The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 1809 - TDPOW 1809

    Chapter 1809 The Old Master's Rage Iii

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    He knew his own daughter best.

    If she was not suffering, why would she split up with her husband?

    “Why did you leave him? What did that brute do?” the old master asked angrily.

    Suyi smiled bitterly and said, “I married him because he treated me nicely, accompanied me during my darkest time, and was the only warmth I had during that time.”

    During that time

    She was forced to leave the mainland. She was injured, and She missed her father.

    She felt depressed the whole day.

    Upon meeting Mu Ling, he was like sunshine, warming her entire life.

    She was touched by his kindness and had agreed to marry him.

    Except for Old Master Mu and Xiao Qingyin, the people of the Mu family disliked her because she was an orphan, and Mu Ling was out of her league.

    However, no one knew that she had lost her power to save Mu Ling.

    She had endured so much pain for Mu Ling.


    He no longer loved her.

    “Father, it’s all in the past. I no longer need him and no longer hate him. I feel better now”

    Suyi smiled gently.

    She was grateful for the life she had now.

    Of course, this was Suyi’s opinion.

    However, the old master had just met Suyi. He did not want to see her suffer, so he continued to ask, “What did that bastard do to you? Tell me!”

    Suyi was stunned and laughed helplessly. “He just couldn’t give me what I wanted. He doesn’t love me anymore, and he has someone else now So I left him.”

    The old master’s face darkened with anger, and he almost fainted again.

    Feng Ruqing’s quickly brought the spirit water closer to his nose, and a few seconds later, his mind gradually cleared up.

    He sneered.

    “That’s his loss. Suyi, where is that bastard? When the time comes, I’ll go and kill him! How dare that scum bullied my daughter!”

    Suyi paused and shook her head. “Father, he has already been punished. Old Master Mu has kicked him out. His concubine and other sons and daughters are dead. He has nothing now. I spared his life because I respect Old Master Mu.”

    “Grandfather” Feng Ruqing’s eyes flashed a light, smiling. “Suyi was just bullied by a mad dog. We need not bother too much with him.”

    The old master was silent for a few moments. “That’s right, I won’t find that bastard, but if he dares to appear in front of me, I will definitely make him kneel and beg for mercy. Suyi, since you have already made peace with him, I will introduce you to some other excellent men then.”

    “Grandfather” Feng Ruqing smiled and turned to look at the old master. “What do you think of the white phoenix?”

    “The white phoenix?”

    The old master looked lost.

    Even Suyi turned to Feng Ruqing, confused.

    “The white phoenix.”

    Before Feng Ruqing could continue, a fierce wind flashed, and the white phoenix suddenly appeared above her, swiftly grabbing Feng Ruqing into the sky with its claws.

    Drops of cold sweat emerged on the white phoenix’s forehead.

    ‘So close

    ‘She has almost let Suyi know my feelings’

    It had not yet turned into a human. The white phoenix was afraid that Suyi would reject it because of its phoenix figure