eyepatch had entered.

    "Speak Brock," Vicky said.

    Brock was the head servant at the castle. He was in charge of all the other servants who would serve and be on call for the main Blade family. Brock had been at the castle even before Pai and Vicky, and it seemed like even Hilston showed him a bit of respect.

    This was because of his actual strength. There were a few times when the big event would happen that some who were thought to have been dead, survived. Hilston said luck was also something they needed to factor in so if this ever did happen they would go through the same training they once did in the castle.

    Brock was one of these people, although there weren't many around the island. In total there were three and each of them held an important position around the island. There was Brock, head of servants in the castle, Pam, who was in charge of the Temple although she had recently been away and Bubble was put in charge. However, after the last incident, Pam was asked to return.

    Her uses were gathering information on the outside families and sending messages, cover-ups and even more. She had an important role, but was replaced as Hilston wanted her to return to the Temple.

    Then there was Duncan, who was the village elder. He was in charge of the ground troops and defence if there was ever an attack on the island itself. He also led the charge against Truedream family on Hilston's orders.

    These three though they didn't have the same talent as those in Blade family had gone through the same training, and had bodies beyond what a normal human was capable of.

    "Duncan has reported that a strange object was destroyed near our vicinity and it appears something has landed on the island," Brock reported.

    "Something or someone?" Vicky asked.

    "That I'm not sure, no one has gone to investigate yet."

    "Hmm, it's probably just something Kraky threw on the island again. Let me know if it's anything important." She replied.

    "Of course," Brock said as he left.

    Before Truedream there hadn't been an intruder in years, if someone knew about the Blades there weren't many that would be crazy enough to even try to set foot on the island.

    Still flying through the air, Logan had eventually regained consciousness, and he could see his path was heading towards the castle, but based on his trajectory he would narrowly avoid it, but it still wasn't good. He would definitely cause some noise and someone would see him.

    But rather than worrying about that, he now needed to worry about himself, for soon he would be crash landing. The spiders started to form, and he put on his defensive suit, which was the bulkiest out of the ones he had.

    It would cause the most noise, but it was better than breaking a leg and not being able to move or run away. At the end of the day, he wasn't like those super freaks who could heal a leg in an instant.

    Curling up into a ball he was starting to defend, and he had crashed into a tree with great force, making a loud noise, like a ball he continued to tumble along, breaking trees and causing a lot more noise then he would have liked.

    "Hook! Hook!" Logan shouted, as a couple of hooks shot out from his suit and tried to attach to anything it could hold onto. Eventually, they had smacked into a large root from one of the jungle trees, and he was yanked to a halt.

    "Ahh, I feel sick," Logan said, thinking he would see stars, but all he could see was the large castle at most a few hundred meters away.

    "I have to go, I have to find Quinn or Peter," Logan said, but when he stood up, he collapsed onto the ground and passed out again.

    As for Peter, his landing wasn't anywhere near as dramatic. He had gone to quite a lefty and greener area of the island, and he just let whatever was going to happen to him happen. The trees, vines and more had broken most of his fall. He did manage to break an arm and sprain an ankle as he landed, but that would soon heal and be no problem for him.

    "Hey did you hear that?" A voice said. "I'm login to go and check it out."

    Waiting for his limbs to heal before fully moving, Peter could see someone coming his way. It looked like an adult man that was dressed in some strange orange robe clothing.

    "I don't know if you're good or bad," Peter said to himself hiding behind a tree. "But I need to save my friend, and I'm going to need your help."

    In an instant before the man could react, Peter and twisted his head quickly giving it a snap. He looked at his face and body and started to morph it into his own. Soon after he changed his clothes, and moved the body covering it with some leaves, and buying his own clothes somewhere not too far away before making it.

    "Damn I didn't get a name," Peter said. "I guess I'm not good at the stuff."

    He had taken a life in an instant and didn't really feel much about it, another side effect of his turning.

    Heading into the direction where the man had come from, Peter thought maybe someone would call out to him, he might seem strange to them, but he could say he had fallen and hurt his head or something. People believed their eyes a lot more than one would think.

    Even if one didn't act like themselves, they would hardly ever think someone was able to copy their appearance so accurately, especially on an island that no one knew about.

    When Peter got closer, he could hear the sound of children, going through the trees, he could see a wide shaped building and outside a group of kids.

    "What is this place, Is Vorden here?" Peter thought.


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