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    627 A Superhero

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    The sound of crying continued and back inside the classroom, Vorden had snapped back out of his memories he had for a little while. The crying kid in the corner had really reminded him of Sil back then, but only this time, it looked as if no one was approaching him at all.

    The real teacher had yet to arrive, but because an adult was in the room, the rest of them were sitting in their seats patiently waiting.

    He started walking over to the corner of the class to see how the kid was doing.

    "Don't worry about him, Sir, he always cries." A student said.

    "Yeah, if you want you can start the lesson, and he will eventually go to his seat, that's what the other teachers usually do." Another student said.

    But ignoring them all, Vorden went over to the kid and crouched down.

    "Hey, why don't you tell me what happened? I'm here to listen." Vorden said.

    "Go away!" The kid cried, and he threw out his fist, punching him right in the face and hitting the side of the nose. Something was felt dripping from his nose, and as he went to wipe it, he could see blood.

    "Did he just hit the new teacher?"

    "What's going to happen, is he going to get beat?"

    The students started to mumble.

    Just then, the door slid open, and one of the male teachers entered the room. He was a large man with a scar going across his face called Bong. The students were terrified of Bong and usually with a single glare he could get the kids to shut up.

    Entering the room, he could hear the gossip coming from the students.

    When Bong looked into the corner of the room, he could see Vorden standing there with a bloody nose.

    "Oh, dear, no!" Bong said in a panic. "Young master, I am deeply sorry for this, why don't you get that healed up. What happened here?"

    Their scary aggressive teacher suddenly looked frightened as he saw this man hurt. They had never seen him act like this and were wondering just what was going on.

    "Master, you don't think that means?" The kids said.

    "You brats, Vorden here is from the Castle!" Bong shouted. "Who hit him, I will hang him upside down and make his backside raw!" He shouted.

    All of the students went ahead and looked at the student crying in the corner.

    "It's okay," Vorden said to Bong as he crouched down to the kid again.

    "You're angry right, upset. If you want, I can be your punching bag all day long. I can take the pain. If you want to shout at me, hit me, whenever you need to speak or express yourself, you can come to see me."

    The kid did nothing else but cried, and Vorden decided to stay by his side. Waving his hand, he told Bong to continue the lesson and that he did.

    As the lesson went on, Vorden stayed by the kid's side the whole time. He sobbed and cried so was unaware of Vorden's position he held unlike the rest of the class. When class was over, the kids left to head to lunch, while the one by Vorden's side had stayed there.

    Eventually, even Bong left as he needed to.

    "Don't worry, I will bring him to his next class," Vorden said.

    The crying had stopped, and the kid lifted his head for the first time.

    "Why are you still here?" The kid said.

    "I don't know, maybe I thought you had something interesting to tell me?" Vorden replied.

    "Nobody cares about what I have to say, nobody even likes me here." The kid cried again.

    Standing up, Vorden was wondering how to get through to him. He wanted to help but found it difficult. Then suddenly, he felt someone touch his shoulder. However, it wasn't a physical touch, but it was one in his mind. When he turned around, he could see it was Sil.

    "Let me speak to him," Sil said, and they had swapped seats.

    "Hey, Crybaby," Sil said as his opening line, which seemed to grab the kids' attention straight away. "Have you ever heard of superheroes!" There was no book in his hand, and by just using his hands and words, Sil had reenacted the first chapter of the book Caser used to read him.

    Since there was no book, he had to act out certain scenes himself with his body. Watching, Both Raten and Vorden felt like they would have died from embarrassment if they had to do such a thing, but it seemed to be working. As the kid was hooked on every single thing that was happening.

    After being cheered up a little. The kid returned to his next lesson, and Vorden was now in control once again. He continued to watch the other classes as an assistant, and it was finally the end of the day.

    "So have you decided on what you would like to teach?" Bubble asked.

    "Yeah, do you have room for one more counsellor?" Vorden said.

    Bubble took him to the current council room, which looked identical to the one that he himself used to meet Caser in. Only the bookshelf was no longer filled with comic books. Here he was to meet and discuss with the current councillor how they would split up their tasks.

    "I've split the kids up into two groups, but if there are any ones you're really having trouble speaking with then feel free to come and tell me. It's going to be a big help to have someone else around here. Not many people like doing this job." The man said, but Vorden seemed to be in his own world, not paying attention.

    Instead, he was walking towards the bookshelf stationed along the back of the wall.

    When looking at the bookshelf, inside Vorden's mind Sil started to scream as if he was in pain once again, but this time it was screams of sadness as a memory from the past entered his mind once again.

    What Sil was seeing, Vorden and Raten could now see as well.

    Some time had passed since Vorden's last memory compared to this one, and a meeting had been set up. For some reason, Sil had been called into the council room right now to meet up with Caser, even though it wasn't their usual meeting time.

    When he entered the room, he was surprised to see not only Caser there but Hilston as well. It was the first time that Sil had ever seen Hilston before.

    "Sil, my little Grandchild. Although you may think this is the first time we are meeting. I used to look after you as a baby." Hilston said with a big smile on his face.

    "Grandpa Hilston." Sil bowed down respectfully. One of their lessons was how they should call and refer to the people in the castle if they were ever to meet them, and all of the kids were told to refer to Hilston as grandpa.

    "I have heard that you two are close," Hilston said.

    "Very close," Sil replied with the biggest smile.

    "Let me ask you something. If Caser was to get sick, would you do anything for him to get better?" Hilston said.

    "Yes, of course."

    "Great!" Hilston said, and before he knew it, Sil could see a hand appear right through Caser's body. It was so sudden so quick, and blood had splattered across Sil's face.

    There were no screams coming from Caser, only a smile appeared on his face as he looked down and tried to hold in everything he was feeling looking at Sil. Hilston pulled his hand out from his body and allowed Caser to fall to the floor.

    "Caser!" Sil screamed.

    "You see, tomorrow there is a big test," Hilston said. "And I want you to do well. You know the Blades powers, you have seen it. Any second now, Hilston will die, but if you want him to live. If you want me to bring him back to life with one of my abilities, then you need to do anything you can to get first place tomorrow, you understand?"

    Sil could hear him, but he continued to sniffle and just stand there in place. He wanted to hit this man, fight against this man, but his body wouldn't move. There was a certain pressure that just wouldn't let him go forward.

    Even though he wanted to go over to see if Caser was okay, to say a few things to him, he couldn't because he knew the man in front of him wouldn't let him.

    "Listen Sil, get first place tomorrow, and Caser will come back to life. Do you understand?" Hilston said once again.

    Finally, using every bit of courage that Sil had in his body, he was able to nod his head. Caser wasn't dead yet, but soon he would be, he looked up at Sil, and started to crawl towards him, leaning his upper body off the ground with every ounce of strength he was able to get it, so his body and hands were within reach of Sil.

    "Caser, don't die, If you go, then there won't be anyone else left. Who will I talk to, I'll be on my own again."

    "Don't worry, Sil," Caser said, reaching his hand out. He managed to brush Sil's face with his fingertips before falling to the ground, and as he did, he said his last words. "I won't let you be alone in this world."


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