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    629 The First Kill

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    After the teacher had made the grand announcement, all of them suddenly left and that included the one who was giving the instructions. It looked like they had vanished and the students were left standing there, stunned and confused, with no one to guide them.

    "They can't be serious, can they?" Vorden said. "What should we do?"

    The truth was that the teachers had actually copied an invisibility ability beforehand and were watching everything very carefully, closely.

    The kids were talking amongst themselves and trying to figure out what to do. They had been playing with each other this whole time. Even if they were suddenly told to turn against each other, they couldn't just do that out of the blue.

    Some had decided that it might be best if they just head back into the temple and wait until they got more answers, while others wanted to explore the island to see if the wall was really real. From where they were, they couldn't see where the wall was, which meant the area must have been large to start with.

    But Raten, he was looking straight ahead, in his mind, he thought. What if this all was real? Everything they went through being stuck in this one place, it made sense to him why they had chosen to do this.

    "It seems like no one is acting yet." One of the teachers said, hidden away. "Should we perhaps try to start something?"

    Another reason for the teachers being nearby was so they could help move things along at times themselves while being hidden. If students started to get hit from nowhere, it certainly would cause a panic.

    "There is no need," Pam said. "There is always one in the group that understands what is going on, how very real this all is. I have been doing this for a while now, just stay and watch."

    While everyone was busy yapping away, Raten had moved forward to take the advantage that no one else saw. He walked to where the teacher once was, and there was a Chained with an ability tied up right there.

    "No Raten, you aren't going to take part in this, are you?" Vorden said with concern.

    Touching the Chained, Raten had obtained his ability.

    Suddenly, Raten started laughing like a madman.

    "Alright Jeremy, you had this coming to you for a long time!" Raten shouted. "You don't know how many times in class I imagined doing this to you, with your smart arse comments and now there are no consequences, this is great."

    "Raten, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Jeremy said.

    Throwing his hand out, a wind swipe had left Raten's hand, and a large cut was made across his chest, and he fell to the floor. This had changed the whole atmosphere for everyone. The kids started to scream, running in all sorts of different directions.

    While Vorden stood there, staring at Raten.

    "No, we shouldn't do this, we're friends, right? Raten you wouldn't hurt me, right!" Vorden shouted with tears running down his face, and Raten just continued to walk towards him.

    "Damn it!" Vorden ran off into the jungle with tears leaving his face. Just yesterday in the morning, they were all joking about and laughing, and now this. What sick person made them do this, he thought.

    With Raten now having the advantage of getting the first ability, and with his fighting style, there wouldn't be any that could go up against him, then a thought came into Vorden's mind. There was Sil. Sil was the only person that would be able to beat Raten. Not just that though, Sil himself needed to be looked after and protected.

    Vorden couldn't imagine how Sil was coping with all of this. If he could find him, then maybe they could do something together.


    A small group of three students had left before Raten had started his rampage and were unaware of what was happening. They had walked into the jungle, planning to head to see if the so-called wall was real.

    While halfway, they could hear the screams of others coming from where they had just left. They then looked at each other.

    "You don't think someone actually"

    They didn't want to think about it and just carried on walking. It took a good twenty or so minutes for them to eventually reach the edge of the wall, just walking forward at a fast pace. After hearing the screams, they wanted to get away from whoever had possibly started the killings.

    When they reached it, it turned out it was true. The wall was around five meters high. Impossible for one to scale, unless they climbed a tree of some sort, but even if they did try to leave, they were sure the teachers behind the wall would do something about it.

    What shocked them most was the wall was actually slowly moving forward. It would look a bit like sand, as it allowed the trees and plant life to pass through and sink into it.

    "Do you think that demonstration was there just to scare us?" One of the kids said.

    "I don't know, why don't you try to touch the wall and find out?" Another said.

    One of them started to move closer to the wall but unsure when the spikes would act. But in the end, he chickened out.

    "I can't do it, man." The kid said as he turned around, but then could see one of them shove him into the wall itself. As soon as his back had hit the wall, the spikes immediately came outward, and their buddy was no longer moving. The spikes retracted, and the body fell to the floor.

    "You killed him, you killed him!" The other student said and immediately started running from his so-called friend.

    The one that was left behind looked at his friend on the ground.

    "I didn't think it was real, I'm sorry. I thought it was all a lie. I was just joking around." But now he knew it was very much real.


    Vorden was taking a cautious approach. He knew he was weaker than others, so he couldn't just go out and about running around. He currently had no ability either, so he was at the biggest disadvantage.

    Still, he wanted to find Sil. Eventually, while slowly going through the jungle area and not making a sound, he could see the back of a Chained. His hands tied to the pole.

    For a while, he decided to sit back and hide between a relatively large plant and tree. Waiting to see if there was anyone around or coming. The starting area seemed to be quite large, and since there were only thirty of them, they wouldn't run into each other for the start of the event often as long as they hadn't chosen to group up.

    After waiting for a while and having this thought in his head, Vorden decided to risk it and head out, trying to touch the Chained. He grabbed the back of his hand, but then something strange happened. He felt nothing, his MC cells in his body weren't adapting to the ability.

    "What is happening?" When Vorden went around the pole to have a look, he could see that the Chained had been killed.

    It was a smart move. Once their ability was taken, if they killed the Chained, it meant no one else could have that ability. Only by touching the person in the middle of the fight could they obtain one.

    Vorden just never thought that the kids would be willing to go this far and so soon as well. What it did mean though, was he still had no such ability, and there was someone close who did have one.

    His ears then picked up the sound of leaves and trees ruffling. When he turned his head, he could see a student jump out towards him, with his fingers slightly green in colour. It was a trap, after all. The student was waiting for someone else to try to take the ability of the chained to finish them off there and then.

    It was so sudden, and Vorden thought it would be the end of his life there and then, but while mid-air. A strong strike of wind came from the right, hitting the student and knocking him out of the air, then a few more strikes came and badly hurt the student, but he wasn't dead, only his back up against a tree groaning away.

    "The wind ability, it couldn't be?" When Vorden turned his head, he could see that it was Raten. Only this time, he was covered in blood, and it wasn't his own.

    'Is this how my life is going to end?' Vorden thought.

    On his knees on the ground, Vorden had accepted his fate.

    "Raten, I'm not as strong as you or Sil. I know I will die in this event anyway, but please. I just don't want to be killed by someone I consider my friend."

    The footsteps continued, and now all Vorden could do was close his eyes. When the footsteps stopped, he felt a hand placed on his head and the MC cells of an ability passing onto him.

    "Come on, let's go find that Cry-baby and get the hell out of this place," Raten said.


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