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    630 Escape plan

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    Vorden would have never considered himself an emotional person. During his time at the Temple he hardly ever cried, and he was the one for Sil to have a shoulder to cry on, he would even talk to the others when they got upset. Deep down though, he was always just constantly suppressing his own emotions.

    Today he was alone, and there was no longer any need for him to hide his emotions. As it could very well be his last day, he was letting it all out.

    His eyes bubbled up, his throat felt so heavy and full he was finding it hard to talk.

    "RatenRa..Ra..Ra..Raten!" Vorden cried, but he quickly found his mouth being covered up.

    "Stop making noise, you idiot, or do you want to go ahead and tell everyone where we are?" Raten whispered.

    It took a while for him to place his emotions inside him once again, but just seconds ago he thought someone he considered his best friend was about to kill him. He didn't know if his plea had worked or if Raten had planned this all along. Looking at his blood stained shirt though, it was clear that he was taking part in this.

    The two of them headed over to the student who was lying down by the tree, he was hurt, and breathing in heavily. After the initial hit, he had been cut at the back of his achilles, making it now nearly impossible for him to run.

    The reason for not finishing him off was because one couldn't take abilities from the dead. Raten placed his hand on top of his head, and now he had two abilities with him.

    "It's best you keep your wind ability and not overwrite it with this one. His is the ability of acid, so you have to get up pretty close to your opponents. Besides, knowing you, you probably won't be able to hurt anyone anyway, so with the wind, at least you can defend yourself." Raten explained.

    When he placed his hand on top of his head, the wind ability Raten untidily got at the start of the event was given to Sil. Looking at the boy, Vorden was thinking if someone else came along, then he would be finished.

    "What should we do with him?" Vorden asked.

    Raten looked past him, and behind they could see the earth wall coming close. When Vorden initially ran, he ran out as far as he could, hoping to get away from everything. In his head, he thought he was trying to find Sil, but the truth was he was just scared. So they were all near the edge of the fighting zone.

    "Let the wall take him," Raten replied. "There is no need to have his death on our hands."

    "Ha!" The boy laughed, "You were the one who made me this way Raten, don't fool yourself into thinking you're a good guy. Whether you kill me or the wall kills me, it's the same thing. I'm dead because of you."

    Walking off, Raten chose to ignore his words, while Vorden was looking at him with sorrow, trying to figure out if he was affected by this whole thing, even if his face didn't show it, he had to be affected. The others thought he was heartless and cruel, but Vorden wouldn't be alive right now if that was true.

    "Remember!" The boy shouted as the wall was now nearly upon him. "Even if you two team up now, eventually you will have to kill each other."

    They didn't look back, but the sound of the spikes on the wall was heard activating and another contestant had been eliminated.

    After running closer to the centre, the two of them eventually found a large boulder that would give them cover and carved into it a small cave-like entrance. They decided to rest there for now. The last words that the boy said continued to ring in Vorden's mind.

    "Raten, I will only slow you down, just -"

    "Shut up will you," Raten said. "Do you really think I would come and save you without having some type of plan? If I thought I had to kill you later, I would have just killed you back then, to save me the trouble later.

    "I plan to find Sil and leave this island for good, all three of us. To do that there are two abilities we need. First the Earth ability, there aren't many, but me and Sil are more skilful than the other students that we could deactivate the skill from the teachers before the spikes could even reach us. I imagine they thought that some students might do this and the teachers would be skilled enough to deal with them, but with mine and Sil's strength, I'm sure we can take a couple and try to get out of here.

    "The second ability is the water ability. I learned how to create a separate bubble. If there are two of us with the ability, then one person can move the currents around us while we travel inside the bubble. What we do after that, who knows but it will be better than this crap right?"

    What Raten was suggesting, was to go against the island, something that had been drilled in their heads from a young age to never do. But they didn't have much choice. They would either become the Chained and never see the daylight again or die from their current situation.

    It was death either way.

    "Let's do it, let's find Sil and get out of here," Vorden said.

    Vorden realised from the conversation that he wasn't really needed in the plan at all, but Sil, the strongest and most skilful ability user was the one Raten was looking for, but he had included him in his plan. It had put a great big smile on his face.

    The two of them started their search, and it looked as if they were now seeing and hearing fewer people. Now that everyone knew it was very much real, people chose to be quiet and stay hidden. On top of this, they had no idea how many contestants were left remaining, but with the wall making the area smaller and smaller, they were on a tight deadline.

    "Poor Sil, you know he won't be able to kill someone, he's probably hiding somewhere that feels safe to him," Vorden said.

    "The others aren't stupid either, they know if Sil has an ability and if he is forced to, he will protect himself, somewhere safe"

    They both then looked at each other, Sil's favourite place was the council room in the Temple. Immediately the two of them headed there.

    When they arrived, they didn't go in straight away. Just outside two bodies could be seen on the floor lying still. It was the place where they had started, so it was expected for some fights to happen here. The Chained that Raten got his ability from, had been killed.

    Vorden gulped before asking the dreaded question.

    "Did you do that?"

    "No." Raten repleid. "It was Carol, Roe and Splinter."

    "That Rat!" Vorden replied.

    The three of them were always together in school and never split up, they weren't at the top of the class nor at the bottom when it came to using their abilities and powers. However, Splinter did always get the highest grade when it came to the written part of their tests.

    It seemed like it was his idea to kill the Chained right after taking their ability.

    'Something's not right with their heads.' Vorden thought, at the end of the day, they were all kids. This wasn't possible for them to think about this right off the bat, unless their life was on the line.

    Had the Temple messed everyone up this much, when they got outside, could they even live a normal life?

    Sneaking in one at a time, it seemed like no one had entered the building. After realising how real this was, nobody wanted to head back to the starting place. In their heads, this was where they thought most people would be. Likely because all of the kids were thinking this, nobody was here.

    However, soon the two of them could hear the sound of a familiar sob, coming from the council room. When sliding the door open, they could see Sil rocking back and forth, his head in his knees crying. Something he only did when he was seriously upset.

    "I..I..I.. Don't wantto..kill..anyone," Sil said, taking in quick short breaths making it hard for him to form a sentence properly.

    Vorden immediately went to his side, he didn't look hurt, and there were no traces of blood on him either, so it didn't look like he had hurt anyone else. It was a miracle that no one had come in here looking for him.

    "Don't worry Sil, we are going to get out of here, the three of us," Vorden said with both his hands on Sil's shoulders. "Raten has a plan."

    He proceeded to tell Sil of this plan, and while saying it out loud, he realised how little confidence he really had in this plan, but it was the only thing they had. However, Sil seemed to respond by nodding, and it had stopped him crying as well.

    When he lifted up his head, Raten was next to the two of them as well.

    "I'll say it right here, right now," Raten said. "At least one of us will make it out of here alive and when we do, we'll kill Hilston."

    It was a strange thing for the three of them to have in common, but they all felt the same way right now. In more ways than one, they all had a deep hatred for this man.

    Their arms crossed each other and they held out their pinkies, so they were all tied up in the middle.

    "It's a promise," Vorden said.

    They each pulled together, not breaking the link with their pinkies three times to seal the promise made between three good friends.

    With that, Sil had joined the group, and the three of them were ready to leave. But before exiting the room, Sil had stopped by the door, he looked back, and the image of what had happened to Caser had appeared.

    The problem with the plan was that if Sil escaped, then he wouldn't be able to save Caser.


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