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    632 The First Time With Black

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    The pain that Vorden had felt from being stabbed in the back didn't actually hurt him that much. He didn't know if it was because of the adrenaline running through his body, the fear factor, or something else. However, there was a heavy pain in his heart. The pain of being killed by the person he had always cared for.

    "Why did you do it, Sil? Even if you didn't believe that the plan would work, we could have at least tried. I can't believe that you would actually care about something like going to the castle, becoming one of them. You never expressed anything like that, or were they the feelings you had all along?"

    The little pain that Vorden did feel in his back had now completely gone, and his vision had faded to nothing. It wasn't like sleeping when one would sleep, they would see the black due to their eyelids covering their vision, but they truly saw nothing when one was dead.

    Then, a few seconds later, it had gone to black, it was a sudden change that struck Vorden as weird. He tried lifting his hand, and he could now see it in front of him.

    "Wait, I'm alive!" He said, quickly rising to his feet. It was like he was never injured in the first place. He patted his body all over, seeing if it was real. The touch, everything, it felt real, but at the same time a little different.

    Trying to grasp where he was, he looked around and around, but there was nothing except darkness. In fact, the only reason why he could even see was because his body was giving off a faint glow.

    "Is this heaven, am I turning into an angel?!" Vorden shouted. "Who am I kidding, those poor ants, I must have killed a whole family that day, of course, I'm going to hell."

    Not knowing what to do and trying to figure out what had happened, Vorden tried to summon his wind ability he had stored earlier, but there was nothing. However, during the process, he felt a connection of something else. Reaching out to that, when he opened his eyes once more, he saw a space in the emptiness that had changed.

    In front of him was the outside world. He could see the island, and on the floor was his dead body.

    "Why did you kill Vorden!" Raten shouted, he could see and hear through the screen.

    "Don't worry, we will all be together," Sil said.

    For some reason, he was able to see everything from the point of view of Sil. It was like his conciseness had been transported.

    "Wait, wasn't there an ability like that?" Vorden suddenly remembered. "It allowed one's consciousness to be transported from one body to another though killing." He paused for a second.

    Now Vorden had an understanding of what might have happened, but he didn't understand why. Had Sil come into contact with one of the Chained in the event, and this was one of the abilities? The ability was pretty much useless for combat, so he didn't understand.

    The Blade family liked to collect abilities as if they were some sort of ornaments. So they had many rare and original abilities that they never or hardly ever used.

    'Is this why Sil chose to kill me?'

    With nothing else to do but think, he thought perhaps Sil had a plan of his own. The pain in Vorden's heart began to settle, and all he could do was watch the fight between the two outside.

    Touching the floor and then raising his hand. Raten had made a giant earth hand and pushing forward it immediately went to grab Sil.

    Repeating the same actions Sil had done the same, only his hand was even bigger. They both went across the ground, and Sil's hand crumpled Raten's.

    Charging forward, he was still in a rage. "Not once Sil, was I ever able to beat you in a sparring match, but today is different, today is important. I have to win. Because I'm carrying the weight of so many lives. Do you know how many people I killed today, and you will be added on to that list."

    He threw out several large wind blades, combining the MC levels and points of all two abilities. They were large and strong, but whatever Raten could do, Sil could do better. For he was currently holding four abilities. There was no need for him to overwrite anything.

    The difference between the two attacks was like night and day.

    "Yes, perfect Sil!" Hilston cheered, watching through the screen. "With your power, you shouldn't be able to let anyone get close to you. That is the Blade family's way!"

    Raten was more skilled when it came to hand to hand combat and using weapons, but Sil wouldn't even let him get close. He had built up several walls of Earth surrounding him, slowly completing it more and more.

    Raten tried to use all his strength, but eventually, it had solidified, tying in his hands and legs. There wasn't any part of his body he could move, apart from his head.

    "Why, why you little crap! Crybaby, traitor, pig scum, little man!" Raten continued to scream insults at the top of his lungs, still not understanding what was going on, but he stopped. He saw Sil walking towards him and still had a smile on his face.

    "I hope you can carry on making up new insults for me, Raten," Sil said. "I'll make this quick."

    A slash of wind flew towards his head. It had been cut so cleanly and was so sharp, that Raten's head remained on its body, even though there was a straight cut through it, not falling over.

    [The event has come to an end]

    "I'll kill him ten times, no. A hundred times!" Raten shouted, cursing.

    "Hey there," Vorden said.

    "What the, you, you came to hell as well?"

    "Not Quite, let me try to explain what I think has happened."

    The event was over, and the teachers that had remained invisible nearly the whole time had suddenly appeared. Vorden and Raten seeing this, now knew that their plan had no chance of working. There were so many people watching them that it would have never been possible unless all of them had decided to go against the teachers.

    Sil thought he would be taken back to the Temple, but Pam explained to him that the Temple was no longer a place for him to be at. Now he had a new place to call home. He would be heading to the castle where he would live with his real family.

    Ignoring the deaths of the others and everything around, Sil was only focused on one thing, he wanted to bring back his friends and Caser. He had finally achieved what might have been impossible for him if he hadn't had the determination to go through with it all.

    Now Sil was in the throne room, he could see his so-called family members there. His brother and sister Pai and Vicky, his mother and father and lastly his grandpa. All of them had watched the event unfold moments before he had entered the room, so they understood what he had just been through and at the same time each of them had been through the same thing as well.

    "Congratulations Sil, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that you wouldn't have been able to win." Hilston said, "The moment I saw you and brought you here I knew you were special, I could feel it. the Blades will continue to grow stronger, but this is not the end Sil."

    "This is only the beginning, your days at the castle will be dedicated to refining you, breaking you down and rebuilding you, making you stronger each time. It won't be easy, but you will come to love the thrill of living life on the edge like all of us in this room do."

    Sil didn't care about any of that. Right now, he would go through multiple life and death situations if he could bring his friends back.

    "Grandpa," Sil said, remembering the lessons at the Temple. "Please, you said if I win, you would bring Caser back and if you can, can you please bring back Vorden and Raten too? I promise I will do whatever you want, I'll become the strongest fighter you have ever seen." Sil said.

    The two of them watching everything in the darkroom were starting to understand a few things now. Caser was dead, and Hilston had promised to bring him back to life, and he had asked for his two friends to be brought back as well.

    Raten started to punch the floor in anger, and Vorden's eyes started to fill up with tears.

    "You idiot!" Raten screamed.

    "Oh, did I say that?" Hilston said. "You're at the castle now, you have made it, you have become a true Balde while they will never be able to. People like that need to be forgotten about."

    Both Raten and Vorden knew he wouldn't keep his promise, but not because of what he was saying now.

    "Besides," Hilston continued, "There is no ability that can bring back the dead. So get over it quickly."

    Sil's eyes hollowed out, his mind was now filled with images of all three of those closest to him dying.

    "You You Lied?" Sil asked. "You lied! You lied!" He started to scream, and suddenly, he fell to the floor there and then.

    The vision both Raten and Sil were seeing had gone, and in its place, Sil was now here, with them in the black room.


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