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    636 Mission Failed

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    Slowly Hilston started to walk over to the group, he was a large man bulked with muscles on top of muscles. With each step he took into the sand, his feet would sink in, and there wasn't a bit of fear on his face.

    The kids, and the chained, stood there behind Vorden, who was actually currently Sil. He had given them all hope, led them this far and was waiting for him to act. To get over this last hurdle. The only problem was, if this was a hurdle, then it was one that reached the clouds. Something impossible for any person to jump over.

    Suddenly, Sil switched, and the seat was left empty, for a second the body was about to give in and fall over, but at the last second Raten took control.

    "What are you doing?" Vorden asked Sil as he stormed off and had headed back to his corner with his head between his knees.

    "You wanted to save these kids right, we brought them here, and now is our chance. If it's me or Raten, we don't stand a chance, but maybe with you we can do something." Vorden pleaded.

    But Sil ignored him completely and continued to dig his head into his knees.

    "It's useless," Raten said. "We're on our own with this one. I imagine he still hasn't gotten over what happened before, but Sil, this is where me and you are different. You see, if I was you, I wouldn't be sitting down sulking, instead, I would be filled with rage at this bastard who did all of this to us!" Raten said, charging in.

    The kids didn't follow, but the three or so chained from before did, although as they got closer, this wave of energy that sent shivers down their spine had hit them. It made them slow down their pace, eventually causing some of them to stop midway in the sand.

    Raten had felt it too, and perhaps he would have done the same. The intimidating aura would have stopped him in his tracks, but he had felt a power similar to this once before. One in the vampire king, and the other, in a man named Arthur.

    Because of these two experiences, he wasn't as affected by it as much as the others.

    In the end, only Raten and another were able to make it to where Hilston was standing.

    "Oh, you still move, impressive, but it's a shame that even now he refuses to come out in a situation like this," Hilston said and all of a sudden he was behind the Chained who was positioned behind Raten. When he turned around, the man who came out and charged in with him, was on the floor dead.

    Raten hadn't even seen what happened.

    'An ability, instant teleportation, it will be a tough one to deal with.' Thinking this, he activated the invisibility.

    Taking just a single step, Hilston already hit him right in the gut. It was a strong, powerful blow that sent him up in the air.

    "The sand is the worst place for that ability, I can see your every move," Hilston said, looking up.

    Raten's hands started to glow green on the way down, then the energy moved to his fingertips, firing five lasers out. Thinking he would avoid a single large blow, Raten went to at least hurt him by making more.

    Moving his head slightly to avoid the lasers hitting his eyes, he allowed them to hit his forehead and arms, but nothing but a small little black mark was made.

    'It did nothing, an enhancement ability?'

    While thinking this, another punch landed mid-air, rolling him across the sand.

    "Damn it!" Raten shouted and coughed out blood onto the sand. "Can I really do nothing?"

    With his eyes barely open, Raten could see a small figure off in the distance, and it looked to be running his way. With his last bit of strength, he lifted his hand and fired out lasers.

    Hilston knew they weren't going to hit him, so he just continued to walk forward, allowing them to miss. But the lasers were never meant for him, they were meant for the small object in the distance.

    "Brother, do you not want my help!" Borden thought as he was ready to charge in and take on the man at the risk of his life, but every time he took a step forward, a green laser would be fired at him.

    Borden was a bit hot-headed, but then the words of his brother rang through his head.

    His family would never kill him, it was clear this man had the ability to, yet chose not to.

    Listing to his brother's words, Borden made the hard decision to leave Vorden and run back into the jungle. The plan and mission was a failure.

    Now Hilston stood over Raten.

    "Maybe you could have done something if it was Sil, but you two trash will never be able to harm me." He knelt down and touched Raten by the hand.

    At that moment, Raten knew the whole thing was a lost cause.

    "YouYou didn't even use an ability" the next thing, his vision went black.

    The kids were sent back to the temple, and the workers were replaced. As for the chained that had attempted to escape along with Vorden, they were no longer Chained. The decision was made that the event would be delayed for a while.

    Even though the kids now knew what was going to happen, Hilston was interested in how this would affect them. Perhaps this change would be positive for them. Knowing that they would soon fight to the death in a week's or so time might even get those that were lazy before to work even harder than ever.

    They had always kept It a secret because different talents bloomed at different times. They were afraid that there would be foul play involved. Knowing they were going to kill each other anyway, they might try to get the jump earlier on. Weaker people would group up to kill those more talented.

    But with it only being a short while away, they could get more people to watch the kids. Why was it delayed? Because something urgent had come up. The Sunshield family had killed the Blade messenger that had been sent to them.

    It was clear that Burnie now refused to give himself in and he was ready for war. This more than anything angered Hilston. More than Vorden trying to escape, more than him ruining the event.

    He was now ready to teach the Sunshields a lesson that they would never forget. Leaving the island was himself, the father and mother, while also bringing ten men with them. Although their duty was more to look after the Chained that would be coming along.

    A ship was taken, and they had set off. Leaving the only people in the castle, apart from the servants. Vorden's brother and Sister Pai and Vicky.

    The two of them sat in the dining room on their own. One would think it would be quiet with fewer people around, instead, it was noisier than ever with Vicky complaining.

    "I can't believe they didn't take us as well," Vicky complained. "Finally Grandpa is going berserk, and we're allowed to do what we want, but he doesn't bring us along?"

    "You know why Grandpa said we have an important duty to do," Pai replied. "We have to make sure that Vorden doesn't try anything else while he's here."

    "Baloney!" She shouted back. "You know that's a lie, how the hell is he meant to do anything when he's tied up below. No ability, no way to get an ability and no weapons."

    Underneath the castle, there was a reasonably large dungeon, and this was where the Chained lived. Although those that belonged to the big three, or stronger were kept somewhere else, but they had been taken away with Hilston anyway.

    In one of the cells, Vorden had been captured and placed inside for punishment. His hands, cuffed and linked to chains that only allowed minimal movement, but he had more freedom than the others.

    Hilston had yet to decide what to do with him, so he was to stay here until he came back. Every so often, the servants would bring him food and water everything he needed to survive, but his eyes were dead.

    However, one time, as a servant came in bringing his food, and had walked away. A few moments later, something small enough was able to walk through the bars on the cell.

    "Brother," Borden said. "I have come to break you out, with my strength, I can break those chains easily, and we can get out of here."

    "Just leave me be," Vorden replied. "Even if we can get out of here, we can never leave the island."

    "If this is about that strange strong man, then he has already left the island with others. I don't know why, but it looks like he won't be coming back for a while. The only ones who are in the castle are the younger girl and boy.'

    For a second, a little glimmer of hope was seen in Vorden's eyes, but it quickly went away.

    "As long as they are here, then there is still no chance for us to escape."

    This wasn't the same person Borden had met in the vampire world. The single defeat had changed his brother, and he hated to see him like this. Borden felt like no matter what he said he wouldn't be able to get through to him, maybe he couldn't help, but he knew someone who might.

    From behind, Borden pulled out the communication mask and handed it over.

    "Call them, you need to," Borden said, with a determined look in his eyes.


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